Achievement guide

Missing Achievements: 6 ( “ TP Industries Arms Race ”, “Red Mist / Blood Veil”, “Kifflom! / Kifflom!”, “ Three Man Army / Three Heroes”, “Altruist Acolyte / Altruist Servant “and” Wanted: Alive or Alive / Wanted Alive or Alive ” )

– Achievements that can be obtained by using glitches: No

– Do cheat codes affect achievements: Yes, if you have activated the cheat, you will not be able to receive achievements during this game session.


Ladies and gentlemen, Grand Theft Auto V is here – the most phenomenal game of the year, finally out and has something to offer the general public. The GTAV setting shows us the state of San Andreas, and we watch the story of three separate protagonists as they try to fulfill the 21st century human’s most burning passion: making a lot of money. Unlike previous installments in the series, the entire state of San Andreas is open to exploration from the outset. In the process of knocking out achievements, you will roughly divide the time between the single player campaign and the multiplayer game. In order to knock out all the achievements, you will need about 150+ hours. A figure like this will probably scare someone, but I tell you, every hour spent playing this game is worth it. Get ready to witness one of the most memorable and addicting games in human history.


As with most single player open world games, it will be difficult for us to advise you anything specific regarding the passage of the storyline. We can only advise you to pay attention to the gold medals, which you will need to get in the amount of 70 pieces – they are distributed between story missions and all sorts of side missions. If you die five times in a row while completing a story mission, the game prompts you to skip the mission. DO NOT skip missions, otherwise you will not receive achievements for individual story missions.

GTA Online:

In the GTA Online section, players are encouraged to play together with other users. Numerous elements in this section are gleaned straight from the single player campaign – on the map you will see numerous leisure facilities, sports grounds, and so on, and, moreover, a special matchmaking mode will allow you not to be distracted by the matchmaking process. To go online immediately after starting the game, press while loading . If you want to create your own lobby, then first you will need to wait for the single player game to load, then press pause, click to the network game section, and select the option you are looking for.

To level up to rank 100 and earn 30 platinum medals, make sure to rob all 20 shops scattered across San Andreas, take part in all ten activities and take first place in all fifteen competitive modes. All of these tasks will also be associated with individual achievements, such as those where you need to go through all the waves of the Survival mode without dying. There are others – survive by running all day with a reward assigned for you, buy a mansion, call gang members to help and kill the thief who robbed you. There are no achievements online that you can somehow miss, so just play and enjoy – in time you will knock everything out.


There are quite a few achievements in the game that do not directly relate to the storyline. For example, you need to get away from a three-star chase within three minutes, fully upgrade your weapon or vehicle, or get hold of it by playing on the stock exchange. Four achievements can be unlocked by playing ONLY as Trevor and one as Michael. Try to knock them out as early as possible. Get ready to collect a huge number of collectibles – there are 245 of them in total: 50 alien ship wrecks, 50 letter scraps, 30 toxic waste, 50 stunt jumps and 65 air tests.

ATTENTION! MAIN SPOILER : Before the end of the game, Devin will come to Franklin’s house and offer one more case. Choose option C, otherwise you will not be able to get achievements that you did not have time to knock out. These include: “ TP Industries Arms Race ”, “Red Mist / Blood Veil”, “Kifflom! / Kifflom! ”,“ Three Man Army / Three Heroes ”,“ Altruist Acolyte ”and“ Wanted: Alive or Alive / Wanted: Alive or Alive ” .


This game was created with the intention to please any player. From the moment you turn on the game, almost every element, as you will see, will literally be executed to the highest level. Before us is the most elaborate, large-scale open-world game in which everything is great, from the characters to individual missions. Of course, to get 1000 , you will have to spend a lot of time, but here the process of knocking out achievements cannot be called difficult, rather long, based on grinding.

Solid Gold, Baby! / Pure gold, baby! fifty 
Earn 70 gold medals by completing Story Missions, Stranger and Weird Missions.  
Each single player mission has a certain set of conditions that you need to fulfill in order to complete the mission one hundred percent and get gold. These conditions may include the set time allotted for the mission, the number of headshots, and other targets.

