10 Facts About Abortion And Abortion Law

The word abortion comes from the Latin term (abortus), ab: deprivation, and ortus: birth. Its translation would be: without birth. Therefore, abortion is the interruption of the development of the embryo during pregnancy.

10 Facts About Abortion And Abortion Law

Abortion As A Public Health Problem

Thousands of women die each year from abortions practiced without training or experience, or in an environment that lacks minimum medical standards. According to the National Population Council, abortion is the third cause of death among pregnant women.

Abortion Laws

There are eight circumstances in which abortion is not considered a crime, when:

  • Pregnancy is the result of a rape
  • Abortion is caused by accident (imprudent abortion)
  • According to the doctor, pregnancy puts the woman’s life at risk
  • The fetus has genetic malformations (embryopathic abortion)
  • To continue with the pregnancy would cause serious damage to the health of the woman
  • Pregnancy is the result of unwanted artificial insemination, and
  • The woman has economic reasons to interrupt the pregnancy and is the mother of three children.
  • By free decision of the woman, until the 12th week of pregnancy.

Different Methods Of Abortion

Abortion always means removing the unborn child from the womb. This can be done surgically until the 22nd week of pregnancy.After the 22nd week of pregnancy, the unborn child usually – at least with medical support – already out of the womb as a viable.

An abortion is performed under local anesthesia or narcosis. The cervix is ​​stretched, then the fetus is removed by suction.Subsequently, any tissue remnants can be removed by scraping, before the bleeding is stopped by a suitable injection and the uterus contracts again.As a rule, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis – the woman can go home after a few hours.

There are many reasons why someone chooses to abort. They can be medical, like the baby is sick or that a pregnancy is dangerous to the mother. The most common thing is to make abortion for social reasons, such as feeling that you cannot take care of the child. You may not have a partner or any other person who can help with the child, or you may feel that it is a bad time in life to get children. Some feel too young or too old and some simply do not want children. Someone might first want to be pregnant, but then repented. No matter what your cause, you have the same right to abort.

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