I’m divorced: how to find new love?

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the number of couples who divorce daily is increasing. One of the biggest complaints before the judge to declare the statement about such an act is the so-called incompatibility of genius, which is nothing more than the problem arising from the different ways of thinking and acting between one and the other.

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People have complained that the coexistence between a couple is something very difficult to deal with, making the marriage exhausting and that often the conflicts generated by the difficulties that a couple goes through only have the solution to divorce.

In this way, couples seek to formalize the separation and, therefore, aim to continue their life seeking peace and happiness.

In this search, many choose to start the search for new love. However, as they have been in relationship with the same person for a while, they have lost the direction to find someone to start a new relationship. Other people close themselves off by discrediting the love and character of man. And for that reason when they finally decide not to live alone anymore, they are lost and lack the courage to start a new love phase in their lives.

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If this is your reality and you don’t know where to start finding new love after the difficult phase of divorce, stay tuned for the essential information you should know before you go out in search of a new relationship.

Why find a new love?

First of all you need to understand why you are looking for new love.

Going after finding someone to relate to should not be motivated by avoiding loneliness, letting on that it is okay or simply trying to forget the old love.

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Your motivations must be to want to have a company to share a new love story, to be happy and to be able to make someone happy,

How to find a new love?

  • Leave home:

Okay, nowadays the Internet is full of sites available for those looking to find someone to relate to. However, the best way to get to know someone is still in person.

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To do this, you need to stop giving voice to sadness and leave the house a little. Nothing to sink into the bed or isolate yourself from the world. There is life outside your comfort zone, outside your home. And leaving home is already a big step towards increasing your chances of finding great love.

  • Frequent the right places:

Think with me: if you would hate to date a party person, who enjoys parties and drinks, does it make sense to go out looking for someone just going to parties with your friends? Of course not.

Try to frequent the right, strategic places. Places where you feel good, enjoy the environment and the profile of people who frequent there.

Thus, at least they will already find some affinities to start a conversation and they will be able to get closer to know each other and see the possibility of starting a relationship.

  • Take care:

To find a new love you also need to enhance your natural beauty. This does not mean going out to buy expensive clothes, having plastic surgery or signing up for television programs to participate in a transformation in appearance. What you need to do is simply take care of yourself.

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This is not just because you want to meet someone and win their admiration. But do it for you.

After a diversion or after going through any difficult period in our life, we often leave the daily care of our appearance in the background. Here are some simple tips for you to take care of yourself and feel more beautiful to find a new love:

  • Make a daily beauty routine, cleaning your face, applying your skin creams and using light makeup;
  • Always use a pleasant perfume after each bath;
  • Maintain good oral hygiene continuously;
  • Make a new cut in your hair;
  • Make your hair hydrate at home;
  • Always leave your house well-groomed, with discreet clothes and if you like accessories, make use of them, but without exaggeration;
  • Eat well, in a balanced way and without excess calories,
  • Work out. doing physical activity is good for the body and mind.
  • No rush or pressure

Don’t let the rush to find a boyfriend or the pressure from your friends and family be the real reasons why you decide to find new love.

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Follow your heart and take your time, since every separation causes pain and it takes time for the desire to get involved with someone to resurface.

  • Additional tips:
  • Don’t let the fear that past relationship mistakes happen again, be open to the new and let go of your fears.
  • Each relationship is unique. Don’t make comparisons. Yes, avoid comparing the attitudes, the way of being and the way your renewed relationship is going compared to your previous relationship.
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  • Understand that no relationship is perfect. And do you know why? Because every relationship is built by imperfect people. We have innumerable qualities, but also innumerable defects. Do not wait for the Prince Charming where you will be happy with him every day forever. Put your foot down and understand that life is a bombshell of two good and bad and whether you are in a loving relationship or not, difficulties will always exist.

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  • Set real goals. Nothing to be too demanding, exhausting every suitor who appears just because you believe it will not work. As stated earlier, we are all imperfect, so don’t make a very long list of the qualities your ideal man needs to have.
  • Love yourself first. Usually after a separation, both have a shaken self-esteem, with hurt feelings, which makes it difficult to see the possibility of finding a nice person to have a new relationship. Do not think like that. Do not believe the negative thoughts that come to sabotage us.

Believe in your potential, value your qualities and love yourself long before you want to be loved by someone. It is very important to recognize your own value so that you can understand that you do not have to stay with the first person you see ahead or accept something that does not really satisfy you. Love yourself, find yourself beautiful and only give your heart to those who really deserve it and also see its value.

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