” Happiness is simple “, there are many people who say that. Happiness can live a safe, peaceful and peaceful life. Happiness is achieving the ideals that we want since childhood. Happiness is living together with our loved ones, and happiness is blah blah blah … Yep! there are so many definitions that can describe the meaning of happiness. Each person will give a different definition of the meaning of happiness they feel.


Happiness can also be interpreted by the actions that we do every day. For example, how often do we do charity so that we can help many people? Because in reality, making others happy will also make us happy! or how quickly we complete all office tasks given by the manager? It also can bring happiness because we have made an achievement in the careers we have.


Some Habits to Avoid to Achieve Happiness. 

If happiness can be obtained from our actions, then we can be sure there are things we need to do and there are some things we need to avoid to achieve happiness . According to Marc and Angel, there are 10 habits we need to avoid in life. The goal is that our lives feel happier and feel beautiful. Want to know anything? Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. Often Delay the Desired Goal.

“He is delicious now, he has become a successful businessman. If I? Still, this is just the fate “. This monologue can happen when we feel that other people have a better fate than us. When we talk like that, that’s where we begin to compare our lives with others. In fact, under these conditions there is no one to blame. Maybe those who we think are better and more successful are people who have never put off their desires and life goals .


When they know what they want in life, they will immediately try and work hard to make it happen. Where are we? Maybe we are people who still say “tomorrow tomorrow”, “later if there is an opportunity”, and so on. Therefore, from now on we must start the initial steps with certainty. Even a small step is okay. Tell yourself “I chose to start this task with small steps that are not perfect, but I am sure all of this will get better as time goes by”.


2. Feeling Fear of “Change”.

There are so many people who are afraid of the word “change”. They are too swayed by the current position and conditions or what we commonly refer to as “comfort zones”. On the other hand, when we feel unhappy with the current conditions and situations, we often assume that “it seems that this is God’s destiny, so I don’t need to try to change it”. NO! this is a wrong view.


Do not be afraid to make changes , even though we are in a comfort zone or an uncomfortable zone. Changes made in the comfort zone will lead us to self-improvement and changes in the comfort zone will bring us to another happiness.


3. Always Try to Be Someone Else.

The problem is, we always boast of others, as if they were far better than us. In fact, they might want to have a life like us. This is a problem that we often encounter in society. People are busy comparing their lives with others and are ready to change themselves to become “the same” as they are idolized. It is impossible! Each person is created with the advantages and uniqueness of each of God. Trying to be someone else will only hamper our happiness . Therefore, we need to be proud to be ourselves, without having to be someone else.


4. Like to doubt yourself again.

“I can’t, I’m not great, or I fail.” Those are words that describe self-doubt. When we doubt ourselves, we will never be able to achieve happiness easily. Why? Because happiness can only be obtained with a strong sense of self-confidence.


Confident that we will be successful, confident that we can face all the trials and problems that come, confident that our abilities can help us survive, and so forth. Self-doubt can only lead to stress, and stress is a great enemy of happiness.


5. Run away from Responsibility!

We must not run away from problems and trials that come into our lives. In addition, we also cannot arbitrarily run away from the responsibilities we have now. For example, do not want to do office work or do not want to pay state taxes. When we try to run away from responsibility, our lives will automatically feel uneasy. Wherever we go, fear will always haunt us. So if we all want to feel happy, don’t try to run away from responsibility.


6. Still Often Thinking About the Past.

The past is a thing of the past, so why should you think about it? Is there anything significant that can help us change the past? Of course there isn’t. The thing we can do is live in the present and try to avoid all the mistakes we have made in the past. If we still often think about the past, it will only prevent happiness from coming into our lives. The past will only haunt us to be able to live in peace in the present. Therefore, from now on we must forget all the mistakes and feelings of trauma in the past.


7. Excessively criticizing others.

All forms of negativity that we issue towards others will gradually paralyze our own happiness. When we truly feel comfortable with imperfections that we have ourselves, then automatically we will not feel threatened or offended by imperfections that are owned by others.


Conveying criticism or feedback to others is good, even it indicates that we really care about them. But when we overdo it, we are digging our own “grave hole”. Logically, when we are too focused on the shortcomings of others, then we will not focus on our own shortcomings. As a result, we will have difficulty developing ourselves to be even better.


8. Like Blaming Others and Creating Reasons.

When we deal with a problem, we don’t need to blame others for the event that we experienced. The habit of blaming others will only make us more stressed. Even worse, this attitude will create hostility between us and many people. So, from now on we need to avoid this habit, colleagues.


9. Too Confusing Things That Cannot Be Controlled.

Some things we cannot control. Those are things that have been arranged and become God’s plan. We might try and give our best effort, but when God says “not yet time”, what can we do? Try to accept your destiny and keep trying to be the best, without feeling protracted sadness.


10. Never Feel Grateful.

Gratitude will bring us happiness. That’s why when we stop being grateful, happiness will also disappear in our lives. Never stop being grateful, because with gratitude we will feel more calm and peaceful in living life.

by Abdullah Sam
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