Extraordinary is something that is beyond normal limits, not monotonous, not mediocre, but very different from usual. That is why the word “extraordinary” has a meaning as something that is not as usual or not the same as the others. In other words, extraordinary is something very special.


When we hear an extraordinary word to describe someone, this indicates that that person is someone who is very, very special. Now, in this article we will discuss about 15 signs that can indicate that we are an extraordinary person. There is a cool phrase uttered by Henry David Thoreau which is, “True wealth is the ability to live life to the fullest”. So, the signs that we will discuss in this article relate to the life we ​​are experiencing now. According to Marc and Angel, after we know the signs below, we will become more motivated and motivated.


We Are Extraordinary People When Experiencing the Following: 

1. We live as humans as a whole.

The first and foremost sign that indicates that we are extraordinary is that we live. We live by being perfect human beings, without blemishes, having hearts to feel, and so on. If your fellow readers are still alive and breathing well to this day, congratulations! Fellow readers have received a privilege from God.


2. We can see and enjoy the sunrise and sunset views.

How beautiful to see the view when the sun rises and sets. In fact, there are many people who hunt sunset (sunset) and take pictures to get his silhouette when the sun begins to set. Being able to see the sunrise and sunset indicates that we can still move to work in the morning and return home in the afternoon. This also indicates that we are still given favors by God to be able to see the beauty of nature.


3. We can hear chickens crowing, car horns, and other people talking.

This third sign also indicates that we are extraordinary people. This indicates that besides we can see, we can also hear well. If your fellow readers live in a beautiful area, then hearing a crowing chicken is a gift for you. This indicates that God is giving us new days and opportunities to live on. In addition, if fellow readers live in urban areas, then hear the sound of car and motorcycle horns, the sound of people talking and so forth. It also indicates that God is giving us another opportunity to work and seek sustenance.


4. We can still taste the sweetness of chocolate cake, fresh fruit juice and spicy food.

The sense of functioning that is still functioning well is also an indication that we are extraordinary people. Until this moment, we can still distinguish between sweet, sour, bitter, salty and tasteless. With the sense of taste that is still functioning, we can enjoy all the food and drinks available. Try to imagine, what good if we eat delicious food, but we can not taste it?


5. We can read fluently.

Reading is no longer a difficult thing for people who live in modern times like today. Reading is a way for us to expand our knowledge. Reading can make us know many things about this world. And, reading also allows fellow readers to read the content of our article hehe.


6. We can still sleep at night without feeling hungry.

Let’s think about this for a moment. How many people sleep at night on a hungry stomach? Instead of thinking about feeling comfortable and asleep with their sleep, their stomachs just like screaming to be filled with food and drink. Therefore, if last night we were able to sleep well and soundly without feeling hungry, then this indicates that we are extraordinary people. Be happy because God still loves us very much.


7. We wake up in the morning with a roof over your head.

If we can fall asleep at night without feeling hungry, then in the morning we can wake up with the shade of a roof over our heads, it indicates that our lives are very special. There are so many people who have to get rain, heat and cold when they are asleep. If that does not happen to us, then we belong to the lucky people.


8. We still have a few or many clothes to wear.

Clothing can protect us from bad weather, avoid us from cold, hot weather, and so on. If in our closet there are still a few or many clothes to wear, then we are an extraordinary person with a special life.


9. We are still strong and healthy.

When we still have the strength to live and have health, then again God has given us special privileges and life. If we are afflicted with an illness, but we can still recover. That is a great gift!


10. We can still see a doctor and have access to medical care.

There are so many people out there who feel very sick, but can not do anything to cure their illness. Why? Because they do not have the money, power and effort, or the opportunity to consult with a doctor and have access to medical care. If your fellow readers can still go to the doctor and get medical treatment, then be thankful that your life is extraordinary.


11. We still have access to clean drinking water until now.

Thousands of people in other parts of the world are experiencing water crises, even cannot have access to clean water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and so on. This is a very sad condition. So, if your fellow readers can still get access to clean water, this is a sign that the life you have now is extraordinary.


12. We live in a country that protects human rights (HAM) and civil liberties.

Having human rights is the key to becoming an extraordinary person with a special life. Without human rights, we will never be able to live in peace. Therefore, if we live and live in a country that protects human rights and civil liberties such as freedom of opinion and choice, then we must be very grateful.


13. We have overcome several major problems and are able to survive.

Try to take a minute and think “how many big problems have I been able to solve ?” If we have been able to solve some big problems, this indicates that we are able to survive the rigors of life. In other words, we are extraordinary people.


14. We have people who miss us and always support our dreams in life.

Whether it’s family, close relatives, lovers, or our best colleagues in the office, they are the people who can shape us to be tough, strong and extraordinary. So if we have special people like them, this indicates that we are extraordinary people.

15. We have access to the Internet.

This is a sign that we are special and extraordinary people, especially in today’s digital era. It’s very rare for a person to be able to live a life without access to the internet. The internet is very necessary so that we can communicate with others , find important information and learn online to add insight. So, if your fellow readers still have internet access until now, then you are a special and extraordinary person!

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