Do not be afraid that you will have to suffer absolutely with every mission – there are 117 of them in the game. After completing the task, you can restart it by pressing pause and selecting the appropriate section in the main menu. To learn more about individual tasks, read the section on gold medals .


Career Criminal 100   
Complete the game 100%.    
To get the cherished 100% in statistics, you will need to complete the following list:

– Story Missions – Complete all 69 Story Missions.

– Strangers and weirdos – 20:

  • Favor
  • Another favor
  • And again a favor
  • Another favor
  • One last favor
  • Shift work
  • Paparazzi
  • Paparazzi Sex Tape
  • Paparazzi – partner
  • Paparazzi – denouement
  • Starlet at Vinewood
  • Agitator – Franklin
  • Agitator – Strike
  • Running From Myself – Franklin
  • Fallout
  • The Last Frontier
  • Risk assessment
  • Liquidity risk
  • Target risk
  • Unreasonable risk

– Accidentally Stumble upon Random Events – Stumble upon at least 14 out of all 57 random events available.

– Hobbies and entertainment – 42 in total:

  • Shooting Range – Pistols (Earn 3 Medals)
  • Shooting Range – Submachine Guns (Earn 3 medals)
  • Shooting Range – Assault Rifles (Earn 3 Medals)
  • Shooting Range – Shotguns (Earn 3 medals)
  • Shooting Range – Machine Guns (Earn 3 Medals)
  • Shooting Range – Heavy Weapons (Earn 3 medals)
  • Street Racing – South Los Santos (Win a Medal)
  • Street Racing – City Circle (Win a Medal)
  • Street Racing – Airport (Win a Medal)
  • Street Racing – Highway (Win a Medal)
  • Street Racing – Vespucci Canals (Win a Medal)
  • Win a game of tennis
  • Win 9 holes in golf
  • Win a game of darts
  • Call a stripper for a lap dance
  • Triathlon – Vespucci Canals (win a medal)
  • Triathlon – Alamo-Sea (win a medal)
  • Triathlon – Cross Country “Steppenwolf” (win a medal)
  • Offroad Racing – Canyon Cliffs (Win a Medal)
  • Off Road Racing – Ridge (Win a Medal)
  • Offroad Racing – Underground Spiral (Win a Medal)
  • Offroad Racing – Valley Trail (Win a Medal)
  • Off Road Racing – Lakeside (Win a Medal)
  • Offroad Racing – Friends of Nature (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Runway Practice Takeoff (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Runway Landing (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Inverted Flight (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Knife Flight (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Air Foolishness (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Landing (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Loop (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Helicopter Piloting Course (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – High Speed ​​Helicopter Flight (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Skydiving (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Drop Zone (Win a Medal)
  • Flight School – Spread Your Wings (Win a Medal)
  • Sea Race – East Coast (Win a Medal)
  • Sea Race – North East Coast (Win a Medal)
  • Sea Race – Raton Canyon (Win a Medal)
  • Sea Race – Los Santos (Win a Medal)
  • Parachuting – Complete all base jumps
  • Parachuting – Complete all helicopter jumps

– Other – Complete all of the following quests:

  • Buy 5 properties
  • Buy a car through the website
  • Collect 50 Spaceship Parts
  • Collect 50 Letter Scraps
  • Walk and play with Chop
  • Use the call boy service
  • Use the service of a prostitute
  • Open shop
  • Complete 25 Flying Challenges under the Bridge
  • Complete 8 Knife Flying Challenges
  • Complete 25 Stunt Jumps.
  • Go to the cinema
  • Hanging out with a friend – go to a bar
  • Hanging out with a friend – go to the movies
  • Hanging out with a friend – go to a strip bar
  • Hanging out with a friend – play darts

To track your progress on all of the above hobbies, link your account to the Rockstar Social Club network.


San Andreas Sightseer / Tourist in San Andreas thirty   
Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County.    
From the very beginning of the game, you can go anywhere on the island, however, on the map, almost the entire island will be closed until you explore everything on your own. Even when almost the entire map is open, we advise you to use an airplane or helicopter to quickly fly over the remaining white spots on the map. Once you have flown approximately 98 percent of the map of the island and its surrounding waters, the achievement will unlock.


