Ghost of Tsushima: all trophies and achievements

In total, 52 achievements can be obtained in Ghost of Tsushima . It is a lightweight platinum that is knocked out in about 40-50 hours, without too much straining.

Step 1. Go through the story

First, complete the story. There are no skippable achievements or trophies for the difficulty level in this game, so you can play however you like. We have only three tips:

  • For the achievements “One Swoop” and “Perfect Storm” you will need to fully pump your katana and upgrade the Sakai clan armor to the maximum. There are not so many resources in the game. So try not to waste them on anything.
  • Arrowhead Shrine (Azamo Prefecture, north of Sakimori Heights) is best done early. There you will receive Inari’s amulet, which will increase the amount of resources you receive.


  • If you come across the History of ancient heroes (they have a blue quest mark on the map) – do not postpone the execution on the back burner. For them they give new skills and equipment.

Step 2. Freeing all regions

After completing the story, all captured territories will be marked on your map in red. Free them to get these achievements:

  • Hero of the people
  • Battle for the island
  • There and the road
  • Liberation of the sanctuary
  • Eviction
  • Peaceful harbor again
  • Great liberator

When clearing the territory from the Mongols, do not be lazy to carefully examine their camps. There are many resources lying around, as well as records and Mongolian artifacts. They will still be useful to you.

In addition, try to get achievements related to equipment and combat system:

  • Glitter of Steel – Defeat 20 enemies with a counterattack after a perfect parry. The skill of perfect parry must first be pumped. It is not enough to injure the enemy, you just need to kill.
  • Witness Protection – Shoot a fearsome enemy running. The enemy is considered frightened when he falls to the ground, begins to back away, and then run away.
  • Bargaining – Stun enemies 50 times. Just actively use the stands and this achievement will come to you on its own.
  • Successful landing – Kill an enemy by knocking them off a ledge. Find your opponent on the tower and kick him in the wind stance (hold the triangle). The tower must be high. If the enemy survives, they will not be counted.
  • Deadly Precision – Kill 20 enemies with hits from the Ghost Stance.
  • In one fell swoop – defeat the maximum number of enemies in one confrontation. To bring the series of confrontations to 5, you need to improve the armor of the Sakai clan to the maximum and pump the skill “Extended series of confrontations”.
  • Perfect Storm – Upgrade your katana to the maximum.

By the way, after the complete improvement of the katana and tanto, we recommend selling all excess iron to trappers, and after the complete improvement of both bows, we recommend selling bamboo and yew.

Step 3. Collecting collectibles

The liberation of the region marks all interesting places on the map with a question mark. You can open them one by one, while completing the remaining additional tasks in parallel.

Or you can first collect all the collectibles for these achievements:

  • Take care of yourself  – place wards in all six slots
  • Giftedness – Collect 10 gifts from the altar. There is such an altar, for example, in the Jogaku Temple. Gifts periodically appear there as you progress through the story and quests.
  • Lethal Look – Collect 30 Decorative Items. These guides are enough for you: one and two .
  • Guiding Light – Light a fire at all of Tsushima’s lighthouses.
  • Favor of the Gods – Find all Shinto shrines in Tsushima.
  • Honors to the Invisible – bow to the 10 altars hidden in Tsushima.
  • Lost and Found  – Find the Pillar of Honor and collect the Swordsman’s Kit.
  • Monochrome Master – Purchase an item from the Black and White Paint vendors. You can find them here:
  • Clan Cooper cosplayer – dress like a legendary thief.
  • Reading Lover – Collect 20 Entries. Most likely you already have these records after clearing Mongolian camps. If not, open the map and press the arrow to the right to follow the guiding wind. He will lead you to the nearest.
  • Know Your Enemy – Collect 20 Mongolian Artifacts. Everything is the same as with the records above.
  • A healthy mind in a healthy body – fold all the hokku and visit all the hot springs , Inari shrines and training grounds .
  • Lament Over the Ruined Forge – Play Tempest Lament on a friend’s grave. Collect 5 Singing Crickets to unlock this flute melody. Just open the map and hit the right arrow to follow the guiding wind to the nearest cricket. After that, go to Taki’s grave, select the desired melody in your outfit and swipe left on the touchpad to play.

Step 4. We complete the remaining quests

There are 61 additional missions in Ghost of Tsushima. We have collected everything  in this guide . For completing them, you can get the following achievements:

  • Warrior Monk Complete all of Norio’s stories.
  • Avenger Warrior Complete all of Masako’s stories.
  • Unyielding Archer Complete all Ishikawa stories.
  • Stubborn Thief – Complete all of Yuna’s stories.
  • All Support – Complete all Tsushima stories.
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