30 Examples of Positive and Negative Attitudes

Attitudes can be considered indicators of behavior , that is, they allow us to guide actions and give them direction Here are  30 examples of positive and negative attitudes that can arise in different situations.

Attitudes can be categorized into two large groups, those that guide behavior towards well-being and those that do not.

What is an attitude?

Before listing the examples of positive and negative attitudes, it is important to define what the term attitude means, which can be understood as an organization of beliefs that predispose behavior.

These beliefs would be pointing towards objects, places, people or situations, and direct the behavior to be displayed by an individual.

On the other hand, these beliefs have a direct connection with past experiences, which makes the person anticipate the attitude, then appearing.

This means that in order to change an attitude, one must begin by changing the beliefs that originated it and thus, in turn, be able to modify the behavior with which it is associated.

Initiating these changes requires identifying which attitudes have been harmful and have had negative consequences in the life of those who have shown them.

Attitude and aptitude

Sometimes these terms can be confused and it is necessary to make the difference between the two since they refer to completely different definitions, although not remote.

The attitude itself can be conceived as an indicator of the behavior, but it is not the behavior itself but what is behind it that drives it to manifest itself.

While aptitude would refer to the abilities that a person may have to perform a particular task, which may be innate or learned.

However, it is important to note that an aptitude, that is, a talent for something, will have greater potential when it goes hand in hand with a positive attitude.

positive attitudes

Positive attitudes provide a more encouraging vision of life regardless of the circumstances that may be going through.

These characteristics allow the person to lean more towards a state of well-being and fullness, to be more active and therefore more productive.

Remember, a correct attitude can make a difference, beyond the abilities or resources that a person possesses.

Examples of Positive Attitudes

1. Take responsibility

Understanding that we are responsible for our decisions allows us to get out of the role of victim of circumstances, be more cautious and activate ourselves in actions in our favor.

3. Thank

Stop fixing only what is needed and recognize the resources and people you have.

4. Learn from mistakes

There is no use just thinking about how wrong something has gone, learn the lesson and try again making the necessary corrections.

5. Break with the toxic

Everything that makes you feel bad, that stagnates you or does not add positive value to your life, it is necessary to remove it and keep moving forward.

6. Facing

Especially what scares you, the step you know you should take, but you haven’t done it out of fear , a positive attitude encourages you to face your fears.

7. Be the protagonist

Take an active role and not leave your decisions and plans for your life in the hands of third parties.

8. Acknowledge your mistakes and limitations

A true positive attitude is one that does not deceive itself but is capable of recognizing its own limitations and making corrections where necessary.

9. Assertive communication

The basis of many problems is the lack of communication . Facing up and talking about what is happening clearly, honestly and without double intentions will contribute a lot to your relationships.

10. Put guilt aside

Taking responsibility is not the same as living in guilt, the latter drowns you and stagnates, assume your mistakes trying to improve every day.

11. Enjoy

Every experience deserves to be savored, no matter how simple they may seem, learn to appreciate and enjoy every moment.

12. Motivation

Identify what is your engine in life and use it when necessary as motivation to achieve your goals.

13. Recognize your authenticity

We all have strengths and weaknesses, don’t compare yourself, identify your strengths and lean on them to achieve better results.

14. Apologize

Knowing how to recognize when a mistake has been made and apologize is a type of attitude that will definitely open many doors for you.

15. Be nice

A smile can make a difference in someone else’s day, give kindness and you will be making a better world.

negative attitudes

Negative attitudes tend to distort reality, making negative experiences much bigger than they really are.

In addition, they cloud the vision and do not allow us to see solutions to the problems that may arise, making it more difficult to find a way out.

Here are some examples of the most commonly observed negative attitudes in people.

Examples of Negative Attitudes

16. Complain

One of the most harmful negative attitudes is the complaint since it does not allow you to enjoy what is counted, causing limitations and frustration.


Believing that you always are right or that others are below can cause in the long term to lose contact with other people that you will need sooner or later.

18. Disánimo

It is possible to go through moments of discouragement, but maintaining this attitude will constantly bring stagnation and you can hardly improve your situation.

19. Compare

It makes no sense to compare with other people, because everyone has a different reality and different experiences, so it is not fair for you or others.

20. Focus on the past

No matter how good past experiences have been, it is not justified to be constantly living in it, focus on the present and look to the future.

21. Thinking that it is something impossible

You will not know what you are capable of until you try, do not put limitations on your thinking that close the possibilities of living something extraordinary.

22. Talk only about problems

That many things in the world are wrong is well known to everyone, but constantly talking about it will only discourage you and others.

23. Disrespect

A disrespectful attitude quickly earns everyone’s rejection, be careful with your words and activate empathy before pointing fingers at others.

24. Seek constant approval

Relying on the opinion of others is exhausting, and it can also put you in a vulnerable situation where you may be able to do anything to win their approval.

25. Not wanting to listen to others

The best way to grow and improve as people is by listening to the suggestions that others can give us, since it is difficult to see our own mistakes.

26. Assume

Anticipating the ideas and actions of another without consulting him is an attitude that greatly hinders communication and personal relationships.

27. Stay defensive

Believing that the other always comes to hurt us is an attitude that will generate many limitations, it is necessary to leave past experiences behind and open up to new possibilities.

28. Feeling insecure

Insecurity can make us lose many opportunities, do not allow this attitude to dominate you, learn to recognize your strengths and dare to break with your fears.

29. Being the victim

A constant victim attitude does not allow progress towards great things, learn to take responsibility for the decisions that are in your hands and begin to make the necessary changes.

30. Generalize

Prejudices hinder the ability to have new and rewarding experiences, do not generalize based on a particular experience, keep an open and expectant attitude.

These examples of positive and negative attitudes will make you reflect on your behaviors, promoting positive changes in your life.


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