A startup business is a business, business or company that has not been operating for a long time and is usually associated with technology, websites and the internet. The startup business is experiencing very rapid development in Indonesia. Startup businesses in Indonesia are divided into three categories, namely (i) startup businesses for educational applications, (ii) startup businesses for game lovers, and (iii) startup businesses for commerce such as e-commerce and information.


Oya! The startup business itself also has several characteristics. Some of them are: the age of the company that has not reached 3 years, the number of employees is still less than 50 staff, and this company is still in the developing stage. Of the three main characteristics, we might think “can a startup business promise success in the future ?” and “what are the indicators that can show that our startup business will be successful?”.


In this article, we will discuss about 6 signs that indicate that our startup business will be successful. We have summarized these signs from the medium website, so congratulations on reading the following explanation, colleagues.


Signs that Our Startup Business Will Be Successful in the Future 

1. Our Startup Business Has Failed Several Times.

As we have said before that failure will only lead us to new golden opportunities. Failure does not mean failure forever. Failures that occur over and over again will help us to continue to improve ourselves and bring new developments to our startup business, so that we can reach the desired peak of success.


Success can not be obtained instantly, as well as the startup business that we founded. In fact, there is hardly a startup company that can succeed in the initial steps on a large scale. Everything needs a long process, effort and sacrifice. So, if the startup business that Career Advice colleagues set up has failed many times, this indicates that your startup business will achieve success. As Steve Blank said below:

“A startup grows from failure to failure. Everything he does from day one is running a series of experiments, like in a laboratory, most of them will fail at the start ”- Steve Blank, Silicon Valley.


2. There is harmony in the C-Suite.

Even though the startup business that we founded is still very young, there is already a sense of harmony in the C-suite. In fact, nothing can damage a startup business if there is no serious conflict between startup founders and business partners. So, when there is a harmonious relationship between a startup business and their business partners, this is a good signal for the business.


Most likely, a startup business that has a harmonious relationship like this will continue to be made easy to move forward and become more successful. Until finally they have become a startup company that is far more stable than before.


That is why harmony in the C-suite must be maintained properly, as said by one Harvard Business School Professor, Philip Thurton said:

“When business partners fall, ownership, control, and even the survival of their startup companies will be threatened.”


3. Our Startup Business Successfully Solves Real Complex Problems for Real People.

Startup companies come by offering new solutions for customers. The startup business also offers solutions in unique ways, not rigid like some conventional companies before. We can also feel that the more changes that occur in our lives, the more new problems that are real and difficult to solve.


With this challenge, if our startup business has succeeded in solving some complicated problems that are real to many people, then it is very likely that our startup business is on the right track to get to the expected business success immediately.


4. Our Startup Business Is Built for Efficiency.

It is true that we cannot accurately predict our future, but we can prepare our future well and mature. Because the startup business is usually still in the development stage and has not been operational for too long, it can be ensured that the income and flow of funds owned are also still very limited.


Therefore, it takes a great role for startup business founders to use and spend company funds efficiently, so that any funding issued by the company will provide effective results.


If in the future, our startup business is more advanced and successful, the startup founders will also remain careful in spending their money. Although at this stage, their income can be said to be stable.


5. Our Startup Business Has Been Profitable.

Yep! of course this point is a very important indicator. If our startup business has failed several times, but in the end our startup company has benefited slowly, then this is a very good signal! In addition to aiming to help solve the problems of many people (especially our target customers), business does aim to get the most profit. So, if our startup business is headed there, then this is a very good sign.


6. People Talk About You – Without Paying.

This sixth point is probably a classic way to predict that our startup business will become successful and booming. Whether we realize it or not, the people around us, whether they are included in our target customers or not. They are busy talking about products or services from our startup business. Wow! Is amazing. Especially if competitors have already started talking about our startup business, this indicates that we have entered into the category of their competitors.


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