How to revive your hair in summer

As the temperatures begin to rise and our daily habits change, our skin and hair begin to show some small signs of relaxation. In fact, hair is sensitive to heat, sun, sweat and even seawater or chlorine in swimming pools , as well as air conditioning, all potential enemies of its beauty and health. So let’s see how to revive the hair after the summer arrives and thereby prevent it from being seen with an unpleasant “flat effect”.

How to revive your hair in summer to avoid the flat effect

The first thing that happens when summer is “felt” on our hair is that the hair flattens, looks dull and dull, and sometimes even more brittle . Changing bad habits, such as putting on a hat to prevent the sun from drying out the shaft or washing your hair immediately after physical activity or a heavy sweat, is the first step in protecting your hair from seasonal damage.

In addition, to reactivate the hair in summer and thus avoid the flat effect, we can implement some simple strategies , which will help us to give health and volume to the hair. The key word, when the thermometer rod goes up, will be nourishment for the scalp and hair.

For this, it will be good to choose slightly aggressive moisturizing shampoos as well as the use of anti-UVA and UVB protective serums when we go to the beach or if we hope to stress the hair a little in the sun. In this way we will avoid the classic and unpleasant straw effect that occurs when the stem, precisely due to salt and heat, begins to dry out, losing hydration.

If the scalp seems very dirty and the roots of the hair are more oily, then it will be good to apply a unique clay mask to purify the skin in a minimally invasive way. Natural scrubs are fine too , but they shouldn’t be done too often as they can make the problem of dryness worse.

Another thing we can do is buy a volumizing spray , preferably organic, to spray on damp hair after washing. We dry our hair keeping the head low , to obtain a very natural fold and also greater body and density, fixing everything with a light touch of spray lacquer.

Finally, note that we should not exaggerate with all the indicated treatment to prevent the hair from sticking and caking . If we can, when we go to sleep, it will be good to try to rest our head on a pillow covered with a silk cover . In this way we will avoid that cotton favors the frizzy and messy effect of the hair in summer.


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