Animated Gifs “Telegram”: how to save and send

GIF animations are special animated images saved in GIF graphic format. Unlike ordinary static pictures and photos, they can be used to convey more different emotions due to the fact that the image will be moving, like a video. Such animated pictures are very popular and often humorous. Naturally, they could not be bypassed and messengers. Millions of GIFs are sent daily through these messaging programs.

In today’s article we will discuss with you how to use GIF-animation in “Telegram”. We will learn in more detail how to find the right gif by the regular means of the program, how to send and save animation in the memory of your device. We will also talk about the features of working with GIF-animation on the iOS operating system.

Features of GIF-animation in “Telegram”

GIF could be sent via “telegram” from the very first day of the program, like any other file. Since such a picture can weigh a lot, and very often it is created on the basis of a few ordinary photos, at first they heavily loaded the devices and servers of “Telegram”, as well as consumed a lot of traffic.

But relatively recently, a new algorithm for working with GIF files has been developed, which has increased their processing speed by 20 times. At the expense of what? The file began to be converted to MPEG4 video format, due to which it began to take up 95% less memory space while maintaining the original quality. Isn’t that great? In addition, the program provides the ability to simultaneously view multiple gifs without the need to download them first.

How to find and send a GIF file

If you already store a lot of GIF-animations on your device, it won’t be difficult to send one of them via Telegram messenger. You can simply add a file to the chat by clicking on the paper clip icon. But if you do not have such a file, you can search for it on the Internet directly through the program menu. Depending on the platform used, the order of sending will be slightly different. Let’s take a closer look.

On mobile devices

  1. In any chat, group or individual, click on the paperclip icon to launch the file type selection menu. In addition to media files, you can use this menu to send a contact and location, as well as launch the camera.

File type selection menu

  1. Select “Gallery”, then either select the file stored in the device’s memory or click the “GIF” button.

Select a file to send

  1. In the search bar, enter a search query, preferably in English. Practice shows that the Russian search does not work.
  2. Select the desired gif and click “Submit”. One allows you to transfer multiple files at once.

On any platform

  1. In any chat, enter the @gif command and press the space bar. The application will immediately open all system animations.
  1. If you don’t have enough of them, enter your search query after the @gif command.
  2. Select the gifs you want and send them to chat.

How to save a GIF

In addition to instantly sending gif animations, sent files can be saved for later use. Here are some ways to do this.

Method 1: Save to GIF

This method allows you to save a gif sent or received from another user in the program menu for later use without the need to search. In the future, you can get quick access to them in the menu of stickers and emoticons.

  1. After you send or receive a GIF message, click on the three vertical dots if you are using the mobile version, or right-click if you are using a computer version and select “Save to GIF”.
  2. To use the saved GIFs later, in the text entry line, click on the sticker selection icon, after which you will be able to see the saved gifs in the appropriate section.

Method 2. Save as

This method allows you to save any gif in the memory of your device and use it if necessary in any other application.

  1. After you send or receive a GIF message, click on the three vertical dots if you are using the mobile version, or right-click if you are a computer and select “Save As”. The file will be saved in MP4 format.
  2. Select a folder in the device memory and click “Save”.

How to Save GIF to iPhone

With the release of iOS 11, Apple solved a long-standing problem when the standard gallery was able to reproduce animated images. Yes, the gif could be added to the gallery, it was saved and displayed in the ribbon, but instead of enjoying the moving image, the user could only see a still image. Now it’s all over, and the saved gifs are stored in a separate folder “Animated”. If your iPhone doesn’t support the latest version of iOS, you have no choice but to use third-party GIF file browsers to properly view files that have been saved to your iPhone.


The developers of the “Telegram” messenger have greatly simplified the lives of fans of animated pictures. Now, to quickly find and send an interesting gif, just use the standard tools of the program. In the comments, please tell us how often you send animations.


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