Best Blood Pressure Monitors 2023

Looking for info on the best blood pressure monitors ? Here is a buying guide with the best upper arm or wrist blood pressure monitor.

Taking care of your body doesn’t just involve good nutrition and constant physical activity, but also monitoring very important components such as blood pressure, oxygen percentage in the blood and sugars.

Although it is advisable to contact your doctor if you have any concerns, you may have noticed that in each case the doctor measures the pressure to determine your condition. It is no coincidence that more and more people are buying blood pressure monitors to monitor their health, in a historical period where one is particularly hypochondriac, this tool can reassure you quickly and effectively.

You may not know that there are different types of blood pressure monitors, today we’re going to investigate this topic better to allow you to make an informed choice.


  • Ranking and review of the best upper arm blood pressure monitors
    • OMRON X2 Basic Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
    • OMRON X3 Comfort Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
    • OMRON X7 Smart
    • Braun ExactFit 3 Monitor
  • Ranking and review of the best wrist blood pressure monitors
    • OMRON RS1
    • OMRON RS3
    • Laica BM1006
  • Finger blood pressure monitor
    • Braun P1 Pulsemeter
  • How to choose the best blood pressure monitor
    • Typology
    • Functions
    • Accessories
  • Final advice on using the blood pressure monitor

Ranking and review of the best upper arm blood pressure monitors

Taking a look at the blood pressure monitors on the market, you’ll notice that the best ones are almost always the same. Let’s see the ones that guarantee you reliability and a low cost.

OMRON X2 Basic Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Among the most interesting choices for value for money we find the Omron X2 model . This upper arm blood pressure monitor is fully digital and measures blood pressure automatically. The compact size of 14×11.2×8.2cm allows you to easily carry it anywhere you want. The ease of use is also interesting , given that all you have to do is wear the device appropriately and press a single button to start monitoring.

OMRON X2 Basic Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Clinically Validated Automated Home Blood Pressure Monitor

29,99 EUR

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OMRON X3 Comfort Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

If, on the other hand, you need a more advanced device , that is, one that also allows you to monitor hypertension , then you can opt for the X3 model from Omron itself. In this case the size of the device increases, but it will still be easy to carry. The display is slightly wider and you will have more physical keys to interact with for the choice of measurement.

OMRON X3 Comfort Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Blood Pressure Monitor with Intelli Wrap Cuff, for Home Hypertension Monitoring

68,45 EUR

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The OMRON EVOLV device features an all-in-one portable compact design, perfect for measuring blood pressure with monitoring of your cardiovascular health. It is clinically validated and recommended by cardiologists and is easy to place on the arm for simple and accurate digital readings. The app facilitates intelligent tracking and provides access to results to track progress over time.


OMRON EVOLV Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Smart Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, All-in-One Design, Clinically Validated

194,99 EUR −76,00 EUR 118,99 EUR

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OMRON X7 Smart

OMRON X7 Smart is an upper arm blood pressure monitor with AFib atrial fibrillation detection and Bluetooth connection. The measurement takes place in three stages: in AFib mode it takes three blood pressure readings and provides the average to give you an accurate indication of your blood pressure both in the morning and in the evening. The dual screen will allow you to compare recent results with past measurements to automatically update them on your smartphone via Bluetooth. As with the EVOLV model, this one also has a downloadable and easy-to-manage app for data monitoring.


OMRON X7 Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Blood Pressure Monitor with AFib Atrial Fibrillation Detection, Bluetooth Connection

108,99 EUR −9,00 EUR 99,99 EUR

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Braun ExactFit 3 Monitor

Clinically tested and professional accuracy are two elements that distinguish the Braun ExactFit 3 Monitor upper arm blood pressure monitor . The color-coded screen ensures quick and easy data analysis with the ability to check the average of the last three measurements. For greater precision and comfort you can take advantage of two cuff sizes for a perfect fit and store up to 80 measurements for two users at a time.


Braun ExactFit 3 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Home Clinical Accuracy with Two Easy-to-Read Cuff Sizes BUA6150

68,49 EUR −6,59 EUR 61,90 EUR

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Ranking and review of the best wrist blood pressure monitors

We are sure you have already heard of upper arm blood pressure monitors, they are the most common and also the most comfortable to use. However, you can also opt for a different solution, even more compact and useful if you want to measure blood pressure outside the home, we are talking about wrist blood pressure monitors : let’s see which ones to choose.


One of the best wrist monitors is certainly that of Omron , specifically the RS1 model which allows you to benefit from an excellent tool for monitoring hypertension . Extremely compact size, suitable for quick installation on your wrist, allows you to start blood pressure monitoring by pressing the Start/Stop button . In seconds, you’ll be ready to take action in the event of an unpleasant rating.

