All Easter eggs and secrets of God of War (2018)

Description of the most interesting secrets, easter eggs and references

In God of War (2018) there are many interesting, but veiled easter eggs, so it is not surprising if most of them you have missed or not noticed. Which ones? Learn from this material.

Despite the fact that the game has already been passed by many far and wide, we still warn that there will be spoilers further.

Atreus ‘Belt – Kratos’ Old Loincloth

Before visiting Brock’s store and buying new clothes for Atreus, carefully study the set in which he starts the game. Around the thighs are stretched a red and gold belt with a geometric pattern … this is the same loincloth that Kratos wore on his trip to Greece.

The real name of Atreus all this time was hidden in the house of Kratos.

If you were careful, you might have discovered one of the main secrets of God of War at the very beginning of the game. If you explore every corner of Kratos’ house, you will find 4 engraved runes. Connect them together and translate them into English. The result is “Loki” – the real name of Atreus.

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet

The same glove

The authors of God of War decided to pay tribute to the Marvel blockbuster “Avengers: War of Infinity” and added the Thanos gauntlet to the game. Complete the Sindri Family Affair quest in which you must try to retrieve the Shattered Glove of Ages. The description says that “fragments of the old power are scattered throughout the world.” There are six special enchantments that can be attached to the glove, and if all three slots are filled, the glove will shoot a purple beam. Same as with Thanos’ weapons.

Sold masks can be seen in Sindri and Brok’s shop

As you progress through the game, you will find and sell exquisite masks at Sindri and Brok’s shop. They pay an impressive amount of money for them, so it’s no surprise that items won’t just sink into the abyss. When visiting the store again, carefully study it to find all the artifacts in the background.

Treasure map refers to the ship’s captain


The restless soul of the ship’s captain featured in all parts of God of War, and Kratos was and remains her main object of hatred. In the first game of the series, our hero threw the captain from a height, allowing him to crash to death, and in the second, he fought with him. In God of War 3, you could find an angry note from the ship’s captain. Not without the unfortunate and God of War (2018), where one of the treasure maps mentions the destroyed captain’s ship.

What do Atreus tattoos mean?

The inscription on his hand reads hrada hond, which means “quick hand” in Icelandic. This is logical, as it is very important for an archer to have a quick hand. The logr hugr inscription on his neck translates from Icelandic as “calm mind”. Atreus has yet to learn how to control his emotions, as Kratos and Fairy have guessed.

During the fight with the alien, you can see the secret fresco of Jotunheim

When you fight a stranger at the beginning of the game, if you look at the rock, you will find that it is actually part of a secret mural in Jotunheim. How she got here is unknown.

On the fresco of Jotunheim Kratos is called Farbauti

Translation of this fresco will allow you to get the name Farbauti. In Norse mythology, he is the father of Loki. And if you know how this game ended, you will understand that this phrase is not just there. The fresco even explains why Fey called Kratos Farbauti: this translates as “cruel wrecker.” She obviously knew about his fame as the Greek killer of the gods.

The true origin of the name Fairy

Fey is the diminutive name of Lauvey that Kratos gave to his wife. In Scandinavian mythology, this was the name of Loki’s mother.

Is Kratos One?

Take a look at the game start screen. You will see two wooden figures of Kratos and Atreus. At first glance, everything here is mundane, but if you look closely at the figure of Kratos, you will notice something that resembles a patch on the right eye. Did you know that of all the gods, it was Odin who was missing eyes? Later, Kratos will travel the world with the head of Mimir, who gives advice to the Spartan. Odin did the same in Scandinavian mythology.

Frosty and Ash Grendel – a reference to Beowulf

In the temple of Tyr, you have to fight two giant trolls. Both are called Rime Grendel and Ash Grendel. They are named after the one-armed monster that Beowulf fought in the Old English poem of the same name. Come to think of it, there are some similarities between Kratos and Beowulf.


Troll Bridge since E3 2016

At E3 2016, a gameplay video for God of War was shown, in which Kratos and Atreus faced a Troll hiding under a bridge. In the release version of the game, when Kratos and Atreus cross this bridge, the boy says something like: “I expected to see a troll under the bridge.” As it turned out, he is not here, but the meeting with him will take place in a few seconds behind the huge doors of the temple.

Brock and Cindy’s Dwarf Treasure

Starting position

At one of the levels of the game (in Musplheim), you need to wait for the moment when the water in the lake drops below the initial level for the second or third time. Thanks to this, you can get to the dilapidated statue of Thor through the nearby pier. Deal with the enemy and stand in the center so that you look forward slightly to the left of the statue of Thor at the building. You need to turn the camera and look in different directions. First like this: straight, left, straight, right, left and straight. If done correctly, you will hear a gong. Without stopping, look down, right, left, and straight ahead. A portal to another dimension will open. A reward awaits you behind it – a new handle for Kratos’ ax.

Secret ending

After completing the game’s storyline, return to your house and go to bed. You will see a secret cut-scene with Thor’s appearance. Then the action of the game will move to the present, the heroes will wake up, and Atreus will talk about what he dreamed. In response, Kratos will declare that it was just a dream.


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