Blossoming in adversity means you have the courage to say who you are

There are phrases extrapolated from books, films, sometimes cartoons, which hide a profound wisdom . At first glance their poetry can strike us but when you try to read between the lines, when you decide to dwell a little on the meaning of the images that arouse us, it is in that moment that they reveal their true magic: the power of being both a balm spread on wounds and a small pearl of wisdom capable of bringing us deep reflections.

It is one of these reflections that I would like to offer you today, based on the quote from the 1998 animated film Mulan, produced by Walt Disney Studios and inspired by the ancient Chinese legend of Hua Mulan.


What I would like to share with you is simply a reflection on this quote that struck me a lot at the time and which, I hope, will help you think about your personal flowering and will encourage you to find your truth.

An important aspect of personal flowering is the natural drive

The blossoming of a flower is often used as an allegory and illustrates a philosophical thought discussed by the French philosopher, sociologist and essayist Michel Foucault in his techniques de soi , and which would have its origin in Ancient Greece: personal flowering, self-care.

Personal flowering is an allegorical figure of the individual path that leads a person to follow his own natural drive, to respect his identity and to manifest its uniqueness and beauty in the world: it blossoms, sprouts, grows and bears fruit according to one’s own times, according to one’s own feelings, without forcing.

Personal flowering therefore corresponds to a way of life aimed at the Being that naturally manifests itself in an action in line with what it is , and not an action that tries to force the Being to correspond to what the thought would like to achieve in order to adapt to a standard.

Thus, in the concept of personal flowering, the blossoming of the person is respected, recognizing the uniqueness of times and methods in line with his authentic identity. To blossom means to follow and support the natural drive of the person that leads them to act in the world, following their vocation , the dream of the acorn that James Hillman illustrated in his book The code of the Soul .

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To flourish is therefore to welcome one’s uniqueness without attempting to hide it out of shame or renunciation , but rather to recognize and respect the fragment of Truth that one is the guardian of.

Blossoming in adversity: a lesson in courage to affirm yourself

Blossoming does not mean fighting against obstacles to achieve what does not belong to us or a hypothetical happiness calculated on the basis of actions and results, but it means relying on one’s abilities and following one’s own flow, the naturalness of one’s being , refusing that the obstacles encountered block its own vital force that tries in every way to stay in motion to lead us to carry out our action in the world in line with what we really are in our depths.

To reach this profound realization , however, it is necessary to welcome, to support this natural urge, this vital force, even in adversity, which requires recognizing one’s own value and having the courage to prefer one’s own truth even if different, marginal, unique, to a scheme that would like people all cast in the same mold.

It is therefore a matter of courage, of supporting one’s will that wants to act in line with one’s identity , going beyond the fear of judgment, rejection, abandonment, diversity.

But beyond this, blossoming in adversity could mean being able to build a healthy, strong and stable ego that allows the individual to express himself without diluting himself in the world and that acts as a means of expression useful and functional to one’s vocation, without taking anything away from others. Because there is room for everyone.

Is developing a useful ego a utopia?

Developing a functional and useful ego that does not project its wounds on the world around it is in fact a rare thing , not because it is precluded to some “elite” holding arcane secrets, but simply because it affirms oneself without violence or projecting one’s own neurosis about others , avoiding the temptation to compare oneself to others and accepting that every inner process requires time, listening and understanding , requires centering, awareness and above all to respond to the most important rule of the human being of Socratic memory: gnothi seautòn , “know yourself “ .

The good and useful ego is based on self-knowledge and serves the Being to move in the world.

The courage to be yourself, beyond adversity

Ultimately, this simple quote from Mulan could open up a wide-ranging debate involving our authentic Being and asking us if we are brave enough to follow the life that pulsates within us by going beyond the thousand fears that could hinder us.

We are in enough contact with our essence not to be afraid to affirm our diversity, the wonderful gift that makes us unique, “our” truth, the one that will add value to the world and that can shine with all the others, without fear. to cast a shadow or to be obscured?

I think it may be useful to pause for a moment on this question and listen to our feelings because each of us deserves to shine.


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