15 best Fountain Pens 2023

Discover the best fountain pens . Here’s a buying guide to help you find the fountain pen that’s right for you.

The growing use of digital tools has given way to many people to write using cutting-edge pens and technologies. Although digital pencils are increasingly used in everyday life, you will have noticed how fountain pens have lost neither economic value nor charm over time.

Maybe you need to choose a fountain pen for a gift , or you just love collecting and using them to jot down your daily activities. The choice of this type of instrument is not as simple as it may seem, in the following lines we will see the best fountain pens and how to choose them without making mistakes.


  • Ranking and reviews of the best fountain pens
    • Wordsworth & Black Set
    • Scriveiner Midnight Blue
    • Scriveiner premium quality fountain pen
    • Parker Jotter
    • Stilografica Montblanc Classic Fountain
    • Lamy Al-Star
    • Waterman Allure
    • Omas fountain pen
    • Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen
    • Pelican Elegance
    • Montegrappa black fountain pen from the Signature collection
    • Sheaffer Sagaris
    • Stabilo fountain pen for children
    • Cross Ferrari Townsend
    • Victse antique fountain pen
  • Fountain pen components
    • Nib
    • Hood
    • power supply
    • Section
    • Body
    • Clip or clip
  • Which fountain pen to choose
    • Design and materials
    • Custody
    • Ink cartridges

Ranking and reviews of the best fountain pens

So that you can have a clear idea right away of which products are the best, whether they are high-quality or cheap stylus pens, we are going to list ten absolutely reliable products.

1. Wordsworth & Black Set

In first place in this ranking is rightfully one of the most sought-after inexpensive fountain pens by enthusiasts: Wordsworth . The package contains a set of stylus pens with medium nib and 6 ink cartridges for refilling. The silver chrome plating and excellent versatility will come in very handy for most events.

Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set, Medium Nib, Includes 6 Ink Cartridges & Ink Refill Converter, Gift Boxed, Journaling, Calligraphy, [Silver Chrome]

29,90 EUR

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2. Scriveiner Midnight Blue


An alternative that may be right for you is the Scriveiner fountain pen . Aesthetically it is among the most beautiful on the market and with its medium nib and blue lacquer it offers you a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Scriveiner Midnight Blue Fountain Pen – Gorgeous Chrome Finish Stylus Pen, Schmidt Nib (Medium), Blue Lacquer

53,99 EUR

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3. Scriveiner premium quality fountain pen

In third place in this ranking is another model from Scriveiner , but in its premium version . The fountain pen with 24-karat gold finish and an 18-karat gold nib give a perfect idea of ​​the quality of the product. The 18-karat Schmidt nib is medium and the preferred color is silver chrome.


Scriveiner Premium Quality Fountain Pen – Stunning Fountain Pen with 24K Gold Finish, 18K Schmidt Gold Nib (Medium), Silver Chrome

79,99 EUR −24,00 EUR 55,99 EUR

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4. Parker Jotter

Inexpensive fountain pen that might suit your needs is the one manufactured by Parker Jotter . Made of stainless steel with gold finishes, it is already available in a small gift box. Considering the cost and aesthetics, it is among the best stylus pens for value for money . Resistance is the strong point.


Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Fountain Pen with Gold Trim, Gift Box

29,99 EUR −13,38 EUR 16,61 EUR

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5. Stilografica Montblanc Classic Fountain

You have surely heard of Montblanc fountain pens , the quality of the materials and the iconicity are almost unmatched. In the classic model you will be able to benefit from all the best features of this company, but you will have to take into consideration a considerable investment , since the list price is not really within everyone’s reach.

Montblanc Classique Fountain 145 – Classic fountain pen

585,32 EUR

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6. Lamy Al-Star

If you are looking for a fountain pen that is perfect for notes and notes on paper, then you will find the best choice in Lamy Al-Star ‘s product. The low cost and a particular aesthetic that is combined with an important thickness will offer you everything you want. The purple or black colorway allows you to buy more than one.

Lamy AL-star Fountain Pen with Thick Nib – Black/Purple

24,00 EUR

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7. Waterman Allure

Pen with excellent reviews is certainly the Waterman Allure , aesthetically it is not the best product in the world, but it offers you practicality and excellent writing quality. The fountain pen is made of stainless steel with chrome trim and has a fine nib, as well as 12 ink cartridges for refilling . Considering the purchase price, Waterman pens are a valid alternative even to the best common ballpoint pens you use for every day.


Waterman Allure Fountain Pen, Stainless Steel with Chrome Trim, Fine Nib, with 12 Short Blue Ink Cartridges, Gift Box, Chrome

26,69 EUR −10,30 EUR 16,39 EUR

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8. Omas fountain pen

If your budget is particularly large and you want one of the best products on the market, then the solution you are looking for would be Omas . In addition to being made with the highest quality materials, its peculiarity is the limited edition. Only 4,692 specimens are currently available in the world , if you were a collector you might think of giving yourself a great little gift.


1.300,00 EUR

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9. Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen

One of the fountain pens that allow you to balance the purchase cost and the overall quality of the product very well is the Aurora Pen Ipsilon model. Made of black resin with engraved chrome cap , this product offers you a medium thickness 14 carat nib and an excellent quality gift box.

