Why they love and hate voice messages

Voice messages have changed the way people communicate. On the one hand, when you record by voice, you don’t have to call. On the other hand, long “voices” are boring to listen to – my friend often encounters this when she has to listen to a boring story for 2-3 minutes. It’s good that WhatsApp now has the ability to increase the listening speed. The fashion for audio messages has given rise to many jokes, memes that will be relevant for a very long time. How to live in the world of voice messages?

What you need to know about voice messages?

Why they don’t like voice messages

First of all, audio messages are convenient for those who send them. We rarely think about whether it is handy for the recipient to listen to them. And how much anger falls on those who let them pass or listen after a while! It seems that such people by default annoy with their arrogance – you see, now there is no way to listen. What could be easier than putting your phone to your ear?

That feeling when I got another voice

Voice (from the English voice) – everything that is connected with the voice. Voices can be called voice messages, recordings, etc.

What else is wrong with this way of communicating?

  • It takes longer to listen to voice messages than to read text. Unfortunately, it all depends on the manner of communication: someone speaks faster, quickly formulates a thought, while others are in no hurry, slowly and measuredly remember what they wanted to say. This is infuriating, but listening at an increased speed helps out. As a result, a cursory reading of the message will be more beneficial than a two-minute voice.
  • Voices are often recorded on the street. There is nothing better than writing them down while standing in the wind. The one who will have to listen to it gets even more pleasure – try to figure out what kind of word was said during the raging bad weather.
  • It’s hard to remember anything in voice messages. I don’t even know which is better: to receive five minute audio messages or one five minute message. It is especially difficult when you need to clarify information – you have to listen to a mountain of audio messages in order to remember where it was. I’m sure many of you would prefer to use the dialogue search to find the information you are looking for.
  • You need to listen to audio messages. Sometimes you are not alone in a room or office, which complicates the process. Yes, and it is indecent to somehow ask a person to wait a little while you listen to the incoming. You have to put the phone to your ear or listen through the main speaker. It is even better if the interlocutor spam them, and you are in a noisy place. In the same subway, listening to voice is very problematic.

When Voice Messages Are Appropriate

But with them, not everything is so simple. You can understand those who use them. Audio messages have replaced phone calls: no more awkward attempts to strike up a conversation. You just need to say hello unilaterally to get your message across. Sometimes there is simply no way to print something, and there is no time at all.

Of course, we do not recommend doing this manually while driving: it is better to use a voice assistant so as not to be distracted from the road. By the way, in our Yandex.Zen you can find many gadgets that make the life of a car owner better!

How to properly prepare for listening to voice

I like to congratulate people on their birthday on the phone. In the morning. Hours at 9. Yes, I know how unlucky my friends are. I have one friend who does not answer calls at all on his birthday – sending an audio message comes to the rescue. With their help, congratulations become more capacious and dynamic, because at the other end of the line no one interrupts you, does not sigh or groan. Due to this, much more warm words can be said than in person.

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Do I need to send voice messages

Undoubtedly, this is a very important thing. Use voice messages wisely. It all depends on the specific case: for example, you have a friend with whom you communicate exclusively in this way. I think it’s because of convenience that you communicate like that. On the other hand, it is not necessary to listen to an audio message right away: you can write in response that there is no way to play it yet.

I agree, sometimes it’s better to call

I guess you shouldn’t try to send it to people with whom you have never exchanged them. Exception: a girl you recently met and are just texting. You didn’t hear her voice, and she didn’t hear yours. This seems like a great way to spice things up a bit. Is not it? Again, one or two audio messages will not get any worse, and then look at the situation.

What is voicemail for?

I’m sure we completely forgot about where it all began! Remember, your phone has a handy feature called voicemail? It seems that now it is not as relevant as 10-15 years ago. It used to be the norm to record a voice message on an answering machine, leaving a small message to the subscriber.

In the series “Friends”, the answering machine is used incredibly often

Modern audio messages are very similar to what they used to be – the whole problem is in their massiveness. The same applies to photos and messages in messengers – there are too many of them, and the value has lost. The next time you are thinking of recording a voice for your loved one, try to make it as concise and understandable as possible.

Voice messages allow you to hear a person or get a message across without making a call. This makes them as convenient as text. I think the value of voice messages is equal to the value of regular messages. The main thing is not to abuse them, so as not to turn them into outright spam.


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