FIFA 21: The 8 best players with less than 500,000 coins

Looking for the best players for your Ultimate Team in FIFA 21? If you have a ton of coins to spend, these players under 500,000 coins might be an option for you.

What kind of list is that? Losing an overview of the transfer market in FIFA 21 is pretty easy; after all, there are hundreds of players that you can theoretically put on your team.

In this list we have summarized some cards that cost between 400,000 and 500,000 coins and are worth it. Of course, that is a very high budget that is not so easy to achieve. So these are no longer tickets for a starting team. Here you have to save a lot on the weekend league rewards or make a smart trade to get the right amount.

If you are looking for cheaper players, you will find them in these lists:

More player lists in FIFA 21 with strong cards

  • less than 50,000 coins
  • less than 100,000 coins
  • less than 150,000 coins
  • less than 200,000 coins
  • less than 300,000 coins
  • less than 400,000 coins

Please note that the transfer market in FIFA 21 is dynamic and prices can fluctuate. The transfer market is currently in constant decline, so it is quite possible that you will find some of the players for a noticeably fewer number of coins.

Here now you can find some of the best players between 400,000 and 500,000 coins in Ultimate Team.

Paul Pogba (Europa League RTTF)

costs : approximately 400,000 coins

If it goes solely according to the statistics of the game (that is, the collected values ​​that are hidden behind the statistics on the card), Pogba’s RTTF card reaches the highest value of all the players that can be bought in the range between 400,000 and 500,000 coins. The Frenchman can convince as a handlebar in the middle with fantastic dribbling and 5-star skill. By the way, another update to the already strong values ​​is not possible as Manchester United have yet to fly out of the Europa League. The further the Red Devils advance, the higher the values.

Alphonso Davies (RTTF)

Costs: approx . 425,000 coins

Like many other major players, the Davies RTTF card has dropped dramatically in transfer value and now holds around 425,000 coins; In contrast to the original cost of over a million, this is almost affordable. Updates are no longer possible because Bayern have been expelled from the Champions League. Still, the map is still a brutally good left-back, and no player in FIFA 21 is faster than Davies at his 99 pace.

Lionel Messi (TOTW)

Costs: 480,000 coins

Compared to his normal card, Messi’s Inform variant has a decisive advantage: in addition to the improved values, the variant like MS does not appear on the wing. Messi can play the strong points better in the center with dribbling, shooting and preparation than on the side, as he has lost his rhythm a bit. In general, the attacker is an ideal clock in the offensive center.

Marcus Rashford (TOTW)

costs : 408,000 coins

Rashford has already collected many special cards in FIFA 21, all of which are considered strong in the meta. No wonder: the Englishman combines the deadly combination of speed, grade and dribbling with five stars for skill and four stars for the weak foot. He’s not that good at defending, but Rashford isn’t ready for that either. If you are looking for a player to score goals, you have come to the right place.

Ousmane Dembélé (freezing)

costs : approximately 470,000 coins

Dembélé plays a role very similar to that of Rashford, but the Freeze card is located in the center. But it also has five stars to offer the weak. This makes Dembélé one of the most difficult players to calculate in FIFA 21. For a long time, his card exceeded one million coins, but now it has dropped below 500,000.

On the next page, you’ll find some strong icons, as well as other options for your Ultimate Team under 500,000 coins


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