  All’s Fare in Love and War / Taxi all ages obedient 10   
Buy Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private carriage.    
As you play through the story, you will get to the point where they explain to you how to buy property. When you buy a property, it allows you not only to use the services of the acquired company for free, but also to receive income from the business.

To achieve this achievement, you will need to acquire the Downtown Cab Company, located on Tangerie Street in East Vinewood. The company costs $ 200,000, and only Franklin can buy it. Now you just have to wait for the manager Raul to call you. When he calls, you will receive a private errand – accept the task and the letter “P” will appear on the map. Pick up the passenger at the designated place and take him wherever he asks. When you bring him, he will either ask you to help him with some business, or he will get out of the car and pay. When he pays, the achievement will unlock.

You can watch the video guide here .


TP Industries Arms Race 10   
Buy Mackenzie Airfield and win the arms race.    
Playing as Trevor, you will complete the story missions “Mr. Flips” and “Nervous Ron” before you can buy real estate with him. Upon completion of these tasks, you will be notified of the opportunity that has arisen.

Hangar McKenzie Field Hangar will cost you $ 150,000, which will certainly be at your disposal if you did not have time to spend money, especially since the previous mission will end right next to this hangar.

After purchasing the airfield, start completing missions for Oscar. Next, you will need to get into either a buggy or an airplane, after which the weapons delivery mission will begin. For each of these two options, five missions will be available, upon completion of which the achievement will unlock.


Multi-Disciplined thirty   
Earn a gold medal in all types of hobbies and entertainment.    
In GTAV, the player is offered 60 different pastime options scattered around San Andreas. These include various races, taxi driver assignments, triathlon competitions, parachuting, sports games, and so on.

To achieve, you will only need to earn one gold medal for the following activities:

  • summer school
  • off-road racing
  • sea ​​racing
  • Street racing
  • shooting range
  • triathlon

Franklin’s completion of the random “Shift Work” quest will count as a Street Race, even if you don’t earn gold. For triathlons, off-road racing and offshore racing, you’ll need to win by getting to the finish line first. At the shooting range and flight school, the main thing will be to get only one gold medal.


From Beyond the Stars fifteen   
Find and return all the wreckage of the spaceship.    
Playing as Franklin, you will come across a stranger giving out the “Fallout” mission. After talking with an eccentric named Omega, who will stand in the middle of the desert in the eastern part of Sandy Shore, you will be given the task of collecting parts of the crashed alien ship.

Despite the fact that the task can be taken by playing only as Franklin, you can even find parts by playing as Trevor and Michael. Each collectible makes a distinctive sound and is illuminated with a golden hue when you get close to it. Some parts can only be collected by flying up by helicopter (you can find it at the takeoff site of Los Santos Hospital – watch the moment at 10:39 in the video guide below to find it). When you have collected all 50 parts, return to Omega to return the parts. You will not only receive an achievement, but also a very rare vehicle.

You can watch the video guide here . We also recommend using the interactive map .


A Mystery, Solved fifteen   
Find out what happened to Leonora Johnson.    
There are 50 scraps of letter scattered around San Andreas, any character can collect them. The scraps are tiny scraps of paper that glow with a golden halo – they are parts of a letter composed by the serial killer of San Andreas. Some scraps can only be reached by helicopter.

After finding all 50 scraps, go to the green question mark that appears, which will appear in the Rockford Hills location, playing as Franklin. There you will meet Leonora Johnson’s killer, Peter Dreyfus. After a short cut-scene, you have to decide the fate of this person. After making a decision, an achievement will unlock.

We advise you to collect both types of collectibles after you acquire the Downtown Cab Company by Franklin. After that, using the taxi will become free for you. Just watch the video and take a taxi to the next point. After you get out of the taxi, do not forget to whistle – then the taxi driver will be waiting for you, and the process will be greatly accelerated.

You can watch the video guide here . We also recommend using the interactive map .


