5 strange and wonderful fruits

Fruit is one of the major sources of food and nutrition on earth. Attractive and varied in taste, smell, color, nutrition, rich in variety. One fruit is known to look different, as one fruit is popular as a kind of disease resistant. In our world, there are many different fruits of different colors, which are famous in certain areas. Particularly in stores and even in regular supermarkets, there are constantly some exotic or unknown fruits. However, there are many fruits that we do not know or do not know. Here are some of the fruits:

Blood Whole (Rokto gota)

The whole blood is seen in the mountainous region. Its juice is so red it feels like its juice has been soaked in blood. Not real blood but. Fruit juice is very red so it seems that there is blood in the mouth.


This fruit is probably grown in the Rangamati hills. However, Chittagong market is sold as a diabetic fruit.

Kiwano melon (Kiwano melon)

One of the most beautiful fruits in the world is the Kiwano watermelon, also known as African cucumber. Its botanical name is Cucumis metuliferus. Kiwano spikes around the watermelon. Basically the fruit is like a grain to eat but more like a combination of banana and lemon when ripe.

Kiwano watermelon

This fruit is cultivated in California, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, in addition to Africa. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. This fruit is effective for producing red blood cells, keeping glucose levels in the blood, the heart, and even the skin.


Cucamelon, also known as a small watermelon. They look like grapes of very small size, which is very interesting. Cucamelon is famous in Mexico and Central America. Its botanical name is Melothria scabra . Although it looks like watermelon, the taste of lemon is more like a grain of bread.


চেরিময়া (Cherimoya)

The fruit, called cherimaya, is American. However, this fruit looks like Ata fruit in Bangladesh. It grows in habitat courtyards and forests in Bangladesh and India. However, it is commercially grown in Thailand, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Australia and the United States. Its botanical name is Annona cherimola .


The cherrymaya looks like an attic, but the inside is white and the custard ate too. It tastes like bananas, peach fruits, strawberries. It contains a large amount of foods such as sugars and sugars. It is also effective in increasing the brightness of the eyes, controlling blood pressure, eliminating malnutrition problems.


Etymia fruit is a hybrid type of fruit. Crossing the custard apple and cherrymare has resulted in the onset of ataxia. Although it is native to America, it is very popular in Taiwan, Palestine, Lebanon.

It is juicy and smooth to eat, slightly sweet and slightly talkative. Taste of antima, like pineapple, coconut and vanilla combination.

Black sapota

Black Sabeda is native to Central America and South America. Its botanical name is Dispyros nigra . The exterior of this fruit is olive colored or dark yellowish green

The inside of it is like chocolate, with a very soft, sweet taste. That’s why many people call black sauda a chocolate pudding fruit.

Buddhas hand

The Buddha’s Hand is like a horrible Halloween prop to look at. It is cultivated in China and India. The botanical name of the fruit is Citrus medica .

Buddha’s Hand

The Buddhas Hand is a bunch of yellow fingers and the white part inside that is eaten as food. Besides food, it is also used as perfume and medicine.


Durian is one of the most strange and amazing fruits on earth. It is known as the most stinky fruit on earth. It is heard that all the teachers and students have been forced to flee the campus on an Australian campus. Because a foul durian smelled on campus. This shows how horrible the smell of the fruit is.


Again, the price of it will be more surprising to anyone. The fruit of the fruit is very popular because of its health benefits like the jackfruit. Gastric, heart defects, rapid aging, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, blood pressure, anemia etc. are effective in preventing many diseases.

Tea fruit (Tiessa / Yellow sapota / Canistel)

Spindle-shaped, yellow sapota and large-shaped, beautiful and tall (Carnistel). The outer part and inner part are both yellow and seeded. Its botanical name is Pouteria campechiana .

Tea fruit

As a result of Tisa, all kinds of vitamins and minerals, its medicinal quality is very high. To reduce blood pressure, cancer even prevents HIV.


Persimmon looks like Gab. The fruit has a greenish yellow color when ripe. Its shells taste exquisite and taste sweet. Its scientific name is Diospyros kaki . This fruit is used to prevent constipation and diarrhea. It is also used to treat drug addiction and whooping cough.


Talk Atta (Graviola / Soursop)

Talk Atta or Corsola is the fruit of Central and South America. The outer part is green and the inside is white and seeded. Its scientific name is Annona muricata . Various vitamin and mineral rich fruits that are used as medicinal plants in many countries. It is known as an anti-cancer fruit, used in the treatment of cancer. Talk Ata increases the body’s immunity. The extract of this plant stops the growth of the tumor.

Talk Ata


Jabatikaba is a small palm tree like a vine. These fruits are directly attached to the stem of the tree. It is a native of Latin America. The scientific name of Jabtakabar is Myrciaria Chawliflora . It is rich in vitamin C rich fruits. This fruit is the result of the light aromatic mint nature.



The little fruit is also known as Indian Malberry. The outer part is yellowish white and brownish brown on the outside, when the fruit is ripe. It is an ayurvedic tree that is effective in reducing digestive problems, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure.

Small fruit

Paw Paw

Pao Pao is a popular American fruit. The outer part of the fruit is yellow and the inner part is orange. Its scientific name is Asimina triloba. These fruits taste sweet and are like bananas to eat. Pao pao fruit is used to relieve fever, vomiting, headache.

Get it


Rambutan litchi is a national fruit. The outer part of the red girdle is slightly more flexible; And inside is a litchi-like fleshy part that contains a seed. Its scientific name is Nephelium lappaceum .


Rambutan contains protein, fat, glucose, fructose, sucrose, calcium, vitamins, amino acids. Works to prevent the wound healing, diarrhea, diarrhea, to help fill the wound area of ​​the body.

Santol (Santol)

Shantol is a fruit rich in nutrients. Its scientific name is Sandoricum indicum . It has plenty of protein, carbohydrates and fat. There are also thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, iron, etc.

Calm down

Shantol leaves and bark are used in the pharmaceutical industry to relieve pain. Studies show evidence that saphenol juice works against cancer.


The root is green in appearance and the inner side is white in appearance. Its scientific name is Artocarpus altilis . The breadfruit can be eaten as a banana as ripe fruits or vegetables. In addition, coconut, sugar or jaggery can be made with food.


The most interesting thing is that it is the only fruit that is baked like bread so it is called breadfruit. It is a high calorie fruit which is effective in treating high blood pressure, shortness of breath, inflammation of the tongue, various skin diseases.


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