TOHU review: a strange fairy tale

 Games takes us to the wonderful world of Puff and Cubus in their latest point and click detail. Let’s find out TOHU together in our review

A world of flying planet-weights, which blends technology and nature with a decidedly interesting design. Today we want to talk to you about TOHU , the latest point and click adventure from Fireart Games, former authors of Spirit Roots. Good graphics, interesting puzzles and a very peculiar design. Let’s find out Tohu together in our review!

Flying planet fish

Yes, you read that correctly. Flying planet fish. TOHU is set in a very particular world, and this is the context in which the adventures of Puff and Cubus take place . One night, out of nowhere, a strange figure descends from the sky to destroy the Sacred Engine. The Sacred Engine is an ingenious machine that protects the world of TOHU’s flying fish-planets from external dangers . Our task will be to guide, as already mentioned, the two protagonists of the game: little Puff and her friend Cubus, who will find themselves busy repairing the contraption, with the help of Uncle Rottame.

The Gameplay – Tohu Review: A Strange Fairy Tale

Let’s start by saying that TOHU, basically, is a point and click. During the adventure it is possible, as already mentioned, to control both Puff and Cubus, to solve the puzzles that the game puts in front of us based on their skills. Puff is skinnier, so she is capable of juggling small spaces , climbing and more. Cubus, on the other hand, is less mobile , but on the other hand much stronger than the child, so it will come in handy when you have to move heavier objects. By alternating the abilities of the characters it will be possible to progress in the game until the Sacred Engine is repaired and bring peace to the world of TOHU.

Overall, the game consists of advancing between planets by collecting items and solving small mini-games. The minigames are challenging at the right point, but in case of difficulty each game area offers help that can be activated from the menu. This function is clearly aimed at younger players , who therefore, even in case of difficulty, will be able to progress in the adventure without too many problems .

Look and feel – Tohu review: a strange fairy tale

As much as TOHU’s gameplay may be enjoyable, the real strong point of the game is the artistic sector . On the design side, Fireart Games did a really good job. The game is designed as if it were a great children’s fairy tale full of strange characters, very colorful and really well managed . The game world is an interesting mix of technology and nature, enriched and embellished with numerous details.

The levels are full of objects and populated by numerous creatures, as well as a large number of puzzles to solve. The thing that struck us most are the character animations , numerous and really well done, and the care of every single interaction with the game world. Even the music that characterizes the various levels fits, and makes the experience a pleasant package.

Technically – Tohu Review: A Strange Fairy Tale

On the technical side, we find some problems that afflict TOHU in a rather influential way. As detailed and interesting as the game world is, the responsiveness of the elements with which Puff and Cubus can interact is not the best . Often dragging objects, moving them or activating switches becomes really difficult, with the cursor struggling to be precise. In addition to this, in some places the characters (probably due to a bug) got stuck, making it impossible to progress in the adventure. While it is always possible to save and restart the game, this makes the experience patchy and fragmented , as well as frustrating.

We also encountered some minor graphical problems. In TOHU it is possible to zoom in with the game camera in order to interact more precisely with some elements, but in some situations the screen goes completely dark . To solve this other bug, we had to resort (on the PC version we tested) to the shortcut Alt + Tab to change the window, and then return to the game. This second bug contributes to the above, and makes the adventure a little too compromised.

The verdict

TOHU is a point and click “chill” adventure mainly aimed at children or for those who are not very familiar with this type of games . If its strong point is certainly the design and the artistic sector in general, the same cannot be said of the technical side. While TOHU looks like a wonderful fairy tale, its instability makes it unnecessarily frustrating, despite its short duration (the game barely lasts 6 hours ). We do not have details on the stability of the Nintendo Switch version, but we are confident that the team will soon do their best in updates and bugfixes to do justice to a title that looks good, but (unfortunately) betrays its promises.


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