Babylonian exile and Persian domination

Babylonian exile and Persian domination (book) . Series that for more than ten years, the Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. Memorial Center has been promoting courses, workshops, conferences and meetings that are based on the budgets of popular reading of the Bible, also known as community reading of the bible .


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The Serie

Series presented in Cuba as an introduction to the Bible. It is a practical invitation to travel with the people of the Bible their own history, situating the emergence of their books in that concrete and complex context.

Each of the seven topics covered in the different volumes is developed from theoretical presentations, abundant citations from Biblical texts, basic for a good understanding of the topics and illustrations with maps and synoptic charts.

Each section is complemented by a question guide to promote individual and group understanding and reflection.


The third in the series “An Introduction to the Bible” is divided into two major parts that address the complex period of Babylonian and Persian domination.

In this historical stage, some of the classical institutions in Israel collapse and others appear, in a slow process of rebuilding the identity of the Jewish people that includes conflicts between different groups upon the return from exile, the final edition of not a few books on the bible, the activity of some prophets, and the inclusion of the sapiensal genre as a new way of reflection, in order to overcome the great crisis experienced.


Caminos delivers the third book in the An Introduction to the Bible series.

This edition is part of the Popular Bible Reading project, which develops the Socioteological and Pastoral Reflection / Formation Program of the Martin Luther King Memorial Center.


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