How to view a closed account on VKontakte 2018?

Today, Internet security is given maximum attention by website and browser developers. However, hackers are also getting smarter and finding security holes by infiltrating users’ systems or stealing their data. Saving information is becoming a key challenge facing sites that contain users’ personal data. It is worth considering, where is the most personal data about the user? In banks, financial systems and social networks. Where is the easiest place to get information about a user? Banks are difficult to hack, and social media has virtually no trouble accessing data.

VKontakte has long thought about a way to protect users, but they were afraid to take drastic measures. Criminal cases prompted the introduction of closed accounts. Probably, everyone has already heard how the police came to repost images and videos with anti-patriotic slogans. In fact, this is a common practice of the special services, they follow people through social networks. Users voluntarily post information about their location, property and worldview.

The essence of closed accounts is to prevent guests from accessing information on the page. You can close photos, posts on the wall, data on the persons who repost the post. With the increase in security, the life of not only the authorities, but also ordinary people has become more complicated. Many would like to view the records of acquaintances, idols, friends, relatives, etc. Is it possible to view information on closed accounts? Of course you can, but it’s not that simple.


  • What is the Private Profile feature?
  • Real Ways to View Private Profile
    • Add to friends
    • How about a mutual friend?
    • View profile with the person who owns it
    • Hacking through a phishing site
    • Hire a hacker

What is the Private Profile feature?

The start of the regime fell on the last summer day. Now any user of the social network can go to the settings and set a restriction on viewing information from the page. Now you can specify in the item “Profile type” the option “Closed”. As soon as the user switches the page to private mode, most of the information is no longer displayed to guests. Friends can still view the page and add posts to the feed. The guest will see in the profile only the name, avatar and buttons for adding to friends, sending messages.

This is not at all a mandatory feature, everyone decides for themselves to include it or not. Many users, however, prefer to protect themselves from being tracked by special services and include a private account.

Real Ways to View Private Profile

The question immediately becomes what to do if you want to view a closed profile? Naturally, not all guests on the VK page are ill-wishers. How do you overcome the barrier and still get access to the data on the page?

Add to friends

The easiest and most effective way to gain access is to simply ask the user as a friend. If there is some kind of relationship between people, most likely the user will approve the request. As soon as it appears in the friends list, content will appear on the page instead of “This is a private profile”. True, you won’t be able to view individual photos and videos that have strict privacy settings.

It is clear that the method does not work in all cases, since sometimes you want to look at the page of a person with whom there is a strained relationship. Firstly, I don’t want to add him as a friend, and secondly, the user is unlikely to confirm the request.

The solution is quite simple – create another page and put a couple of photos from the Internet. Especially quickly they confirm the request when adding nice representatives of the opposite sex as friends. Too beautiful photos should not be taken, a person may suspect something was wrong. Before adding to friends, you need to fill out a form.

How about a mutual friend?

You can access an account closed by settings through a mutual friend’s page. The ideal solution is to ask to view the page through the profile of a friend who is already a friend on the landing page. It is not difficult to ask to see the page and most likely the request will not be denied, but the method has an important drawback. The person will ask why you need it. This is a relatively intimate request that a friend will only accept after knowing the reasons for the person asking. It is not always possible to trust a friend with your motives.

View profile with the person who owns it

For the method to work, you need to have a trusting relationship with the account owner. It remains only to ask for a meeting and accidentally ask for a phone or just take it when the person leaves. The best way to view your account content is to do it in a playful way, as if you were joking. It is important to understand that a person can take it with hostility. Especially effective is the way, if you wish, to see the profile of your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Hacking through a phishing site

Quite a difficult method to implement, but also relatively effective. Its essence is simple:

  1. Make a website that fully corresponds to VK in design. It is advisable to make a similar link.
  2. Lure the user to it. The way how to do this, you need to choose yourself. You can send the link by mail, replace the link on the computer during a visit.
  3. Configure getting a login and password from a user.

Today there are a lot of fraudulent sites that allegedly provide access to closed pages. One of them is They ask to transfer personal data and pay a symbolic amount. In response, the site should provide information from the page. As you might guess, nothing like this happens. All such web resources simply siphon money from naive users and nothing more. After transferring access to his page, a person will not turn around in problems, they can steal data from him or use the page for advertising mailings.

Hire a hacker

Today it is easy to find ads on the Internet in which “hackers” offer various services for hacking social networks. This is not to say that none of them are able to realize this. There are real hackers who can break into pages, but their number is small. At the same time, targeted hacking is quite expensive and the customer needs to know basic information about the page owner. Using such services, with a probability of 95%, the user will simply be deceived. It is unrealistic to check the hacker’s hacking capabilities, reviews can be faked.

There are no more ways to view a private profile, the VKontakte developers took care of this. That is why this security system is made so that it cannot be too easily bypassed. We want to feel protected, including closed mode. The best way to view the content is to just add a friend to the user and not trick it. In extreme cases, you just have to create a fake page.


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