Ghost of Tsushima: Clan Cooper Cosplay Achievement

To get the Cooper Clan Cosplay achievement in Ghost of Tsushima, you need four decorative items and one armor.To get started, complete the  side quest “Invincible Gosaku” southeast of Akashima village in the southern part of the second region.

For completing the quest, you will receive the armor of Gosaku. In addition to them, you need to purchase the Ocean Guardian paint from the merchants . A merchant from Umugi Bay or Jogaku Temple is fine.

After that, travel to the third region and look for a pillar of honor on the northeastern coast of Keene Prefecture. From it you can pick up the skin for the sword “Cunning Tanuki” .

Once you climb to the top of the Jogaku Temple, you will find the Curved Braid Bandage . To do this, grasp the corners of the roof with a hook.

The last item required is called  the Thief’s Robe . This mask you can pick up from the altar for gifts as you progress through the story. There is such an altar, for example, in the Jogaku Temple.

In total, you must equip five items at the same time:

  • armor gosaku
  • Ocean Guardian Armor Paint
  • skin for the sword “Cunning tanuki”
  • headdress “Crooked braid bandage”
  • Thief’s Robe mask

Do this and the “Clan Cooper Cosplayer” achievement will be unlocked.

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