How to change the wallpaper on PS4 with update 4.50

The release of update 4.50 for the PS4 firmware  incorporates interesting new features such as the function that allows us to use our own images as backgrounds for the menu, although there are some steps to follow, which could make it a bit difficult for you to put the image you want and not just the screenshots taken from the games.

Before the doubts of many, we have created this small tutorial that will help you make the menu of your PlayStation 4 look  spectacular.

Step 1: Choose the image

The first thing you should know is that there is no specific option in the options to change the wallpaper. Instead, you have to go to the Capture Gallery and select your favorite image. But, instead of pressing the X button to see the image in full screen, you must hover over the selected capture and press the Options button to bring up the drop-down menu, where the option ‘Set as background’ is now displayed.

Step 2: Customize the background

Next you will access the screen seen in the image. From here you can select another image and fiddle with the display options. Dimming the function area serves to add a shaded effect to the top, in case the image colors do not allow you to see that area of ​​the screen correctly. You can also select the background color (there are eight in total). Once everything is in place, you have to click on ‘Apply’.

Step 3: Background changed

If you have followed the steps correctly, you will already have your  custom wallpaper on PS4 . There would be something like the screenshots that we leave you below:

Mention that if you get tired of the image and want to return to the default background of the system, you only have to go into Settings> Themes> Select theme and choose the default.

And with this we finish this little tutorial on how to change the background of PS4. Do not forget that we also have a very practical article where we detail the best external hard drives that you can find to install games on PS4.

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