5 things men do that women hate

Having an affective relationship with someone is always very interesting, but it is not as simple and easy to deal with as it seems at first. Every love relationship has its complications, because no one is like anyone, each has their own way and manias, which may not always match the other’s way and mania, and thus the problems in the relationship arise.

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Driven by passion, people believe that every relationship that begins will be wonderful, without any setbacks or challenges to be overcome by the couple. Everything seems to be quite simple and requires no effort. They think it is enough to just find someone special and fall in love with her.

However, the reality is completely different from our expectations. When people fall in love and start building their relationship, it is important to be patient, wise and love enough to manage it not only with emotion, but also with reason. It usually takes a long time to get used to and get to know each other better. The most interesting thing is that there are always things that irritate the partners among themselves.

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When a person starts a relationship, he needs to be ready to understand that not everything will be as his will and that his partner, just like you are composed of qualities and defects. Defects that may be revealed or that you simply cannot bear. That is why the importance of dialogue and time to date without being in a hurry to leave for a wedding without first knowing each other enough to leave for a more serious relationship and life together.

There are countless common reasons why a couple fight. Among them are several reasons that come from men and that stress women, causing them to complain almost daily. Thinking about it, today we prepare something special for you. We are offering you a list of 5 attitudes that men do that women hate! That’s right, a list of 5 things men do that make any woman crazy with rage.

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I know you may be thinking: “But only 5 things ?! They do a lot more annoying things !! ”Yes, we know that they can have a lot more than five attitudes, but stay tuned to the list and leave your comment if you agree with them or not and leave us suggestions of other irritating attitudes that men do on a daily basis and that we women we hate and that can damage the quality of their love relationship.

  1. Simple messages with no immediate responses:

You send a message to your loved ones and then wait for an answer. Do a few hours pass and no return? Does that sound familiar? Most women hate it when their partners start a conversation and do not end, or remain unanswered for hours, even though they know they have already received the message and even viewed it. We hate it when a man doesn’t answer us or when we declare ourselves, we make long texts and after a long delay the most we have of a return is an “OK” or “Me too”.

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  • Here’s the tip:Make a deal with your partner that if one of the two cannot answer in the next few hours, send a message and inform them that it may not be possible to respond at that moment. That way, you can be sure that he didn’t ignore you or be worried that something might have happened.
  1. Lack of hygiene:

We women try daily to keep our house clean and tidy. We don’t like to see it when it’s messy and dirty. We also don’t like unpleasant odors. That is why women really hate it, when their spouses do not collaborate with the organization of the house. If you can’t help organize, at least help to keep organized.

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We detest attitudes that some men have that demonstrate poor hygiene, such as:

  • Dirty socks spread around the house;
  • Wet towels on the bed;
  • Spills of urine through the toilet and bathroom;
  • Elimination of gases in front of us;
  • Burps;
  • Dirty and long nails;
  • Repetition of the clothes used several times in a row, among other bad habits.
  1. Leave the toilet seat up all the way to the bathroom:

This is an eternal fight between men and women, as we hate to go to the bathroom and see that lid lifted, forcing us to put our hands on the lid that may not be clean but full of splashes. In turn, men, due to the practicality of keeping it raised, do not stoop. This is often capable of generating some conflicts between the couple.

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There are couples who simply ignore this fact and each does his part, even if the other does not collaborate with his wishes, but there are couples who live in war, precisely because they have to touch on this issue every day, wearing down the relationship. This fact was once the scene of several romantic comedy films, it is so common.

  1. Take offense at a denial of an invitation to leave, but when accepted, they complain that the money is short:

This is a reality among many couples, especially those who are beginning their journey in the field of love for two. There is no reason for a man to be offended when his partner does not want to go out, she may simply not have the money to contribute to the tour or is seeing her financial situation is not so well, or even she is in no mood. It is totally unpleasant when a man is upset with a refusal.

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However, even more unpleasant is when we accept to go out with them, but we are being controlled or warned that the money is short and that he will run out of money after the tour.

  1. PMS and the menstrual cycle:

Reason for fights between most couples, because in this period the woman suffers from hormonal changes, tending to be a little more irritable than normal, to be more sensitive, to have mood swings or to have several other changes that occur specifically during this period. The lack of understanding on the part of men in this period is something that women detest.

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It is difficult for a man to understand these changes and they believe that a woman does not change so much in a few days, and so the fights start for silly reasons. In this sense, in order that the fights caused by the emotional state that we get when we have PMS , it is necessary to seek medical help so that it indicates the best treatment to mitigate the harmful effects of this fart in your menstrual cycle, as well as it is also It is important for the man to read, research and understand more about what happens to the female organism in this period and what he can do to not further instigate the change in mood these days.


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