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The Sucker Punch game expands with a very continuous adventure that will delight those who enjoyed the main game.

Something after a year after its launch on PlayStation 4, Ghost of Tsushima comes natively to PlayStation 5, in addition to expanding on both platforms with the island of Iki, a new region that will offer us a good number of new challenges and , of course, a new story in which to discover more about Jin, our protagonist. But is it enough? Is the jump to PlayStation 5 worth it? We will tell you everything below.

A very continuous expansion

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is, as we say, an expanded version of the Sucker Punch game. Today we are going to focus on its expansion , as well as on the changes to the native version of PlayStation 5, so if you want to know what we think of the main adventure, we encourage you to read the analysis that we dedicated to it in its day, where you can Find all the necessary information about Jin’s first great adventure.

The fantastic art direction will shine again at Ikishima.

The island of Iki is available from the second act of the game, so you cannot access it from the beginning. It is something totally understandable, since it requires a series of knowledge at the playable level and skills that we do not have at the beginning. As a note, it is very appreciated that you do not have to do anything weird to load the original PS4 game ; it simply asks us which game we want to import and that’s it. Nothing to have two versions installed, upload it to the cloud and then download it. Everything works in the simplest and most logical way possible.


In this expansion we will discover new stories about Jin’s past.

In Ikishima we are not going to find great playable surprises , which, on the one hand, is great, because it does not break the connection with the main adventure, but on the other hand, it seems too continuous, and even a lost opportunity to surprise the player. That does not mean that there is no news; there are quite a few, although none carry too much weight. We tell you some of the main ones.

The combat is still a lot of fun even after dozens of hours of play.

This expansion offers us a new armor for Jin and another for our horse, some new minigames, such as archery or a combat arena, new techniques and new types of enemies – some of them, by the way, with abilities inspired by the rivals. of Legends , the multiplayer mode that, of course, is still included. We cannot forget the new animals available to caress, which is always appreciated to have a moment of peace amid so much death. Of course, a new story will not be missing either.

Fighting ghosts from the past

This new chapter in Jin’s adventures also has a new narrative arc in which we are not going to delve too deep so as not to gut anything from anyone. We are just going to say that the bad guy on duty manages to get into our head to try to play with our feelings, confuse us and make us doubt who we are and our past . We found it to be a very interesting and well-integrated story, especially to be designed without forcing you to finish the game first.

From one of the new settlements a shortcut to multiplayer has been introduced.

Throughout the map, as well as during specific missions, we will find situations that will help us relive moments from Jin’s past, and that will put us in the eternal moral dilemma of good and evil , and how sometimes neither of the two sides is as good as they thought. If you enjoyed the main story, we think you will also enjoy the stories that await us in Iki.

An intergenerational leap?

Recently there has been some debate in the networks for the ten euros that Sony is going to charge for the update to PS5, especially at a time when many publishers are releasing these updates for free, including direct competition, Microsoft, which does not It has only released next-gen versions of almost all of its current games, but is even releasing versions of games from four years ago, such as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice . With this panorama in the industry, it is expected that, at least, those ten euros will represent a notable change .

The views are still awe inspiring.

In our humble opinion, at least graphically, it is not. So much so that unless we put the images face to face and compare them carefully, graphically they are almost indistinguishable. There are even things that, we are sure, would have been “easy” to implement, such as increasing the quality of the shadows or the objects that cast them, which we still see many characters in front of a fire without shadow under their feet. Lip sync in Japanese is automatic and pretty poor, but it’s better than nothing. This does not mean that it is still a beautiful and incredible game, but with the PS4 version running through backward compatibility at 60 frames per second, the jump is minimal. Maybe it’s time to put Nixxes Software to make paid patches for PS5 before PC versions, but Sony knows more about its priorities as a company than we do.

As in the main adventure, Sucker Punch knows how to find the balance between war and peace.

Similarly, quite disappointing has been the use of the system cards. Another recent debate is that one of the great novelties of PlayStation 5 at the firmware level is not used, and it is totally understandable if their own first parties implement them like this. In this case, if we open the game from one of the cards to start a mission we have to swallow the video with the Sucker Punch logo, the video with the PlayStation Studios logo … to discover that what he has given us is a marker on the map . Come on, it probably takes longer to find the card than simply choosing the mission in the game.

Virtual photographers will have new options for their snapshots.

We have better news when it comes to the implementation of DualSense and 3D audio. The DualSense is very careful, and although it is not surprising at the AstroBot level , it has details such as synchronizing with the music in some scenes. It responds differently to different surfaces when we gallop, the triggers offer resistance with certain objects … Overall, a good example of how to adapt a game from the last generation to command. 3D sound does its job well too. It is perfectly feasible to locate the position of our rivals simply by sound, something quite practical since battles can be somewhat chaotic. As you can imagine, in a game where the environment is so important, making use of this feature also improves the experience.

New rivals will stand in our way.

An expansion bueníshima

Today, as we have commented previously, we have focused on the island of Iki, the expansion that comes as the main addition to Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut . We think that, even if it may seem a bit conservative, it is a fantastic addition to Jin’s adventure, which not only shines with its landscapes and its own identity, but also with a well-curated story and a remarkable amount of content to get lost in. If we go only for the main story it may end something soon, but it is so easy to get lost in Ikishima that we are sure that you will end up spending much more time there.

We can’t deny our disappointment with the graphical jump, imperceptible without a close comparison, or with the lip sync in Japanese, very poor, but at least the DualSense and 3D audio do the job. Even with its room for improvement, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is, hands down, the best way to enjoy this great title, and all of you who have been wanting more should try this expansion . If you already have it on PS4, paying for the upgrade to PS5 will depend on how much you care about DualSense and 3D audio


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