Attitudes you must take when meeting your ex with a new love!

You finished and the line walked towards him. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon you meet again at the Mall and there he is holding hands with her in front of you. The ‘tal’ looks at you with that “then this is it!” Look. And you are a little stunned, your eyes widen and you can’t say anything except: “What’s up”?

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But when they’re gone, you’re still embarrassed, you know you could have done better, but you don’t know how. So, what to do next times? How to act when meeting your ex with a new woman?

  1. Keep calm

Remember that your relationship with this man is ‘over’, so there is no reason for you to be nervous in a situation like this. You do not need to impress them because they are not important in your life. They are human beings like any other so don’t give too much importance to what you don’t deserve. Do not give credit to what has no value in your life.

If you lose control, everyone will notice and you will feel that you are not over the end of your relationship with him. Even if this is true, make sure that they never notice! This will not be good for anyone, especially for you who will certainly regret it on the pillow at night. (Check out 10 tips to forget your ex-boyfriend)

So, the next time they come towards you, stay calm and use one of the tactics below:

  • Always smile! Nothing like a nice smile to calm your nerves and cover up any pain you may be experiencing;
  • There will come times when it will not be necessary for you to exchange ideas. So, ignore it, you don’t have to run after them just to show that you’re an adult. Act as if they were a couple like any other.
  • When there is no option and you are face to face, act naturally, greet with a raised eyebrow, ‘smiling’ say that it was a pleasure to meet you and say something about the environment in which you are (a must-see sale in the shopping, a new drink being offered at the bar etc. etc. Do your part and always show yourself well and tuned!
  1. Be cordial:

Yes, you have no reason to be rude. It may have nothing to do with what happened to you. She doesn’t even know you, and you don’t know her. So be as cordial as you are with anyone you’ve just met.

Even if it was the pivot of your breakup, your ex’s girlfriend shouldn’t be considered your enemy. Although it is a bad and difficult situation to obtain a friendly relationship, still show yourself polite. Don’t be ignorant treating them with indifference or making a ‘shack’ . Do not demean yourself to anyone or for anyone. It is not worth it and you will still come out as the problem of the story.

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It is true that even if you have reason, if you go into ignorance and lack of education you will lose it right away. Therefore, always be polite and never cause any embarrassment between you. There is no need for falsehood, a kiss here, a hug there … But also, do not turn your face or fail to respond if they come to talk to you. In any situation, a cordial greeting will be enough. Please always be remembered as a “lady”, always be at ease with life and let them imagine why you are happy.

  1. Make sure!

Be cordial, but that doesn’t mean you must be an inferior person. Don’t feel that way and don’t let it show.

One very important thing: your relationship has not worked out with this man, but that does not mean that the person who is with him is better than you. Maybe they just have more affinities, or maybe they are just at the beginning and soon they will also discover that they will not work. And just as he is in a new relationship you will soon find someone who will be your safe haven. Life is like that, what doesn’t look good for one can be wonderful for another.

So, never underestimate yourself! Love yourself and let everyone know it for valuing yourself and finding yourself beautiful and smart in any situation.

  1. Show that you recognize that it’s over!

Remember that it is not a dispute! You are not disputing this man, so do everything you can to demonstrate that it does not matter to you. (Is the relationship over? Regain your strength and find your happiness.)

Past if it were good it would be present, so forget what you lived. Don’t want to act as a ‘loving counselor’ and confide things you have lived with your ex with his new wife, claiming that you are trying to help her fit in with his tastes. Trying to be friends with your ex’s wife is almost always like applying Botox to young skin. Painful and unnecessary! So forget that!

If you have children and inevitably need to live together in some situation, if possible and accurate, talk to her amicably and let her know that you are on your way. That you are playing in front of your life and you are adults enough to maintain a polite relationship because of the children and perhaps because of the friendship that still remains.

In short, the basic rule in this situation is :

  • Act naturally so that his new wife realizes that she should not feel threatened by you.
  • It is a rather uncomfortable situation to have to come across an ex and his new love. But you shouldn’t make it a seven-headed bug. Prepare for this situation as soon as you end your relationship with someone. Accept that this is natural and can happen at any time. If you have already accepted a situation like this in your mind, you are certainly ready to face it in reality.


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