9 essential games for Nintendo Switch for less than 15$

We go over some of the best deals available right now on the Nintendo eShop. Do not miss these 9 essential games for Switch that are reduced to less than 15 euros.

Nintendo’s digital store usually offers a few special temporary discounts from time to time. On this occasion, there have been many games that have received interesting discounts and we bring you some of the most relevant for Switch.

Only for a few days you will find these 9 games for less than 15 euros. We have a bit of everything from acclaimed iundies to great shooters. However, do not hesitate to consult the entire list in the eShop .

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Little Nightmares Complete Edition (€ 6.99)

It is time to face the most terrifying fears of our childhood. Little Nightmares proposes an adventure where we put ourselves in the shoes of a child who is willing to escape from a dark place. This edition also includes the Secrets of the Maw.

Ni No Kuni (€ 11.99)

The anger of the white witch will fascinate all those lovers of Studio Ghibli and its purest essence. The great elements that have characterized all these great Japanese animated films are captured here, in an adventure full of color and pampering.

Civilization VI (€ 14.99)

The conquest and the most popular strategy in recent times is also downgraded. Civilization VI is one of the greatest exponents of the genre and a must for all fans of it. Complex and complete, you will fall asleep before its expansive formula and its possibilities.

XCom 2 Collection (€ 14.99)

We do not neglect strategy, although this time we go to the more tactical and military side to suggest XCom 2 Collection as one of the best in its field. It’s time to recover the Land of Aliens and this collection includes a lot of additional content.

Bioshock Remastered (€ 7.99)

It’s time to revisit Rapture with this remastering of one of the most acclaimed games of recent years. Shooting, special powers and a story that will not leave you indifferent, all technically improved.

Borderlands GOTY (€ 11.99)

The shooter looter that started it all has also received a very interesting discount. The planet Pandora awaits us with this light-hearted and action-packed first-person shooter that includes a distinctive cooperative mode.

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Ed. (€ 12.49)

This special edition celebrates the tenth anniversary of this well-known title from the famous Japanese saga. Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition includes updated graphics, more music tracks, two new characters, and a story that still captivates JRPG fans.

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (€ 7.99)

Slaps to death in this fighting game that unites the Persona 4 Arena, RWBY, BLAZBLUE and Under Night In-Birth franchises under a complete crossover full of options: 2 vs 2 battles, control improvements, 20 available characters and more .

Flat Heroes (€ 7.99)

If you are looking for a long and challenging game , Flat Heroes may be the solution. With a tremendously simple premise, you only need a small square to overcome its 300 levels that will sting you like few games have managed to do.


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