Waste Management / Waste treatment fifteen   
Buy the old pier and collect all the nuclear waste.    
Before you can collect waste, you have to acquire the Submarine Wharf, located in Blaine County, at $ 250,000. This property will become available for purchase after completing the story mission “The Robbery of Merryweather”.

To collect waste from the ocean floor, you need to use the yellow submarine located at the docks. After purchasing the docks, a new app called Trackify will appear on your phone, which activates sonar to indicate the nearest collectible. Watch the video for the location of all waste bins.

Collecting waste will, among other things, make it easier for you to discover white spots on the map in the area of ​​sea areas. In addition, if you collect waste by the character who bought the docks, for each container found you will be given $ 23,000, and another $ 250,000 will be thrown on top after you collect the last compartment.

You can watch the video guide here . We also recommend using the interactive map .


Red Mist / Blood Shroud twenty   
Complete all slaughterhouses.    
Carnage are side missions that are only available when playing as Trevor. The first massacre will become available only after the completion of the story mission “Reunion of Friends”, and is indicated on the map with an orange question mark, but as soon as you pass it, the rest of the massacres will be marked with a special symbol in the shape of a skull. The essence of the massacre is as simple as possible – to kill a designated number of opponents in a certain time, who are trying to kill you by attacking in huge crowds. Please note that activating the carnage disables the police vigilance, that is, after it ends, you will not have to hide from the chase.

There are five separate slaughterhouses on the map:

  • Slaughterhouse 1 – Sandy Shores, Marina Dive
  • Slaughterhouse 2 – the angle of intersection of the streets Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street in the neighborhood Rancho, Los Santos
  • Slaughterhouse 3 – in the park at the Forum Drive, in the area of Chamberlin Hills, Los Santos
  • Slaughterhouse 4 – Fort Zancudo Approach in the area of Great Chaperral
  • Slaughterhouse 5 – Mirror Park , Los Santos

Complete all the massacres and the achievement will unlock.


Show Off thirty   
Complete all Stunt Jumps.    
In the San Andreas area, you will find 50 stunt jumping spots. For different jumps, you will need different vehicles – in some cases it will be better to use sports cars and motorcycles to gain sufficient speed, in others, on the contrary, it will be better to jump in cars at a slower pace, since the landing zone will be closer to the springboard.

Please note that it will be more convenient to jump while playing as Franklin, given his special ability, which can be used even in flight.

Before each jump, we advise you to save via your phone. This way, you don’t have to go around half the city to return to your starting position in the event of a failure.

You can watch the video guide here . We also recommend using the interactive map .


Kifflom! / Kifflom! thirty   
To gain insight … or not.    
This achievement can be unlocked by playing as Michael, however, to obtain it you will need to overcome a whole series of various missions and tasks. To start a mission, take your phone and open the Internet browser tab there. Enter the word “Epsilon” in the search box, open the first website that appears and complete the survey by following the link Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation. After some time after filling out the questionnaire, an icon of a new stranger mission (in the Raton Canyon area) will appear on the map. Walk up to the red car parked there and watch a cutscene in which Michael is asked to donate $ 500 to the Epsilon program via the website.

After making a donation, wait a few days – the mission icon will appear at the intersection of Clinton Avenue and Alta Street in the Downtown Vinewood area. Complete another mission and donate money again – $ 5,000. In the next mission you will be asked to deliver five cars to the garage of the Epsilon organizers. A photo of each model will be sent to your phone as a message. If you don’t feel like looking for the cars you need, go to the Travel and Transport section of the Internet, open the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website and buy the following cars in turn:

  • Enus Super Diamond – $ 250,000
  • Pegassi Vacca – $ 240,000
  • Benefactor Surano – $ 99,000

These cars will be delivered to Michael’s garage. If you don’t have that kind of money, try looking for it in the city (watch the video, starting from the moment at 2:31 it shows where you can find the cars you need):

  • Pegassi Vacca will be parked in front of the house on Wild Oats Drive in Vinewood Hills
  • Benefactor Surano will park in front of mansions in Lake Vinewood Estates
  • Declasse Tornado will be parked in the “Domestic – Japanese – European” garage in the Hawick area
  • Enus Super Diamond is parked outside Leopold’s on Dorser Drive in Rockford Hills
  • Double-T Motorcycle is parked outside the Lifeinvader headquarters on Boulevard Del Perro.