Aurora – Fountain Pen “IPSILON”, Black Resin with Engraved Chrome Cap, 14K Nib, Thickness M, Gift Box

179,00 EUR

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10. Pelican Elegance

In tenth place in our ranking is the Pelikan stylus pen , with its Elegance M200 model . The marble green color and a medium nib size allow you to benefit from excellent aesthetics, as well as a respectable quality of materials. The structure is made of stainless steel and the 24-karat gold-plated decorative rings are a particularly welcome little color tone.


Pelikan Elegance M200 Marble Green Fountain Pen M 1.9 x 14.3 x 1.9 cm

124,52 EUR −28,45 EUR 96,07 EUR

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11. Montegrappa black fountain pen from the Signature collection

Known for its elegant and quality pens, Montegrappa presents a Signature fountain pen made of steel and precious resin. This model has an extra fine nib, but you can still choose one of the other 5 gradations : Extra-fine, Fine Medium. Largo (Broad), Stub 1.1, Stub 1.5. Its sinuous shape recalls the design of the 1930s and recalls the shape of a cigar to ensure reliable and decisive writing performance.

MONTEGRAPPA FIRMA Collection, Black Color Fountain Pen (EF Nib – Extra Fine)

170,00 EUR

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12. Sheaffer Sagaris

The Sheaffer Sagaris is a sleek black stylus pen with thoughtful detailing. With a medium line, this economic pen has a good quality of materials with lacquered metal and a remarkably fluid nib. This model is very reminiscent of the quality of Sheaffer vintage fountain pens made in the past with smooth ink flow. Comes with a converter and two cartridges.

Sheaffer Sagaris E2947451 Ballpoint Pen Gold Fountain Pen Medium Chrome Cap/Black

58,74 EUR

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 13. Stabilo fountain pen for children

The Stabilo EASYbuddy fountain pen , available in different colors (lime, blue, coral, etc.), is the ideal companion for children at school. It offers a non- slip handle with a spring cap to prevent ink from leaking. Using it you will discover how the writing is clean and tidy without ink leaks. You can choose one of three different tips: M (standard), A (Beginner), L (Left-handed). You can reload it with two standard cartridges or with a large cartridge thanks to a small window on the barrel.

Ergonomic Fountain Pen for Kids – STABILO EASYbuddy in Lime/Green – Beginner Tip – 2 Blue Cartridges Included

16,53 EUR

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14. Cross Ferrari Townsend

The premium quality Cross Ferrari Townsend Pen represents the elegant design and craftsmanship of Ferrari . The colors and shapes are the iconic ones of Ferrari with elegant details in black pvd. Both the clip and the official label are personalized with the famous Italian stable’s brand, while the medium nib is in solid 18-karat gold. Perfect for fans of the red horse.

Cross Ferrari townsend – fountain pen with medium thickness, glossy pink Corsa E rhodium lacquer colour

250,02 EUR

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15. Victse antique fountain pen

The Victse quill pen set has been designed to combine the modern with the ancient giving a unique design with 8 replacement nibs, 1 ink, 1 pen holder, 5 sheets, 5 envelopes and a leather notebook. In short, if you love the retro style , we are sure that you will like this very special fountain pen with feather .

Victse Retro Fountain Pen Set, Antique Feather Pen Calligraphy Fountain Pen, Classic Retro Fountain Feather Pen Dip Calligraphy Pen with Notebook (Dark Green)

22,99 EUR

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Fountain pen components

You surely know that the quality of a fountain pen is mainly given by its components. Better materials give you more performance and inevitably the overall cost of the product is higher. But what are the components of a stylus pen that determine not only its structural composition, but also its cost?


This part of the fountain pen is among the most important, it carries out the task of bringing the ink to the paper and is in many cases the most delicate component. A high-quality nib ensures less smudges on the sheet of paper .


This element mainly characterizes the design of the pen, in fact, it is the component that protects the nib and the potential shocks that the main structure may suffer from outside.

power supply

Also called conductor , the power supply is nothing more than the heart of how fountain pens work. This allows the ink to pass from the main reservoir to the nib: the better the feeder, the more precise the ink delivery on paper will be.


When you hear about the section of a fountain pen, the final block of the tip is identified , that is the one in which you insert the nib and the feeder. You can think of the section as a tool to keep the main elements of the device aligned.


The stem , or also called body , is nothing more than the external structure of the fountain pen, that is, that part of the pen that you hold while writing. It is usually used to allow the ink to be loaded, in fact, it can be easily removed from the other elements to allow you a quick installation.

Clip or clip

The clips or more commonly known as clasps are those elements positioned on the cap or on the body of the fountain pen, they allow you to fix the pen to the sheet or to anything else. The first stylus pens did not have this element, but nowadays it is difficult to find a model without a clip.

Which fountain pen to choose

Among the fountain pens that we have proposed you have not found the one that meets your needs? Maybe for a design that doesn’t suit your taste or for a value for money that doesn’t fit your budget. In this case you have to evaluate other parameters to choose the ideal pen. Let’s see the main ones.

Design and materials

A quality stylus pen has excellent materials as well as a nice aesthetic. You can find models in stainless steel , plastic or with more precious decorations .


When choosing a fountain pen, little attention is paid to the protective case . Not all companies also sell great cases, look for one that can give you good protection for what you’re buying. A fountain pen is still a delicate object compared to standard ballpoint pens.

Ink cartridges

Most of the fountain pens you choose have at least one ink refill , but take a look at the technical data sheet to understand if it is already present or not. The quality of the ink cartridges significantly affects the paper, in fact, investing a few euros more for a high-level cartridge will avoid smudging and poor writing.


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