Toxic in Indonesian is poison, which the term can be used to describe people who are poisonous or have a negative influence on those around them. These people are usually known as toxic people. Toxic people alias people who are “poisonous” are the kind of people who like to trouble and harm others, both physically and emotionally. Here are the characteristics of toxic people: like spreading negative gossip, demeaning or looking down on others, don’t want to admit mistakes or apologize, just want to be happy, don’t empathize or sympathize with others, like to manipulate others, etc. .


The word “toxic” has left a pretty bad impression on someone, but this term is also a warning to those around them in order to distance themselves from them. Because it is toxic and the people in it will have a bad influence, toxic means something that is often categorized as a barrier to happiness.


Toxic people are people who are very detrimental to our lives. They not only hinder our success, but their presence can have a negative influence and concern for those nearby. That is why, to be happy we need to avoid everything that is related to toxic, both related to the environment, the people in it, and others.


Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships are those that are marked by the behavior of a toxic partner or colleague that is emotionally and, not infrequently, physically damaging to their partner. While healthy relationships contribute to self-esteem and emotional energy, toxic relationships damage self-esteem and consume energy. Healthy relationships involve mutual care, respect and affection, an interest in the well-being and positive development of a partner or colleague, the ability to share control and decision making, in short, a shared desire for happiness with each other. A healthy relationship is a safe relationship, a relationship where we can be ourselves without fear, a place where we feel comfortable and safe. Toxic relationships, on the other hand, are not a safe place. Toxic relationships are characterized by insecurity, selfishness, domination, control. We risk our existence by staying in that relationship. To say toxic relationships are dysfunctional, at the very least, is an understatement.


How to live happily without Toxic people? 

The negative influences carried out by toxic people make our lives uneasy, even we will feel uneasy when having to interact with them. In this article, we will discuss ways to stay happy by leaving toxic people in our lives. According to the website Marc and Angel, there are 6 ways we can apply in order to still be able to live happily without toxic people.


1. Keep Stepping without Toxic People.

If fellow readers have friends or coworkers who always rule us with emotions, always want their desires fulfilled and always do things that make us uncomfortable, then they can be categorized as toxic people.


Avoiding them does not mean we have been evil or do not care about them. However, all that we do for the sake of comfort and happiness ourselves. Especially if we have been trying to be kind and help them change from negative attitudes and behaviors. If our efforts are underestimated by these toxic people, there is nothing we can do anymore, other than avoiding them.


Don’t be afraid to step out and get away from them, because this is indeed the only best solution we have. Our lives will not end and fall apart without them. In fact, our lives will be better without any influence from people like this.


2. Trying to Change Their Negative Attitudes and Behaviors .

There are times when we as humans want to bring goodness to the people around us. Finding toxic people does not make us surrender immediately, ilfil or avoid them, but we all certainly have a tendency to take them in a better direction.


For example, trying to tell them that badmouthing coworkers in the office is not good or inviting them to work together to solve existing problems, without going to avoid the problems that come.


If the Career Advice colleagues believe that this method can work, then it never hurts to try. If it works, then this will be a pride for fellow readers because it has succeeded in making negative people better than before.


3. Whatever They Do, Don’t Take Heart!

One of the things to remember is that whatever negative attitudes these toxic people do, we don’t need to take heart or think it too deep. The negative things that they do and spread are quite representative of themselves. If we fight or respond to their negative attitudes in unfavorable ways, then there is no difference between us and them. In other words, we will both be negative.


4. Do not Underestimate the Negative Behavior That They Do.

If our efforts to help them get better will be futile, then the next step we must take is to stop pretending that their toxic behavior is a fine attitude. When we assume that their behavior is okay, toxic people will think people around them feel OK about their behavior.


Attitudes that overly tolerate their bad habits will only make the condition worse and more detrimental. Not only do toxic people harm us more, but they will also become worse by harming others around them.


There is no benefit to continuing to tolerate their negative attitudes and behavior, let alone trying to assume that it is a good thing.


5. Equate Position with Them and Speak!

Often toxic people assume that the people around them will feel fine with their behavior. Besides that, not a few of them would think that we would be afraid to fight them and speak directly loudly. If Career Advice colleagues are in this position, then only one word that fits into the solution is, OPPONENT!

The word opponent here does not mean to fight them with violence. However, we need to raise our voices and talk to them loudly and loudly. As an example:

– “I noticed you looked angry. Is something disturbing? ” Convey this if your toxic coworkers feel frustrated or upset because your fellow readers have ignored them.

– “You look upset and bored, do you think what I said was not important?” this sentence is suitable for fellow readers to say when they don’t care about what their fellow readers convey. Scare them with this sentence so that they realize that their fellow readers have a strong defense.

– “Your attitude has upset me now. Is this really your goal? ” This sentence is very suitable to be conveyed to toxic people. This will also confirm that we dare to fight the negative attitudes they have spread so far.


6. Take time for yourself.

If your fellow readers have tried to avoid the toxic people as best they can, and they remain in your life. Stay calm, breathe in and believe yourself that everything will be okay. The only solution to this condition is to take time for yourself. Make sure your fellow readers have “me time” to relax, rest and recover from all the bad conditions that your fellow readers have experienced.

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