10 Characteristics of Education In Our Life

Characteristics of Education, is very important  topic for every country.The aim of education is the development of the mental faculties. As these faculties are developed, new aims, new ideals and aspirations are revealed to us. We at once find out the great difference these ideals and the facts surrounding us: we find also the difficulty of realizing our aspirations. The failure to conform facts to : art’s desire and the discrepancy between the ideal and the real fill discontent. Our mind refuses to be confined within our former – circle, but at the same time it realizes the difficulties of reaching our ideal. The   result is that a sort of dissatisfaction comes to our soul. Surely education is responsible for this discontent. A who  has not got the light of education can never feel this. He always say “it is folly to be wise”, because to him “ignorance is bliss”.

The Characteristics of Education Is To Broaden The Mind And Set Before It Ideas.

The wonderful progress made by science and art are all divine discontent. If man had remained satisfied with his original position, if an intense craving to know more and more and to realize the aim and end of his life had not possessed his soul, he would have remained where his primitive ancestors had lived—in the caves and grottoes,—living among wild beasts, only another type of beast. But because this insatiable thirst, this great hunger possessed him, he got no peace, no rest, till he quenched his thirst and satisfied his hunger. Socially, a politically, intellectually and morally man is so great to-day because of this heavenly discontent. That education is the cause of this sort of discontent no one should be ashamed to acknowledge. Our knowledge is growing from more to more because the flame of this discontent is burning brighter and brighter in our mind.

Characteristics OF Education And Spread Of Discontent

This is constructive discontent. But there is another kind of discontent which is barren or destructive. It achieves nothing, but only fills the mind with a distaste for everything. We do not like our food,our drink, our position, our occupation, our environment. But we have not the intensity of feeling to turn this discontent into use. But it is only when education is perverted and its true aim is missed that this sort of destructive discontent fills our mind. The modern world is full of it.

Food has increased, comforts have been multiplied we live in better houses and under more equitable laws, there are more wealth and peace in the word and yet the heart of the present-day man knows no peace. In the midst of plethora plenty people are starving, with stone-walls and iron gates no man feels himself secure. “We have sumptuous garnishes for our life, but have forgotten to live in the middle of them. It is enchanted wealth, no man of us can yet touch it.” Therefore there is an endless note of discontent all over the world. The capitalists want more wealth, the laborers more power, women want more freedom and nations more territories. Everywhere there is the shrill cry of discontent. And education is held responsible for these also.

The True Outcome of Education

Education no doubt fills us with a noble discontent, but this sort of barren discontent is not the effect of true education. It is only when we are educated merely to earn our bread and not to improve our mind that we get this result. Then we hanker for rich food, better clothing, palatial residences and every item of luxury.

Then we apply the great truths of science to ponder to our growing want and justify our wrong deeds in the name of political economy. The value of things  round about us are then judged by the standard of immediate usefulness. What is useful becomes beautiful. Truth, joy and beauty are banished for utility. We rush headlong to satisfy our eve increasing iced and our life becomes a continual and feverish pursuit after material comforts. We become rebels to society, to government and to ‘ourselves. Lab our, pain and hurry and consequent melancholy become i lie heritage of life.

But true education should have no such untoward result. It is the misdirection given to education which is responsible for all these, if we educate people only to earn their bread, if we teach them only with the purpose of turning out clerks to carry on the administrative machinery, if education be godless, it must end in barren discontent and futility.

Conclusion About Characteristics of Education

From what has been said it will be clear that with the spread of education there comes a divine discontent which lies at the foundation of all progress and development. It is the presence of this noble craving that raises man on high. True education will teach us to live e an ideal life. Far from multiplying our wants, it will teach moral and spiritual economy, will reduce our wants and set before us the ideal of plain living and high thinking. With the wants of life thus reduced, with energy thus saved, the truly educated man applies himself to satisfy the divine discontent and extend the bounds of human knowledge and human happiness. Behind the self-abnegation of the Brahmans of ancient India and the Stoics of ancient Greece I here was this philosophy of life. But when education is given a wrong direction then it fills the heart with all sorts of mean and barren discontent, making life a hell. But it is not education, but the travesty of education which is responsible for these.

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