best Call of Duty Warzone settings to play better

Like the TV that comes home or the car seat you have to regulate, getting the most out of a game like Call of Duty requires custom adjustments. Here are the best settings for CoD Warzone and Modern Warfare to play better.

Control settings

  • Button Configuration: Tactical– A jump to the ground or a slide into cover in time is better than the chance to stab someone at some point. Getting used to this configuration is much more recommended.
  • Sensitivity:here is a little to everyone’s taste. The most normal thing is to go up to a sensitivity that is fast and comfortable for you and from there go reducing to try to improve your aim.
  • Type of response curve: linear– What we are looking for is that the movement of the stick is 1: 1 and there are no curves that slow down or accelerate excessively.
  • Controller Vibration: No– Let’s put the show aside and focus on playing our best. The vibration just means having less precision when aiming while shooting, so better put it aside.
  • Use / Reload: press to recharge or use– Here the idea is to follow the same line as the usual hold to recharge but giving priority to the use action.


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General configuration

  • Film grain: 0– The appearance of the game may suffer a bit more and feel less “realistic”, but what we are looking for is to have an image as sharp as possible.
  • Motion blur of the world and the weapon: no– Here we pursue the same objective as in the previous case. The blurring when turning can be very cinematic, but to see everything as clearly as possible it is better to avoid it.
  • Minimap Format: Square– Although the round is the default, the square shows a slightly larger map. The difference seems minimal until it saves you from a guy hiding around a corner.

Sound settings

  • Audio Mix: High Boost– Hands down the best setting for hearing footsteps when approaching.
  • Music volume: 0– In the same vein as above. That a good musicote does not cover the footsteps of your rival.


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