How to Beautify the Room with Wallpaper

How to Beautify the Room with Wallpaper  – Wallpaper is one of the most popular interior design products by everyone. Wallpaper is used to cover the walls and give the impression of design in accordance with the theme of the house. In addition, the use of wallpaper is considered more economical than if you frequently change wall paint. Then the wallpaper motif is also not boring and makes the room very beautiful. When you are bored then the wallpaper only needs to be removed then the wall is cleaned then the new wallpaper is installed again.

But is installing wallpaper difficult and complicated? Actually it isn’t and you can install it yourself. You don’t need to hesitate and try installing your own wallpaper in the following ways.

  1. Select the type of wallpaper to suit the room

The first thing you can do is to choose the right model and wallpaper material. Each room has a different humidity so it requires a different type of wallpaper. Even different rooms mean different functions, so you must follow these rules. For the bathroom, you can use vinyl wallpaper that is resistant to damp and cold temperatures. Even this material is waterproof. Then for the kitchen, you can choose wallpaper with a special vinyl material that is resistant to heat and dry. Then for the living room, bedroom, family room and hallway then you can use paper materials. This type of wallpaper that uses fabric is also very good for the living room and bedroom.

  1. Select the adhesive according to the wallpaper

After you choose the type of wallpaper that suits the type of room then you also need to choose the model and wallpaper adhesive material. Usually each type of wallpaper will also need a different type of adhesive. Wallpaper with vinyl material usually already has an adhesive like a sticker so that it can be directly affixed to the wall. Then for wallpaper with paper and cloth materials usually use adhesive from white glue. When you buy wallpaper, pay attention to the type of adhesive recommended and ask the shop clerk to make it more precise.

  1. Order more wallpapers

After you determine the side of the wall to be installed with wallpaper, you must calculate the area of ​​the wall. Many people who buy wallpapers according to the measurement results. But this is not recommended. You should think of errors when installing wallpaper. As a result you will also need a wallpaper that is more than the size. So always order more as a backup to make wallpaper installation easier. In addition, if you buy again, it is possible that the series you selected is up.

  1. The first sheet is the reference point

The level of your wall size may be perfect according to measurements. But mistakes can arise from the beginning. Maybe you will make a mistake in the installation of the first sheet. For example, the position is not in accordance with the size of the wall, too advanced, too close to the angle of the wall and other errors. When it is wrong, the other parts of the wall can also be wrong. So you have to pay attention to the pairs from the first time so that other parts of the wall will also follow.

  1. Smooth out uneven walls

If you initially paint the wall, then you should be wary of the uneven parts of the wall. Uneven parts can accentuate the surface of the wallpaper so that it is uneven and untidy. So the first thing you have to do is try to clean and smooth the walls. You can peel off the paint with a machine and clean up the remaining dust on the walls. You can also use special materials that can be purchased at material stores. If it’s clean then you should clean the wall and wait for the wall to dry completely.

  1. Think of wallpaper patterns

If you use a patterned wallpaper type then you should think about the pattern before installing it. Try with a simulation like sticking one corner of the wallpaper. You must know how the pattern will be made. Especially if you use wallpaper with a pattern of lines or tendrils of flowers. This type of wallpaper must be continuous and continuous pattern. Therefore consider thinking about the pattern before installing it.

  1. Cut wallpaper with the right tools

Sometimes when installing wallpaper you also need a cutting tool. Several types of tools that can be used include such as scissors and cutter. Cutter is considered easier to use because it can cut straight and neat cut edges. But you should use a new type of cutter and clean. The sharper the edge of the cutter, the smaller the cut will be.

  1. Use a wallpaper brush

If you are installing wallpaper with an adhesive such as white glue then use a special brush. Special brushes for wallpaper have a softer surface and leave no marks. This is very different from paint brushes that often fall out and stick to the paint. If the brush strokes on the wall are clean then the wallpaper will stick well. So it’s better to have a little bigger capital than choosing a brush that is less qualified.

  1. Remove the bubbles when finished

If you install wallpaper then in the end there will be some bubbles due to the wallpaper not sticking perfectly. All types of wallpapers will indeed be like this and you don’t need to panic. You only need to smooth the surface of the wallpaper from the first pair point with a pattern that matches the shape of the wallpaper. Then if it’s still bubbling, then puncture it with a small needle so that air comes out and the wallpaper sticks to the wall.

That’s all the ways to install wallpaper without using expert help. You can install it yourself and it is very good because it can save the cost of installing wallpaper.


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