Best gaming monitors for PS5 and Xbox X and S

The technology goes on and with it also the innovation in the videogame field and in the world of consoles, which with their continuous evolution bring us several innovations also in the sector of the best gaming monitors .

There is no doubt that playing with the current consoles on the market, especially since the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox S and X are available on the market , is a truly unique and exciting experience. The sensations experienced during gaming sessions are certainly very intense, but these can even grow if the consoles are combined with the right equipment. The main tool that a true gamer really needs, first of all for his personal enjoyment, is definitely the warning.

Gaming monitor: how to choose the right one to match your console

Choosing which is the best gaming monitor, especially for the latest generation consoles such as PS5 and Xbox S and X, is not easy. There are many models on the market, many of which, at least apparently, look very much alike. Only a person attentive to details, possibly also expert in recognizing and evaluating the individual technological components, could get an idea in order to select the right piece to buy. Nor does it become so much easier: because the right monitor can vary according to the tastes, needs, particular and personal needs of each individual with a passion for video games.

Despite this, there is still no doubt that the quality (or rather, the power) of some features is an objective fact to be judged. The monitor in 4K then they have to offer to their user what they promise with the help of their incredible technology: clear visual experience, clear, real, unique and unforgettable. Spectacle and palpable sensations, heart pounding and adrenaline, meditation, true ecstasy and relaxation of the lost gaze in the realistic panorama of high definition images.

Fortunately, this guide can give you more than a useful hint to be able to spot the right gaming monitor you should buy to greatly improve the way you play video games and experience greater pleasure when you are with the joypad in your hands.

Choosing 4k gaming monitors: what changes, what are the advantages?

Until a few years ago, telling a boy or girl that he should have bought a monitor specifically for his console would have seemed rather pretentious, rich and even useless. Until a couple of decades ago, TVs had displays of a quality that is undoubtedly higher than that of classic PC monitors; and until ten years ago the quality of both pieces was equal to the maximum performance of their top of the range.

Now, however, there is no match. There are truly exceptional televisions, but for the same price , 4K monitors are better . The performances of the latter, as regards the resolution of video games, are clearly more advanced than those of televisions, which to amaze and enchant users focus on large dimensions (while monitors go in the opposite direction).

The 4k technology (also called “Ultra HD”) has numerous advantages, among which the best resolution reached so far: it has become the new standard of excellence. All the top of the range can not fail to have displays in 4k, which counts as a ten in a decimal scale, at least at this moment.

All those monitors that have a resolution of 3840 pixels vertically and 4096 pixels horizontally are in 4k. Hence the name.

Let’s see which ones are the best.

Samsung 4K Gaming Monitor: For a visually relaxing and comfortable gaming experience

There are at least two very valid alternatives that the parent company Samsung makes available for all those who are passionate about consoles and want to upgrade their experience with video games. We are talking about the Samsung monitor capable of supporting FreeSync , a technology capable of making frames and screen work even more in synergy and in perfect synchronization. This option has 28 inches which, in many ways, makes it ideal. In fact, watching a film and playing are two very different things: while to do the first thing a cinema is the best thing, for the second you need a small monitor that does not tire your eyes.


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