4 Places that Can Not Be Cleaned When Cleaning House

Maintaining cleanliness of the house is important to do so that your family’s health is maintained. Yes Moms, dirty house conditions can be a place for viruses, germs, and bacteria that cause disease to multiply.

Even though the house has been cleaned regularly, sometimes there are still some places that go unnoticed. In fact, these places can also be a den of various types of germs that can endanger family health.

Therefore, when cleaning your house, make sure you do not escape cleaning the corners or some of the following places so that your family is always healthy and free from diseases caused by germs, viruses, or bacteria.

  1. Between the mattress and sofa

com-Illustration of mother cleaning the bed. Photo: Shutterstock

In addition to inviting children to routinely change bed linen, sidelines of the mattress also should not be spared to be cleaned. Because, the place can be a hiding mite.

Not only on the sidelines of the mattress, mites may also be found on the sidelines of the sofa. Yes Moms, animals that live in the dust and quickly breed are often the main causes of itching, allergies, even asthma.

Because mites are very small and cannot be seen by the naked eye, you need a vacuum cleaner, Moms. One of them with Mamibot UV-LITE100 Vacuum Cleaner . Besides being effective at killing 99.9% of mites, this tool is also designed without wires. So, it makes it easier for you to hold it and provide a more pleasant cleaning experience.

  1. Floor under furniture

com-Illustration is cleaning under the furniture. Photo: Shutterstock

Don’t just clean the visible floor, Moms. Narrow crevices such as the bottom of a cupboard or under the bed can be a place for dust to accumulate. Therefore, the cleanliness of this section is also important to note.

You can clean furniture underneath by using Ecovacs Deboot Ozmo , a vacuum robot that can clean the room optimally to the hard-to-clean parts. Equipped with ozmo mopping technology and electronically controlled water pump , this tool can spray water automatically and ensure there is no more stagnant water on the floor.

  1. Carpet surface

com-Illustration of mother cleaning carpet. Photo: Shutterstock

Carpet became one of the children’s playground. If not treated and cleaned regularly, it will look dull and uncomfortable to wear. Especially if you have a pet, the fur might stick to the carpet, Moms.

Even at home, you can still clean your own carpet. Yes Moms, carpet care was not as complicated as imagined. Because, you can use Bolde Super Hoover . Not only can filter 99.97% of small particles, this vacuum cleaner also uses HEPA Filter technology that can make your room healthier, Moms! The dust on the carpet is gone, your little one will also avoid breathing problems.

  1. The top and bottom walls

com-Illustration of mother cleaning walls. Photo: Shutterstock

Not only easily attached to the surface of the table or sofa, dust is also easily attached to vertical areas. For example, the top of a wall that is on the edge of a ceiling or the bottom of a wall that is close to the edge of the floor. If left unchecked, dust will be more difficult to clean and make walls look dirty.

Actually, it’s easy to clean a wall, Moms! You can use Spin Scrubber , a cleaner that can clean and scrub the vertical plane to the maximum. Having a lightweight and comfortable grip, this tool is able to clean spots even in hard to reach places.

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