How to share Amazon Prime accounts with friends and family to watch series and movies?

One of the advantages of Amazon Prime is that you can legally share your account with family and friends . But for this it is important that you know what Amazon Household is about and how it works .

You will find this information below, so we invite you to continue reading. We’ll show you how many people you can share your AP username with, taking their age into account. 

We will also explain what benefits your guests can access and how you can do to configure these options. Don’t miss the list of the best movies and series to watch on Amazon Prime.


 How many people can enjoy the same Amazon Prime account without problem?

With Amazon Prime you can share your paid subscription account with 4 more people , for this it is necessary to enable the “Household” function . These members can be teenagers (between 13 and 17 years old) or children, but it is important to know that only the first group is authorized to buy. In other words, not all members of the Amazon Household group will enjoy all the tools that you can access.

In addition, in the case of adolescents, they will be able to log in with their profile and broadcast some content live. On the other hand, they will have access to Prime Video , Free Shipping, Now, Reading and Amazon Fresh. In the event that you want to share Amazon Household with adults , they must be over 18 years of age and have their own account. The number of older users cannot exceed two members for this option.


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From this it arises that you must bear in mind that the people with whom you share your AP account must be completely trusted by you, especially because they will share your wallets and have the ability to alter data, for example, your shipping address.

 Learn step by step how to share your Amazon Prime account with your closest friends and family

If you want to share your Amazon Prime account with people you trust, see below the step by step you must do:

 Download the app

The first thing you should do is activate your account . To do this, you can download the Amazon Prime Video app from the Google store or the App Store, depending on the operating system you have on your mobile. If you have an Android TV, you should look for the application in your TV menu, this will depend on the make and models of the device.

If you prefer, you can avoid this step and enter with your trusted browser and click on the button Start your free trial period . Next, you must continue with the same steps as if you were downloading the app.


Amazon Prime Video

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC

Price: Free


Amazon Prime Video

Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC

Price: Free +

 Create an account

When the download of the app on the mobile or on the TV has been completed , you will have to open it, so you will see an option called Create a new Amazon account . It is necessary that you enter your email (or phone) information, name and password (remember that you can use our Password Generator tool to obtain a 100% secure key).

Once you finish writing all the requested information, the platform will send you an email that you must verify. You will receive a code to certify your identity for the first time . Keep in mind that, in the middle of the registration process, you will be asked to associate a valid credit card . You will be told the amount of the service and when your trial period ends. Once this is done, you can now log in with your email and password.


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 Choose to share your benefits

Once you enter your Amazon Prime account, click on the main menu, it is located in the top bar, in the left corner. Click there and a drop-down menu will open with various options. After that, choose Account from the selections to display your chosen settings and data.

Within the Settings or Account Settings section, select Manage your home or Manage your Household . By doing this you will reach the screen that will help you manage the options of your guests, remember that you can choose between adding up to two adults, four children or four teenagers. So you will have to activate the corresponding box .

 Fill in the details of your guest

When you are on the Home Administration screen click the button with a “+” sign , Add . At this point you must decide whether to add a child, an adult or a teenager; so, automatically, an invitation screen will open in which you must enter the guest’s data. Write your name and email address. You can insert the email with which the other person has an Amazon account associated , if it is the case of an adult.

 Make the necessary adjustments for the permissions granted

In this step you will have to click on the Continue button so that a screen will appear indicating that you must approve Share your wallet with that person. If you approve it, click on the Accept button and continue .

Afterwards, you will have to indicate which elements of the family library you want to share. For example, games, books, audiobooks, videos, and more . Check them with one box each and then select the Continue option . Finally, you will see a summary on the screen with the name and email of the person you want to send the invitation to. If everything is correct, click on Send .

 Ask your family member to accept the invitation


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When you have finished the above procedure, you will be redirected to the main Household page. You will see a notification in green about the invitation you have made, your friend or family member will have 14 days to confirm the invitation. The person receiving the notification will have to open their email and check their inbox . Among the incoming messages will be the request sent by you, ask him to open it and verify his information by clicking on the link he received. By doing this, they will already have access to your profile.


 List of the best series and movies available on Amazon Prime to watch on your shared account

For you to fully enjoy your new Amazon Prime account with friends and family, we show you the best alternatives in series and movies that you can choose to watch.

Check out:

 Mr. Robot

Among the list could not miss Mr. Robot, a series that from its inception had very good acceptance. In this 4-season proposal you can enjoy the talent of Rami Malek in all its splendor , the actor gives life to Elliot Anderson (a programmer who fights against terrorism on the Internet).

His character is full of insecurities, sometimes apathy and social anxiety, but it does not mean that he detracts from his intellectual capacity. This White hacker will seek at all costs to do justice . And in the meantime, the intricate plot is sure to keep you on the screen for hours. The ideal of this series is that all the chapters are already available, so you will be able to see them in a weekend marathon.

 Out of control

Out of Control is one of the most acclaimed movies you can see on Amazon Prime, it stars Russell Crowe and Caren Pistorius. It is a psychological thriller that will take you to the limit between harassment and panic. After a daily situation at the wheel, you will see how Rachel’s (Caren Pistorius) life can turn into hell.

It is directed by Derrick Stacey Borte, who brought American Dreamer and London Town to the big screen. The long-awaited action, suspense and drama scenes of great technical quality will not be lacking. Without a doubt, it is a movie that promises to keep you attentive from the beginning to the end. 

 Good ommens

It is a miniseries that has caused some controversy on the streaming platform. Good Omens is an adaptation that is based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It is only 6 chapters in which you will see the relationship that can arise between an angel and a demon against the antichrist.


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The performances of David Tennant and Michael Sheen are most colorful for the stage they pose. In reality, it is a story full of fantasy that tries to treat social problems with eccentricity. It is a very well worked production between Amazon Prime and the BBC that is worth seeing.


And if war and historical movies are your thing, you can’t miss out on “Midway: Battle in the Pacific . ” It represents the iconic confrontation between the United States and the Japanese fleets in 1942, which took place after the tragic events of Pearl Harbor where the conflict began.

It is a film with very well achieved effects, memorable performances and a view of reality that many miss. Most applauded by critics is the way they portrayed the losses suffered by both sides. The cast includes actors like Mandy Moore, Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson, Aaron Eckhart, and even Nick Jonas.

 The Day of the End of the World (Film)

Finally, do not forget to see The day of the end of the world , in this installment Gerard Butler finds himself in an apocalyptic moment avoiding difficulties. Among them, the biggest challenge will be getting your family safely to safety . A great way to entertain yourself if you like action from the comfort of home. It is a clear mention of the danger that the inhabitants of this planet can suffer if the world ends. But this is not all, from all this arises what are the important values ​​of life .


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