After you deliver all five cars to the garage of the Epsilon sect, you will need to complete another small mission, and then make two more donations of $ 5,000 each. You will then be offered to buy a special outfit on the Epsilon website for $ 25,000. You need to be in uniform for exactly ten days – in order to pass the time and make sure that Michael does not change clothes while you play as another hero, it is better to just go home and sleep ten days in a row. You will be sent a message where Jimmy Boston will invite you to visit Fort Zancudo. Complete one more task there, then go to the Epsilon icon that appears on the map (without taking off your robe). Talk to the members of the sect there, they will say that you need to walk 5 miles in the desert. The distance you have covered will be displayed above your radar (mini-map).

Tip: Stick the stick on something, or wrap a rubber band around it so Michael can walk in circles so you don’t have to waste your own time walking in the desert.

Donate another $ 50,000 after that and go to the Epsilon Program Center, which will be located in West Vinewood. Complete the last mission as you please (to get the gold medal for this mission, drive to the starting point, kill the helicopter crew, guards and reinforcements, and then leave with the money). The achievement will unlock.

You can watch the video guide here .


Three Man Army twenty   
Hold out 3 minutes at a 3-star (or more) wanted level outside of missions with 3 characters at once.    
The earliest you can do this is after completing the story mission “Friends Reunion”. It is then that all three characters will become available to the player. Open your phone, select the contact section and call the other two characters, inviting them to hang out. Sometimes they will not be available. Just keep calling, wait a bit and dial again.

After the interlocutor agrees, an icon will appear on the map, indicating the place where you can pick him up. Take a four-door car and follow him. Having picked up one, call the other.

Now, to get a three-star wanted rating, you need to either drive through the security zone at the airport or kill a police officer. The airport, by the way, will also allow you to wind circles around its territory, thanks to which you can keep the three-star rating and not hide from the cops. We also recommend using a car with bulletproof tires. After three minutes, walk away from the chase and the achievement will unlock.


Out of Your Depth five   
You need a bigger boat …    
At any stage of the campaign, head to the beach in Western Los Santos and board the jet ski at the pier. Swim towards the ocean until the water turns dark blue. There you can find sharks after waiting for a while (you will learn about their appearance by looking at the radar – they are marked with a red dot). After the shark appears, jump off the jet ski and dive under the water. First, the shark will swim by, but then it will come back and eat you, and you will receive the achievement.

You can watch the video guide here .


Altruist Acolyte five   
Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.    
While you are playing, you will periodically stumble upon random incidents – when someone is nearby in need of help, the radar will flash a flash, and a small blue dot will appear on the map. Often, among such random events, you will come across hitchhikers and various drunks who will ask you to give them a lift home.

After the story mission, when you play as Trevor, a couple of blocks from Floyd’s house, you will find a drunken couple who will ask you to take them to the hotel.

Playing as Trevor, you can deliver such fellow travelers not to where they ask, but also to the sect, the location of which is indicated on the map with a special icon in the form of the letter A. Take your fellow travelers there and you will receive an achievement.



A Lot of Cheddar / Tons of dough twenty   
Spend $ 200 million with three characters.    
The description of the achievement clearly explains the conditions for obtaining it. Buy weapons, upgrade them, buy property and shops. By purchasing different property, by the way, you will increase your income, and it is quite expensive, so this will significantly reduce your torment.

The fastest way to knock out the achievement: after you complete the mission “Huge Jackpot”, each of the heroes will receive $ 20 million. Choose any hero and invest all your money in some company that has a weight on the stock exchange. IMMEDIATELY after that, sell all the shares to get your money back with minimal losses. Do this ten times in a row, and you will unlock an achievement – investing in investments is also considered a waste.

You can watch the video guide here .


