FIFA 22: How to get coins in FUT?

We show you the best tricks and tips to get FUT Coins in the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 22. Put them into practice and you will earn coins in a much more efficient way.

Daniel González ·13:06 10/4/2021

The FUT coins are the standard mode currencies Ultimate Team for FIFA 22 , one free currency that can be achieved simply playing the title of EA Sports, a contrast to what happens with the FIFA Points (premium currency).

This virtual currency is very important since with it we can get new envelopes or make purchases in the transfer market to acquire the best players , so it is vital to have a good sum of coins if we want to progress towards stardom properly. For all this, in this entry of our guide we want to help you get them by sharing the best methods to obtain free and legal coins.

The best ways to earn coins in FUT 22

Here we are going to detail the best methods and tips that you can put into practice to maximize your obtaining of FUT coins quickly in FIFA 22. In essence, things are still similar to previous years.


Note: remember that FUT coins cannot be purchased with real money as it is the case with FIFA Points; purchasing coins from third parties, promoting the purchase of coins or distributing coins is against FIFA rules.

Meet FUT Goals

  • Throughout the season you will have many objectives and milestonesthat you can complete.
  • Review them all thoroughly and complete the ones that are easiest for youand that reward with coins.
  • There are daily, weekly, seasonal and dynamicgoals , it will not be difficult to cross a few off the list with a little effort.

Pay attention to the market and use it to your advantage

If you want to earn a lot of coins you will have to be aware of the fluctuations of the market and the trading system . This can be very profitable , especially if you buy cheap and sell high, taking advantage of the occasions when players you own have higher prices.

  • Check the market day by dayand try to bid below the brands to get a cheap letter .
  • Wait for the right moment to selleach card dearly , do not be impatient.
  • Take a look at the highest rated players of every moment and, if you have them on your squad, consider selling them at a good price to receive a lot of profit.

Play and win Ultimate Team matches

One of the classic methods of earning FUT Coins is to simply play and win matches . It is a solid and reliable method to get coins in FIFA 22, you can do it in any FUT game mode while you are combining other methods and improving.

  • You will not win thousands of coins right away in one go with this method.
  • Actually this is a method more thought for the medium and long term.
  • It’s a good consistent way to earn coins as you progress.
  • At first, it can be a good way to get coins and allow you to maintain an average workforce between 80 and 85

Take advantage of the FIFA Companion mobile app

The official EA Sports FIFA Companion App , available free for Android and iOS devices in their respective stores, will help you manage your FUT team in real time, wherever you are and at any time (you can also access it from computers, using the official website ).

  • This App is great for managing your templates and buying and sellingwhat you need.
  • The most important thing is that it gives you access to the transfer marketquickly to follow the flow of the market and take advantage of any occasion to earn coins (as we have seen above).
  • With this App you can be aware of any changes in the game quickly to take advantage of all the opportunities to win coins.

Complete Squad Building Challenges

Squad Building Challenges (SBC) are one of the best ways to easily earn FUT Coins in FIFA 22.

  • Pay attention to Template Building Challenges
  • In them you only have to complete challenges in which you have to place players on the same teammeeting certain requirements.
  • Look for challenges that have coinsas part of the reward, some of the most lucrative are Hybrid Leagues or Hybrid Nations.
  • Complete these challenges and you can easily win more coins.

Play a lot of Squad Battles and Division Rivals

Every Monday you can claim Squad Battles rewards and every Thursday Division Rivals . These two modes mean a big increase in your coins if you have squeezed them to the maximum. Do not worry about winning or climbing positions, just play and little by little you will see your efforts rewarded. Consistency has a prize.

Don’t waste your coins

It’s quite tempting when you have coins to splurge on envelopes, for example. However, you can already get many packs as rewards while playing different modes. Sometimes it is better to dedicate the coins only to the trading market to get the players that interest you.

  • If you are going to spend coins on envelopes, it may be more profitable not to buy bronze and silver envelopes.
  • Accumulate a few coins and buy quality gold envelopesdirectly .
  • There will be more chancesthat you will be touched by players with high valuations that are beneficial to your squad or that you can later sell in the market to get profitability.

Try to play with class

Do you know that if you play showing off you will earn more coins in each game? Winning or losing is not everything. The style of play can pay off in the long run (you can even receive multipliers depending on the division you play in). Keep in mind that there are several parameters that will make you get a greater number of coins at the end of the encounters, they are the following:

  • Score goals.
  • Be the Man of the Match.
  • Have a higher percentage (%) of possession.
  • Entries successfully achieved.
  • Take corners.
  • Kicks to goal.
  • Clean sheet.

Likewise, we can end up being penalized for other events such as committing fouls, having cards, receiving goals against or taking offside, for example. Try to play like a true pro and you will be rewarded with more coins.

Take advantage of offers

  • Throughout the year you will find a multitude of special offersfor specific times such as Christmas or other special dates.
  • If you want to take advantage of them, wait for the opportune momentsto spend your coins and thus not spend as many as you would in a period without offers.
  • You can also take advantage of these offers if you plan to buy FIFA Pointsto invest them in packs and get top players with whom you can later recover the investment in the market.


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