What is meant by morale? First of all, we must know what the word spirit means? Spirit is encouragement, motivation or passion possessed by someone. Meanwhile, the spirit of work is an embodiment of high work morale to produce a work that is proud of itself. Some people call the spirit of work as motivation to work. Understanding morale according to experts, morale is a condition that is owned by individuals or groups to achieve important goals that they expect. According to Nitisemito, one indication that we do not have high morale is the low level of productivity that exists in us.


Why is morale important? The spirit of work becomes very important because without enthusiasm or high work morale, a person will not have high productivity to be able to achieve the goals they expect. If morale is something that is very important, then how to increase morale?


According to the Gantt dot com team website, there are 5 main questions that can encourage employee morale every month, which are as follows.


1. “What is the biggest challenge for you right now?”

Is that a challenge? Challenges are all things that can encourage us to be even better, because challenges will encourage us to try as much as possible. This question is very important to ask the employee. The goal is that employees can explain honestly about the things that have hampered their performance at work.


This question becomes very effective because a leader must know at what point his team members are struggling. Maybe we don’t know that employee laptops often experience problems, internet connections are too slow or other challenges that we will never know about, without asking these questions.


This question will open a very good open discussion for the leader and his employees. Through this question, both employees and leaders will jointly try to find answers or solutions to existing challenges. By asking this question, we are indirectly trying to improve employee performance , eliminate obstacles and increase employee productivity .


2. “What is your biggest achievement this month?”

The second question we can ask to encourage morale is to ask about the greatest achievement we have been proud of that our employees did that month. The following are some questions we can ask:

– What have you done recently?

– Is there any proud work that you have done?

– What are the highlights of your latest works?

– Do you have an inspiring success story lately?


This question becomes very effective because employees will be motivated to provide more achievement. Why? Because this question shows that the leader feels very concerned with all the achievements possessed by his employees.


3. “What Are the Things You Need to Do Differently?”

Each team member or employee certainly has a different perspective regarding the performance they have given. Through this question, leaders and employees together find out what things can be done differently. The aim is to improve the quality of the company in the future.


Every employee must have opinions and aspirations. By asking these questions to employees, they will be even more excited to think about progress and innovation important to the company . Thus, employees can make the best contribution to the company.


This question becomes very effective because leaders and companies like all employees involve in the progress of the company. Employees will feel that their leaders truly appreciate the diversity of ideas and aspirations that employees have, so they are willing to listen to every idea that is given. This question gives the impression that there is nothing more special and nothing mediocre.


4. “Are There Resources That Can Help You Right Now?”

The word “resource” included in this question will open up great opportunities in many ways. The answers can also vary, for example personal assistants, flexible working hours, faster internet connections, laptops with better conditions, working time meetings that are more effective, long leave and so forth.


This question is very effective in encouraging employee morale , because this question will make employees that their leaders care deeply about their needs. Leaders not only need energy, energy and bright ideas from their employees, but leaders also want to see their employees happy and comfortable with their current jobs. Who would try not to be more enthusiastic about working, if the company really cares about its employees like this?


5. “Can I Help You?”

The last question that is very powerful to encourage employee morale is “is there anything I can help you with?” This question shows the sense of humanity that leaders have, as well as the expression of questions to show that “I am here to help and support my subordinates”.


This question is more than just a professional need, but this question will also make employees feel more cared for and they will feel more involved with the company. That way, they will provide morale or more work morale in doing all work tasks that exist.


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