How to Increase Computer Speed

How to increase computer speed  –  A lot of work at the computer in a very long time can make performance slower. Sometimes even these conditions can make us feel annoyed and a lot of time is wasted. Factors affecting the computer can be slow or fast due to the condition of the hardware that starts to decrease performance or it could be because many applications or files that meet the hard disk space. To overcome this problem, several ways can be done to increase computer speed as summarized below:

  1. Uninstall install unused programs (uninstall)

Sometimes because we are too fond of our computers so forget if too many programs install can burden the performance of PC devices. So many applications can run simultaneously that affect the work being done. You can uninstall or uninstall all applications that are deemed unimportant. How to remove them by opening the Control Panel then select Programs and Features and click Uninstall Programs. Wait until the uninstall process is complete.

  1. Delete Temporary Files Automatically

When a computer program runs, it will automatically create a temporary file or temporary file to work. All temporary files that have been run will be stored in the hard disk space (HDD) and can affect the speed and speed of the computer. The more often the application is opened, the more temporary files are stored. To overcome this, try going to My Computer and select  the C drive . Next move to the  Windows folder and select  Temp . Next right-click the mouse then select View and Details. Delete files that are in the temporary and recycle bin.

  1. Install the Solid State Drive

A PC or computer slows down easily, usually as a result of a Hard Drive problem. PC speed can slow down especially when the starup process starts. To overcome this problem, try using a stubborn device in the form of a Solid State Drive . This device can help speed up the process of doing a PC task automatically. However, to be able to get this device, you have to spend a little to buy it.

  1. Set Hard Disk Storage Capacity

Although the temporary space or temporary files on the computer have often been deleted, it will be even more leverage if you add upgrades or storage capacity. In the Hard Disk there is a lot of space that you can free up. In addition to upgrading the hard disk, you can also delete some old files or files that are not used anymore. This step will help alleviate computer performance when used.

  1. Limit Applications When You Are Startup

Computers can be increasingly slow to work alias slow due to too many applications running when the computer is doing starup. Even though the computer has not opened certain applications, it is already slow due to the large number of applications that are running when it is starup. To solve this problem, set the computer by clicking Start then Run and clicking MSCONFIG. Don’t forget to press Enter to execute the program.

  1. Large Capacity RAM

RAM is a hardware device that is contained in a computer. RAM aka Random Access Memory, the term for hardware that is responsible for managing and running different programs or applications. If more and more computer programs are used, the more RAM capacity is used. The reduced RAM capacity can be a problem of slow computer. As a result the files or applications that you run will not be maximized.

  1. Use the Disk Defragment Feature

The ability of computers to process a system that is being done can slow down because many files or systems collide with each other. This means that the more system files you use, it can trigger the files to work together. To overcome this, use the Disk Degragment security feature . The next feature will control the file system, thus speeding up the computer’s ability to process the applications used. How to access it by going to the My Computer menu, then right-click the Hard Drive and select Properties. Click the Tools button in the Defragment Now section .

  1. Use the Clean Up Feature

Clean up application is one of the favorite applications that are widely used to overcome slow computer problems. This feature can appear immediately when first installing a Windows driver, aka default application. The Clean Up feature helps find out which year system files are working and which temporary files are still stored. How to clean by clicking on the Disk Cleanup icon or can by searching the Start menu, then All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and Disk Cleanup.

  1. Clean the Computer from Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt that can enter the computer turns out to be a problem of slow computer when working. Dust or small particles that enter the computer hardware will accumulate over time so that interfere with the performance of other hardware such as fans. The fan or fan works as a computer hardware cooler. If there is damage to the fan, then it can make the computer become hot quickly, aka overheating. And this condition is the cause of slow computer performance.

In the modern era, the need for computer devices has become more widespread. Nowadays computers have become part of the lifestyle of modern society to help complete various tasks and office work. If the computer is able to carry out its duties as it should, of course there is a lot of work done. However, if the computer’s ability is getting slower then the computer installation expert is the solution. That’s the trick for dealing with a slow computer. Hopefully this trick tips can be useful


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