How to add a video on VKontakte

Uploading a video on VKontakte is a simple action, but it has a number of limitations and nuances that you need to know so as not to waste your time and nerves. We will tell you how to step by step download a video from a computer, VKontakte application and mobile version. What parameters should the uploaded video have and what rules should be followed so that the recording is not deleted.

Video format for VKontakte

How to upload a video to VKontakte from a computer

How to upload a video to VKontakte from your phone

How to delete a video on VKontakte

Why isn’t the video uploaded to VKontakte?

Video format for VKontakte

On VKontakte, you can upload a video up to 5 GB (up to 128 GB when adding videos from other sites through a link, for example, from YouTube).

Supported formats: AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, FLV, F4V, WMV, MKV, WEBM, VOB, RM, RMVB, M4V, MPG, OGV, TS, M2TS, MTS. If necessary, you can convert the video to the desired format on the website Сonvertio or Online-convert (free up to 100 MB).

Maximum video resolution – 1080p with frame rate up to 60 fps(the restriction does not apply to videos from other sites, such as YouTube). Please note that when downloading Full HD, the video will be processed for some time: at first it will be of low quality, but after 10-15 minutes of processing (a large file may take longer to process) the quality will become better.

How to upload a video to VKontakte from a computer

The video can be uploaded to your personal page and to the community. You can add your own or someone else’s video from a search on VKontakte or from another resource via a link, for example, from YouTube.

To upload a video to your personal page , open the “Videos” section and click “Add Video” – “Select File”. Select a video file on your computer and download it. Write down the title, description (if necessary) and select the privacy settings – who will have access to the video (only friends, only you, everyone except certain users, etc.). Click Finish Editing. The uploaded video will be displayed on the main page on the left in the “Videos” block. You can also find the recording in the menu, for this click “Videos” – “My videos”.

You can also download the video from another site. To do this, click “Video” – “Add video” – “Add from another site”. Insert a link to a video, for example from YouTube, Rutube or Vimeo. The video will automatically load, and the editing page will open, where you can change the title and description, set privacy settings. Click “Save”, the video will appear in your videos.

Or add any public video from the VKontakte search. To do this, select the desired video from the search (enter a title or a keyword), hover over it with the mouse or open it. On the top right, click on the plus sign and the video will be added to you in the video. You cannot change the title, description, and privacy settings for added videos from search.

If you need to upload a video to a community, first check if the community has a Videos section. If not, then the administrator needs to go to “Management” – “Sections” and opposite to “Video” select: “Open” (all members of the community will be able to add videos) or “Restricted” (only community administrators and moderators can add videos ).

At the bottom right, the “Add Video” item will appear. Now you can select a video from your profile, upload a file from your computer or add from a third-party site in the same way as for uploading to your personal page. Unfortunately, you cannot add videos from the VKontakte search directly to the community. First, you need to add it to the administrator’s personal page and from there to the community.

How to add video from your phone to VKontakte

You can also download a video using the application or in the mobile version. But both options have a number of nuances. For example, there is no way to download videos from third-party sites in the app. And in the mobile version, you cannot download a video from your phone, only add it to yourself from the search.

Open the application – “Services” – “Video” and in the upper right corner click on the video icon. Then click on the button “Download video”: you can select a file from the gallery of your smartphone or shoot a video right now. Write down the title, description and set the privacy settings. If you want to download a video from the VKontakte search – find the desired entry – click on 3 points – “Add to My Videos”.

To upload a video to a community through the app , you also need to first check to see if a Video section has been added to the community. If not, then the administrator needs to click on the gear icon in the upper right corner – “Sections” and opposite “Video” select “Open” or “Limited”.

Click on the section with the video – “Upload video”. Select the desired file from the smartphone gallery or shoot a video.

How to delete a VK video

You can delete videos from your personal page and community from your computer, mobile version and VKontakte application. To delete a video on your computer, hover over the video you want, click on the cross that appears in the upper right corner.

If you accidentally deleted the wrong file or change your mind – click “Recover”. If you have already reloaded the page, it will be more difficult to restore the file – for this you need to write to VKontakte support as soon as possible and specify the following:

  • The type of the deleted file is video.
  • The number of files deleted.
  • Date of deletion and under what circumstances it happened.

Deleted files are only stored on the social network server for a couple of days, so you should hurry up if this video was important.


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