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Adversity Essay is especially written for college students, and majority of people who face great hardships in their life.Adversity is simply stands for when setbacks or problems work against you, you face adversity.

All The Universe Is Surrounded By Adversity.

The trees that come out of a hard rocky soil are tall, tough and straight, but those -rich grow on a soft soil are invariably crooked and stunted; full of luxuriant growth no doubt, but often unable to resist the elemental furies. The Sal, the pine, and the oak are straighter, mere durable and stronger than the mango or the jack-fruit trees. What is true of trees and plants is perhaps also true of man. Those men, who rise from the ranks, pressed by poverty and hampered by untoward circumstances, are invariably better specimens of humanity and more fit to struggle in life than those who are nurtured in the lap of luxury. Of course there are exceptions in both cases, but this is apparently the rule.

The reason for this seems quite obvious. Our faculties, mental and physical, are strengthened by exercise. Kept unused they will either die or become useless. Even a Damascus blade will rust if always kept in a scabbard and the sharpest faculties will be blunted if not properly exercised. As adversity gives more facilities for the exercise of our faculties, it is invariably a better school for men than prosperity. When unfavorable circumstances surround us, when danger is threatening r us at every step and indecision and error will mean disaster and death, we need to be always on our guard.

Adversity Strengthens And Develops Our Life And Abilities

In self-defense we fight and struggle when driven to the wall and this continuous warfare makes us ‘ bolder, stronger and better. If the history of the world is the story of the survival of the fittest, then there is no room for weakness, indolence and helplessness here. Yet these are the defects which prosperity often breeds. In prosperity we look to others for help. But we must prove to the world that we deserve help encouragement and support before the world will care to come to our rescue.

First deserve and then desire, is a golden rule. And the only way of showing it is to practice self-help. The world will never care to help a lazy man. It is because adversity takes us to stand on our legs, because it strengthens and develops the mental faculties of man that we speak of the sweet uses of adversity. No other condition of life will teach us those virtues which are taught in the hard school of adversity.

Adversity Essay Will Reveals The Fact,Why People Face Hardships In Life

If adversity teaches us to stand on our legs, it teaches us many other virtues also. The heavy weight of adversity bends us and makes us humble and considerate in life. The bitter experience of life has taught us the hard ways of the world and we learn to appreciate others difficulties and to be considerate towards them. Bent down -’n we are taught humility which is the mother of all other

Pressed by adversity we also learn to suffer and fight alone k the world in the face. In a world where fickleness is the where fortune flies and friends disappear and where nothing is no virtue is more wanted in the struggle of life than fortitude. .ointment of life will not touch.that man so keenly who has this virtue in him.

The reason why the Stoics of ancient Greece could bear with an unruffled spirit the ups and downs of life, was that they had real fortitude in them. “The virtue of prosperity is temperance, the virtue of adversity is fortitude, which in morals is the more heroic virtue,” says Bacon. It is a great asset. When all other resources have failed, if a man has this only, he can still call himself wealthy and hold his head high. This fortitude, this manliness is acquired through adversity. There is a French proverb, adversity ’ es men, prosperity makes monsters.

Adversity Teaches Us Humility And Gentleness

It is in times of adversity only that we can have a true knowledge of human nature. If adversity discovers virtues in good men, to exposes the inherent vices of bad men. The essential baseness of :human nature cannot be revealed if it is not tried in the fire of Misfortune. Friends flock to us in prosperity only to leave us alone -when evil days come. Those who were our warmest friends become :ur bitterest enemies when fortune forsakes us.

But if adversity reveals in naked hideousness the hardheartedness of man, it also leaches us to feel for and sympathies with others. The rich are often more selfish than the poor who are invariable communistic in their outlook. They feel for others and try to alleviate their distress and makes them happy. This sympathy, or fellow-feeling is a virtue learn in the school of adversity. In their struggle with distress they have taught to appreciate the great value of sympathy and fellow-feeling, they have realized what an oasis it is in the other ’wise sterile and desolate human existence. Therefore they never shirk helping struggles life. The thoughtless rich who have no titter experience, do not realize the value of sympathy. It is no wonder, therefore, that they fail us in times of need.

It Teaches Us Fortitude Which Is So Necessary In Life

But not only does adversity help us in our worldly life by teaching us patience, perseverance, fortitude, self-help and sympathy and enabling us to test men, it also brings us nearer to God. When we have no one to call our own, our Maker alone remains with us. It is pain, suffering and despair in adversity that make us remember God. In days of prosperity the glamour of riches and rank dazzles our eyes and diverts our attention. We are then so absorbed in the enjoyment of the gifts of God that we have no desire to see the given behind these gifts. The reason why sin is more common among men of wealth and rank than among other people is that the rich man do not feel the divine presence in their life so keenly men do. Between them and their Maker there hangs the thick curtain of worldly enjoyment. This fatal forgetfulness is however taken away when adversity comes.

Adversity Essay Will summarize Positive And Negative Effects Of Hardships In Life

It Reveals Human Nature And Fills Our Mind With Sympathy And Fellow Felling

Then man remembers that he may securely sin but never safely, to quote Ben Jonson’s words. To awaken us from our moral torpor, to make us feel the presence of God and of His justice and omniscience, nothing is more potent than adversity. Christ’s denunciation of the rich man and his comfort to the poor have got this significance. When he said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter heaven or when he dwelt on the beatitudes of like and said ‘Blessed are the poor’, he was not deprecating wealth as such, but was condemning the pernicious effect of it.

Behind the insistence on poverty by the monks of the Middle Ages lies the great truth; and that the back of the Oriental abnegation and the extolling of the life of plain living and high thinking, such as marked the Brahmans of old, there is the recognition of the awful fact that we cannot serve God and Mammon at one and the same time. That divine presence which appeared to be far away from us when we were rich, is felt on all sides when we become poor. Therefore has Shakespeare said, “nothing almost sees miracles but misery.”


There are some who say that unmitigated and unrelieved adversity often does more harm than good to man. Extremes are no doubt bad. They arc apt to make a man sour, exacting and selfish, they paralyses his faculties and at times crush him. Some have gone so far as to say that a great deal of the praise of pain is traditional only, having come down from a less happy past or from notions of self-inflicted suffering of monks.

Whatever truth there may be in this assertion, the fact remains that man have gained more than lost by adversity. The really great men of the world are those who have risen from the ranks and the world has been benefited more by these struggling souls than by men nursed in prosperity. It is plain truth that in order to do justice to others you must place yourself in their position. But where is the rich man’s opportunity for doing so? Weighed in an impartial balance adversity will give us more good than evil and will help more than hinder us.

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