OMRON RS1 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Portable Device for Measuring Blood Pressure and Home Monitoring of Hypertension, Fits Any Body Type

32,99 EUR

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By spending a little more you can choose the advanced version, i.e. the Omron RS3 . This wrist blood pressure monitor lets you measure blood pressure and monitor hypertension like the RS1 model, but adds a little technology. Indeed, this device is equipped with Bluetooth , very useful for synchronizing the meter with your smartphone and keeping the information. If you need to monitor your blood pressure daily and you don’t like writing data down on a sheet, this product is ideal for being practical and effective.


OMRON RS3 Intelli IT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Portable Device for Measuring Blood Pressure and Monitoring Hypertension, Clinically Validated Bluetooth Connection

52,99 EUR −3,00 EUR 49,99 EUR

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Laica BM1006

A good automatic wrist blood pressure monitor is certainly the Laica BM1006 . In addition to being comfortable, it is fully automatic and portable. Easily detect the heartbeat and the presence of possible arrhythmias. The measurements are of quality with values ​​concerning the minimum and maximum blood pressure. Finally, it is able to memorize up to 60 measurements in both memory areas it has.

Laica BM1006 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, 60 Total Memories, White

29,90 EUR

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Finger blood pressure monitor

In recent years, many people have purchased a pulse oximeter to check their health, specifically the oxygen values ​​in the blood. This type of instrument allows you to check in real time what the heart beats and oxygen values ​​are , but which one to choose? An infinite number of solutions are available on the market, often identical to each other, but not very functional in practice.

Braun P1 Pulsemeter

Among the best and not too expensive pulse oximeters you can bet on is the Braun P1 model . With this product you can monitor your oxygen saturation, blood oxygen levels and of course your pulse per minute. By inserting 2 AAA batteries to make it work, in a few seconds you will be able to understand if you need more oxygen.

Braun P1 Pulse Oximeter (Oxygen Saturation, Blood Oxygen Levels, Clinically Accurate, Certified Medical Device) YK-81CEU

29,99 EUR

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Fitness watches also allow blood pressure monitoring to detect any heart problems and get an overview of the heart situation. That’s why in this guide we have selected the best smartwatches on the market for you.

How to choose the best blood pressure monitor

You will have noticed that there are many blood pressure monitors on the market, this is due to the fact that this tool is now indispensable for every person. However, the huge number of products could confuse you in your choice and lead you to buy a device that is not functional to your goal. But how to choose the ideal one?


First of all you have to define the type, i.e. the product that allows you to get what you want in the way you prefer. There are mainly four types: analog meter, arm measurer, wrist measurer and finger measurer

  • Analog meter: this type is usually used by the doctor and is a meter that is activated manually using a pump. On Amazon you will find the best analog blood pressure monitors for any price range.
  • Armblood pressure monitor : this instrument is positioned using a special band on the arm and automatically measures blood pressure.
  • Wrist monitor: instrument that is placed with a small band on the wrist and automatically measures blood pressure.
  • Finger meter: placed directly on the finger, it has the ability to measure the oxygen present in the blood.


When choosing a blood pressure monitor you must also take into consideration its functions as well as the type . An instrument of the same type can offer you identical or different functions depending on the model chosen.

In addition to the function that displays blood pressure on the screen, you can look for a product that monitors hypertension and many other parameters. A quality device also allows you to detect arrhythmia , obtain periodic information and also features advanced technologies, such as Bluetooth or dedicated apps .

Several monitors have software capable of storing not only the blood pressure of a single person, but of multiple profiles . In this way you will be able to monitor the values ​​of the whole family, without having to reset the information every time.


Choosing a blood pressure monitor doesn’t just mean having a plug and play product, but you can improve its performance and reliability by adding accessories. Usually the blood pressure monitors on the market do not have accessories , but the high-end models can guarantee you greater safety from this point of view.

Having an extra band or a spare tube can be very useful in making the meter last longer. In case you choose an analog meter, you should consider many more accessories than a digital product.

Final advice on using the blood pressure monitor

Choosing a blood pressure monitor and not knowing how to use it well make it practically useless. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it.

Time of measurement : during the day blood pressure can vary, so that you can obtain reliable values, it is advisable to measure the pressure in the same time slot , perhaps avoiding doing it after physical exertion or sudden movements. Some monitors have a timer to remind you to measure your blood pressure.

Arm Position : One of the most common errors in measuring blood pressure is the positioning of the arm during monitoring . For a correct measurement you must sit on the chair and place the left arm on a table, wrapping the band at the same height as the heart and with the tube near the vein of the arm. Avoid crossing your legs and urinate before measuring, a full bladder can distort the measurement.

Number of measurements : measuring your blood pressure three times in a row is ideal for having a precise idea of ​​your state of health. Often the mistake is made of measuring it only once, but this makes the result unreliable.


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