Trading Pure Alpha 10   
Get profit in excess of your own investments by trading on the stock exchange.    
Open the Internet at any time via your phone. Select the Money & Services tab, then, by going to any of the sites, select the Markets section and buy shares of the company whose index is growing at the moment (green up arrow opposite the company name). You can buy as many shares as you want, but even one will be enough to achieve.

Wait about 12 in-game hours and visit the exchange page again. Click the My portfolio section and sell the purchased shares.


Pimp My Sidearm / Pistol for pumping 10   
Fully modify weapons.    
At the end of the fourth mission of the story campaign, when Michael is handed over to you, you will have about $ 7,500. Go to the nearest gun store and choose a regular pistol on the counter. Buy all seven upgrades for him and the achievement will unlock.

  • extended store – $ 387
  • flashlight – $ 472
  • muffler – $ 1,822
  • army camouflage – $ 100
  • police camouflage – $ 600

If you link your Rockstar Social Club account, you will be given a free weapon (submachine gun). All upgrades for this weapon will be free for you, so you won’t even spend money pumping it in one of the stores.


Wanted: Alive or Alive 10   
Deliver the bailout criminal alive.    
Missions in which you need to look for criminals are available when playing as Trevor. After his first mission “Mr. Phillips”, go to the orange question mark in the Grapeseed area. There you will meet Maud, a fat woman who will send you tasks by mail.

The target of the first mission, Ralph Ostrowski, can be found in the middle of the Davis Quartz Quarry – southeast of Trevor’s house. As you arrive at the quarry, go to its very center, go down to the big quarry – there Ralph will get scared of you and start to run away by car. Catch him, get him out of the car and deliver to Mod.

You can watch the video guide here .


Los Santos Customs / Los Santos Customs 10   
Completely modify the vehicle.    
After the Father and Son story mission, you can upgrade your own car in one of the Los Santos Customs garages, indicated by the spray paint can icon. Make sure to buy every part. You will need at least $ 40,000.

The achievement unlocks after you leave the garage. In addition, you will need to buy all the parts from the Wheel Modifications section: bulletproof tires, custom tires and tire smoke, as well as paint the car with chrome paint.


Close Shave / On the verge of death twenty   
Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flying Challenges.    
There are two types of competition for pilots in GTAV – flying under bridges and flying on a knife. The former will make you, as the name suggests, fly under each of the 50 bridges scattered across the map, while the latter offer you to fly sideways between densely standing buildings – there are only 15 of them in the game.

If by that time you have time to visit the flight school, then you will know what a “knife flight” is – this is a flight when your plane is flying in a banked state (the wingspan will be perpendicular to the ground). Use the tail adjusters (buttons and ) to keep the height in this state . Knife flights should be performed while seated in propeller driven aircraft (maize or sports aircraft).

Flights under bridges can be performed not only by airplanes, but also by helicopters. It is especially convenient to pass these tests on a Buzzard Helicopter, moreover, it will be easier to play for Trevor, because his piloting skill will be the highest from the very beginning.

You can find a helicopter in the Vespucci area, the plane is easier to find at Trevor’s McKenzie Field airfield. Save yourself before attempting difficult flights – in case of an error, it will be easier to reboot than to start all over again, losing money on treatment. If your vehicle gets damaged, do a quick save and load – the vehicle will be repaired.

You can watch the video guide to the “Under the Bridge” challenge here .

You can watch the video guide to the Knife Flying tests here .

We also recommend using the interactive map .


Off the Plane / And Another Newcomer five   
GTA Online: Complete the tutorial.    
The first time you launch GTA Online, you will be asked to create a character and go through a short intro consisting of several cutscenes and a practice race.


Three-Bit Gangster / Almost a gangster 10   
GTA Online: Achieve 25 th level .    
Cm . “ Above the Law ”.


Making Moves thirty   
GTA Online: Reach Level 50.    
Cm . “ Above the Law ”.


Above the Law 80   
GTA Online : Reach Level 100.    
For completing each task and mission in GTA Online, you will be awarded reputation points, which will affect the pumping. To reach rank 100, you will need to accumulate 1,584,350 Reputation Points (RP).

