How To Be Normal; 10 Steps You Must Know

How To Be Normal; I think it is almost impossible to be “normal.” I have elaborated a list how to be normal in 10 easy steps.

  • Take care of your body
  • Make new activities frequently
  • Find people like you
  • Dress in a similar way to those around you
  • You must adopt a similar behavior and participate in activities similar to those performed by those around you
  • Live an active social life
  • You must be polite and have good manners
  • Control your emotions
  • Moderate your opinions
  • Keep your house clean and tidy

Ironically they end up warning you not to let anyone change you. In my opinion it is a list of nonsense, without any sense and totally surreal. It seems that you have to mimic yourself with your surroundings to be “normal”.

Obviously I oppose each and every one of the points of the list previously named. One must exploit its singular aspect because otherwise it will become one more. One of the factors that may not let you be extraordinary is the fear of what they will say. You must fight against any force that opposes who you are. We are not robots, but we happen to be robots if they take away what makes us exceptional. 

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