5 Ways to Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with Family

Ramadan will end soon, it means that Eid al-Fitr will arrive soon. Yes Moms, Eid this year will feel different from previous years. The reason is, in order to prevent the transmission of the corona virus, we are all encouraged to do physical distancing, so that Eid must also be done #dirumahaja.

In the interest of many people, we must follow the government’s appeal. Starting from carrying out Eid Al-Fitr prayers at home, until not going home first in Lebaran this year.

Even though celebrating Lebaran #dirumahaja, don’t worry, because this moment should still be able to feel special. Yes Moms, you can implement the following tips, so that Eid al-Fitr with family at home can be fun.

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1. Give understanding to children about the corona virus

When a child’s learning activities are moved from school to home, you may have already given an explanation regarding the corona virus. Well, before the day of Eid arrives, there’s nothing wrong if you re-explain the current conditions on children. For example, giving an understanding that this year’s Eid we will not go anywhere, because it is still trying to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

Explain in simple language, that this condition makes you and your family must refrain from going home or meeting grandparents and other children and siblings. That way, your child can hope to be tolerant and still happy to celebrate Lebaran #dirumahaja.

“Certainly our children now know that there is indeed a corona virus condition. Explanations regarding the corona virus can also be found, there are reading books also online so we can explain corona simply to children,” said Firesta Farizal, M. Psi, Child and Youth Psychologist when contacted by the MOM coil on Tuesday (5/19).

“So, we cannot get together, even though we usually get together for Eid. After that, explain how to spread the corona virus, and others,” he continued.

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2. Prayers in congregation id #dirumahaja

If usually you and your family go to the nearest mosque to perform idolat prayer together with other residents, now the worship service is also forced to be done from home. Remember, this is again to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

Nevertheless, the prayer at home can actually be a new experience that can further enhance bonding between you and family members at home. Yes Moms, to lead the idol prayer, you can ask dad to do it. If this is my father’s first experience of becoming an Imam of Salat Id, there is no harm in seeking information in advance about the procedure from a trusted source. After performing the idol prayer, don’t forget to forgive each other, Moms.

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3. Eat together

After a month of fasting, now on Eid al-Fitr it’s time you can enjoy a meal in the morning. Yes Moms, so that the atmosphere of the holiday still feels at home, you can present a special menu of Lebaran, such as rhombus, rendang, or chicken egg. By eating a special dish of Lebaran, the moment of Eid al-Fitr at home will definitely still feel good.

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4. Video call with other family members

On this year’s Eid, you cannot directly face to face with relatives. Even so hospitality still must be done. Now Moms, thanks to technological advances, now you can stay in touch virtually using video calls. There are tons of applications that you can use, from WhatsApp, Zoom, to Google Meeting.

“Maybe we can invite the children to video call to the siblings, grandmother, grandfather who are in the village so that the children still feel that this is still Eid, this is still Eid al-Fitr, still get the fun, he exclaimed. Just maybe the way it’s different now, “said the Director of Mentari Anakku – Psychology Clinic and Children’s Therapy Center.

Illustration of Eid with family at home. Photo: Shutter Stock

5. Compact wear matching Lebaran clothes

Although only at home , it never hurts to stay in a compact style with family members using twin clothes or a matching color. Determine the colors and patterns that your family likes. Because only at home, use clothes that are comfortable and do not need to be equipped with excessive accessories.


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