The best method for leveling up: it is very convenient to fill levels in races, regardless of whether you are participating in them alone or with other players. To quickly start a race, follow this chain of tabs: Pause> Network> Jobs> Host Job> Races> Criminal Records> Downtown Underground. Now select the Super car type and place two circles. On average, each lap will take you about 30 seconds, and you will receive 500-2000 RP, depending on the position from which you finish. If you complete the first lap as the leader of the race, you can receive a bonus of 1000-4000 + RP.


Numero Uno / Number one twenty   
GTA Online: Finish first in all competitions.    
There are several modes in GTA Online in which you need to compete with other players – some are open from the very beginning, others only open after you reach a certain level. You don’t have to take first place in matches with unfamiliar players, you just need to create a private session and invite your friends. Some modes will require just two players to start a match, while others require four players. Below you can see the list of modes in which you will need to win.

  • Land Race
  • Air Race
  • Sea Race (Marine race)
  • GTA Race (Race GTA )
  • Rally Race (Requires four players)
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Complete all 10 Survival waves (best played with 4 players)
  • Gang Attack (can be done alone)
  • Golf (only one hole can be set)
  • Tennis (you can put one set)
  • Darts
  • Armwrestling
  • Parachuting
  • Any of the tests in the shooting range

To track the progress of this achievement, go to: Pause> Statistics> Rewards> Victories.


The Midnight Club / Midnight Club twenty   
GTA Online: Win 5 races in a modified vehicle.    
After completing the first few tasks in the online section, Simeon will call you and ask you to bring your car to the Los Santos Customs garage to insure it. Sit in whichever one you like and go to him. You can also buy some parts for the car there.

After leaving the garage, races and other tasks will open for you. Open the map, select a ground race, and then drive to its starting point. Get out of the car and go to the quest start marker. Adjust the parameters: one lap, any type of car and activate the “Modified Cars”. Invite a friend to the race, choose your car, which you upgraded in the garage before, and win the race. After the end of the race, select the track repeat option. Win four more times and the achievement is yours.


Unnatural Selection twenty   
GTA Online: Defeat all 10 waves of attackers in Survival.    
To open missions like “Survival” , you need to pump up to rank 15. As the name implies, the “Survival” mode is a kind of analogue of the “horde”, where players will have to confront waves of enemies. At the end of each wave, users can buy ammo, restore health and find body armor. With each wave, of course, it becomes more difficult to fight – the enemies have more powerful weapons, they attack in large numbers, and over time they begin to use equipment and helicopters.

When you level up to level 15, Ron calls you and offers one of these missions. After the call, open the map and look for an icon in the form of a shield with a cross. At first, only three maps for this mode will open – Boneyard, Sandy Shores and Industrial Plant. The Railroad Survival map will unlock when you reach Rank 20 and Processed at Rank 25.

From the set of the first three maps, Boneyard will be the easiest to pass – in the middle of the map there are two large hangars, and between them there is a small fenced area. The whole point is that enemies cannot shoot at you through the fence. Try to invite two players – let one of them cover the entrance to the fenced area, and the other shoots through the bars at the enemies.

Follow these four tips and 10 waves won’t be a big problem for you:

  • try to get a full lobby of 4 players
  • always use cover!
  • replenish ammo, health and armor between waves
  • talk to your partners constantly

The achievement will unlock as soon as you complete the tenth wave on any of the cards. Please note that completing the ten waves will also count towards your “ Numero Uno / Number One ” achievement statistics , and unlock the platinum award.


Backseat Driver 10   
GTA Online: Finish first place in a rally as a co-driver.    
Rally races can be started through the regular land race icons located around Los Santos. As soon as you enter the blue circle, a menu with race settings appears on the screen. Change the race type to Rally, then call other players. A rally race can only be started with an even number of players.

On the Race Settings tab, make your team mate a member of your team, then select your preferred driver or co-driver role. The driver will be able to drive the car, but at the same time he will not see the control points – they are visible only to the navigator, who should guide the pilot.

In other words, an achievement can only be obtained by interacting with each other. As soon as the pilot crosses the finish line, his co-driver will receive the award.


