The Last of Us 2 safes: all codes, passwords and locations

In this The Last of Us 2 guide you will find the location and combination of all the safes that are scattered throughout the game. In total there are 14 of these boxes and if you open them all you will unlock the trophy “The paper box”.

Safes in Jackson

In the supermarket – On patrol

  • Locating the safe:in the supermarket, when you go with Dina, you will find a small room before reaching the break room in the area full of spores. Enter and you will find the safe.
  • Combination:07-20-13

Safes in Seattle, Day 1

At the Bank (Westlake Bank) – Downtown

  • Location of the armored door / chamber:inside the bank, behind the reception desk, you will find a chamber whose door you must open with a code if you want to take the rewards.
  • Combination:60-23-06

At the West Gate 2 – Downtown

  • Location of the safe: itis on Madison Street, where it says WEST GATE 2. You can sneak through a hole and in that area you will find it next to a graffiti that says Use Gate Code and a date pointing to the safe.
  • Combination:04-51

In the security room of the Courts – Center

  • Location of the safe:you will have to go to the ground floor of the courts. When you get to the metal detectors area, at the back you will find a room that you can enter through a window. Under one table is the safe.
  • Combination:86-07-22

At the Donation Center (Wellwise Store & Donations) – Capitol Hill

  • Location of the safe: itis in the donation center, a building that you will recognize by the sign on its facade that says Wellwise Store & Donations. There, in one of the back rooms, you will find her.


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