8 Types of Digital Advertising for Your Business Promotion

There are various types of  digital advertising  that marketers  can use  in  publishing advertisements and other promotional materials digitally. For example on websites , social media, email , and applications.

Indeed explains that digital advertising is the most budget-friendly method and helps to better identify target consumers.

So, before doing that, you need to get to know the types of digital advertising that exist to suit your business.

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  1. Paid search advertising 

Paid search is a type of digital advertising that allows companies to display ads on SERPs or search results pages.

For example, when you search for a  keyword on Google, there will be a page with ‘Ad’ or ‘Advertisement’.

This special page means the company is doing paid search advertising.

Usually this page will be at the very top of the search page and related to the keywords you are looking for.

This type of ad usually contains a headline , a brief description, and a link to go to the company’s website .

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  1. Display advertising

This type of digital advertising is a type of advertising that involves the use of images and text, video, audio, and banner ads. 

Usually this ad will be displayed in a special area on social media platforms and websites .

Banner ads will contain an invitation to visitors who use the platform to click on the existing banner and go to the company’s website .

Display ads are usually placed on websites with subjects related to the target audience you want to reach.

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  1. Native advertising 

Native advertising is often referred to as a more friendly type of advertising when it comes to placement on websites .

Native advertising is paid content according to the function and appearance of the platform where the ad is displayed.

If often display ads with their banners cover the content, then native advertising is not the case.

On the website , this type of advertisement will blend with the website,  through images, product reviews and product placements on videos, and in-content ads

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  1. Social media advertising

In digital advertising, social media is crucial in business promotion.

Social media advertising is the process of promoting businesses, products and services through social media platforms.

Usually, advertising through social media will be the most effective.

Apart from being a good strategy, promotion through social media will also increase consumer engagement and brand awareness. 

Especially now, quoted from the Combo App , platforms for advertising are not limited to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Many channels have specific user demographics so it will be easier for businesses to reach their target audience.

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  1. Audio advertising

Audio advertising is a type of digital advertising that involves the use of streaming audio to target specific audiences.

This strategy is done by recording an advertisement that will be played in the middle of the podcast .

If you often listen to Spotify, you may hear audio advertisements tucked in between the songs and podcasts that you are listening to several times .

One of the advantages of this type of advertising is that listeners will hear the ad in full.

Before listeners pay for a subscription , they will not be able to ignore or skip the audio advertising.

  1. Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is any type of advertising that appears on smartphones or tablets. 

This mobile marketing includes promotions via SMS to banner ads in applications.

These ads are also effective because users usually spend more time on mobile devices .

  1. Video advertising 

If earlier there was audio advertising , then video advertising focuses on the use of videos displayed on video streaming platforms.

Usually this type of digital advertising will appear at the beginning, middle and end of video content .

Video advertising is gaining popularity because it is considered effective and brings potential consumers  to the brand .

  1. Email advertising

In email advertising , advertising is done by writing and distributing emails with the aim of reaching advertising targets .

When creating email marketing, you need to pay attention to important elements such as subject, message, and call-to-action or CTA .

Email marketing is also a cheap type of digital advertising .

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That’s the type of digital advertising that you can use.

Don’t forget to adjust it to your business needs before determining advertisements and promotions, OK?

Apart from the matter of advertising and promotion needs, Glints still has various types of  digital marketing  strategies that are important for business.


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