Run Like The Wind twenty   
GTA Online: Survive the Day with a Bounty on Your Head.    
Before trying to get this achievement, you need to level up to rank 10. Lester will call you, after which you can visit him. After a short cutscene where he talks about the rewards for capturing, create a private lobby and call a friend (he must also be level 10 or higher). Assign a minimum reward of $ 2000 for each other and wait until 24 in-game hours (45 minutes of real time) have elapsed.

Don’t kill each other – this will nullify your attempt to knock out the achievement. If you are killed by an NPC, it will not hurt the achievement. If you decide to take part in any activity or activity, the timer will pause, so it’s better to just drive around the area.

Please note that if you stay in one place for a long time, the game will kick you off the server. Try to either wind circles around the city, or sit at home (if you managed to buy a property).

There is only one way to get the achievement – if you steal enough cars, in the end, you will be sent an SMS with death threats. Soon Lester will call you and inform you that someone from the NPC has appointed a bounty for your head. After that, you will have 45 minutes to ride.


Clean Sweep 10   
GTA Online: Survive a gang showdown and kill at least 10 enemies.    
The Bandit Showdown mode opens after you reach rank 18. Martin will call you and tell you about the Los Santos gangs. You will need to clear the hideouts of these gangs.

Gang locations will be indicated by large translucent red circles on the minimap. Note that these circles will not appear on the world map, so you should keep your eyes on the radar. When you enter the area of ​​the circle, the gang members attack you and you will need to clear the entire designated area, killing every member of the gang located on it. On average, their number varies from 15 to 30 enemies.

Of course, it will be possible to cope with the task alone, but it will be much easier to do all this with one of the other players. After you commit ten kills, your partner will take the whole blow and finish off the rest of the gang members.


Decorated / Honors fifty   
GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards.    
There are 85 awards in total in GTA Online. Rewards are small challenges ranging from single-weapon kills to a certain number of victories in a sporting event.

Most of the platinum awards will be earned by first acquiring the lower denomination awards – bronze, silver and gold. But at least 22 Platinum Awards can be earned immediately after specific requirements are met. To track your progress, open statistics and select the Rewards section.

Read the section on platinum medals .


Stick Up Kid / Raider 10   
GTA Online: Rob 20 shops.    
After you complete your first job, assigned by Lamar, he will call you again and offer to rob the store. After that, take out your phone and select To do list. Activate single work and go to the gas station indicated by the marker. Go to the store and point the weapon at the seller – he will start filling the bag with money. To make it work faster, you can shoot in its direction. After the bag is full, leave the store and break away from the chase.

Now open your map and click on the cross down until you reach the store icon in the list. By clicking on the cross to the right, you will switch between different shops on the map. By the way, you can rob several stores at once in one go.

To speed up the process of knocking out the achievement, try to encircle the maximum number of shops at a time before the police can reach you. If you don’t want to wait while the seller hesitates, you can hit or kill him, then run up to the checkout and click on to scoop out its contents yourself.

After that, the store will disappear from your card for some time and will return to it after a sufficient amount of money has accumulated at the checkout. To understand which store has already been robbed, pay attention to the green checkmark opposite its icon on the map.


Enjoy Your Stay twenty   
GTA Online: Experience all the fun in Los Santos.    
San Andreas has a wide variety of activities to offer. In addition to racing and skydiving, you can play sports games, change your character at the hairdresser’s and do many other things. Below you will see a list of the activities offered. To track the progress of their implementation, go to Pause> Statistics> Unlockables> Progress.

In fact, there are many more different activities in the world of the game, but to achieve it is enough to complete only them. Each activity will be labeled Yes or No. If you stop performing any of these tasks, the mark will change to Yes, but this will not be enough for the achievement, so try to complete each of the tasks to the end so as not to get confused once again. Please note that darts, golf, tennis, strip club and armwrestling will open after you reach rank 7.

  • change haircut
  • get a tattoo
  • buy clothes
  • play golf
  • play tennis
  • play darts
  • go to the shooting range (complete any challenge)
  • do armwrestling
  • rob the store
  • call the stripper for a lap dance


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