what Is Atomic Bomb;How An Atomic Bomb Works?

The Atomic Bomb is a nuclear power weapon that has a great power of destruction. It was developed during World War II when it became necessary to develop new combat weapons. Scientists carried out researches of the atom starting from the theories of Albert Einstein.

what Is Atomic Bomb;How An Atomic Bomb Works?

How An Atomic Bomb Works?

Historically,The development of the atomic bomb is attributed to Albert Einstein. There was series of knowledge of physics and chemistry.Antoine Henri Becquerel , who discovered the radioactivity of uranium; to Marie Curie , who managed to isolate the radioactive element radium, and Einstein; who described the physical properties that were then used for the creation of the pump.

An atomic bomb works by initiating a nuclear reaction, in the nucleus of an atom. It releases so much energy that it causes reaction. Two types of materials are used to make an atomic bomb: uranium or plutonium that are coated with TNT. When it explodes, the neutrons of uranium, for example, leave the atom and separate other atoms, it will generate energy.

Did you know.

There are 9 countries that possess nuclear weapons

  • Russia -11,000
  • United States -8,500
  • France -300
  • China -240
  • United Kingdom -225
  • Pakistan -110
  • India -100
  • Israel -80
  • North Korea -10

5 Facts You Did Not Know About The Atomic Bomb

10% of electricity in the US comes from dismantled atomic bombs.

It is estimated that 26,000 atomic bombs have been made by several countries

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are no longer radioactive because the bombs did not touch the ground, they were detonated in the air.

Kokura, Japan, was the original target of the atomic bomb that fell on Nagasaki

In the 50s, in Las Vegas the atomic bomb tests were a great tourist attraction.

On August 6 1945, the first bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and three days later the second bomb in Nagasaki. This led to the deaths of 200,000 people in Hiroshima and 150,000 people in Nagasaki. This nuclear weapon had the power equivalent to 20 thousand tons of dynamite. 

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