Focus is still a major problem that is often discussed at work. There are many workers who find it difficult to focus so they have difficulty achieving maximum results. What often prevents us from focusing ?

– Another colleague who invites us to talk and disperse concentration while finishing work.

– Co-workers who walk back and forth around our desk.

– Fatigue.

– stress.

– hunger pangs.


Focus affects productivity and productivity affects job satisfaction. In order to get maximum job satisfaction, we must ensure that we have a high level of focus in doing work.


Now, how can we increase focus at work? Surely this is the duty of every individual. However, organizations also have an important role in increasing focus at work. Based on his experience, a well-known company leader shared 7 ways he did it in increasing focus at work.


What do you think it does to increase focus at work? Let’s look at 7 ways below that can be our guide in increasing the focus and productivity of everyone in the organization. That way, we will be able to achieve mutual success.


1. Give team members the flexibility in completing tasks.

Everyone has a different way to focus. Some may need a place of work that is quiet and away from the noise, but some may like a busy workplace.


For this reason, it is better if the team members have the flexibility to complete the work. This means that team members have the freedom to choose a suitable place to complete the work and of course in a way that is suitable for themselves. When someone is given space, he will be more responsible in completing his work.


2. Creating a quiet zone or room.

This means having a room that is soundproof and protected from disturbances and even noise that often confuses a person’s focus. But, make sure that this room must be separated from crowded areas such as cafes, lobbies or other social zones.


Today, there are many organizations that provide small libraries and even rooms free of telephone interference. This room can be a place for everyone who wants to really focus on getting work done without interruption. Of course this will be very functional especially for those who need calm to focus fully.


3. Provides freedom of choice in the work environment.

Giving freedom for team members to choose a different workspace in completing work can be the right way to increase focus and productivity. Of course, we need to look at the availability of space that is owned.


If the office has enough space to use as a private or public space, then this is possible. That way, everyone can choose the most comfortable place to get work done and be productive.


4. Provides free time.

The next way to increase focus and productivity is to provide more rest time. Everyone has a different peak of productivity throughout the day and makes everyone need time to rest differently too.


This does not mean that everyone is free to rest for hours, but everyone can rest at different hours, which best suits his conditions. There is nothing wrong if the organization provides a free time for rest.


If we feel bored, we can take time to rest for a while. When boredom strikes, we can walk around the office, daydreaming or even walking out of the office. Resting for a moment can refresh the brain and make us ready to return to finish work.


5. Give room for someone.

Providing room for others to control themselves can also increase one’s focus. For example, letting a coworker use headphones or put up the words “Are busy, cannot be disturbed”. This must have been found often at work. This is the right way to tell others that we are really focused and cannot be disturbed. With so, we have full time in completing work.


6. Block a certain amount of time to focus.

When we need time to focus fully on something, we must block certain times. Determine the duration of time needed and allow yourself to focus within that time. Turn off cell phones or other electronics that can hamper yourself. In addition, it can tell other colleagues that we need time to really focus on work. Now, this is the right time to give yourself control room. Wear headphones and make a sign that shows that you don’t want to be disturbed.


7. Always make a meeting agenda.

The meeting agenda does not only help us focus on the purpose of the meeting. The agenda of the meeting can also determine the limits and expectations to be achieved. That way, the meeting will take place productively and optimally.


Now, make sure that we always have a clear meeting agenda before holding a meeting so that no one feels that the meeting is just wasting their work time.


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