How to answer questions in Facebook stories with photos?

With the arrival of stories on Facebook, new forms of interaction and entertainment have been added among the users of the famous social network. Surveys are a quick and easy way to ask questions among friends and family. Do you want to know how to answer questions in Facebook stories with photos? Here we tell you everything we know.

Is it possible to use photos to answer questions in Facebook stories?

The stories of your friends and family are available at the top of the Facebook posts and news section . In case of not displaying the stories, you can press the icon with the shape of a house, just below the logo of the social network. Once the stories are located, you can click on any of them and view all the content shared by users.

Surveys and questions are part of the content that can be created and shared in the stories section . In this sense, they are based on a question located at the top with two possible answer options, or with a text answer box. Something very similar to what can be done in group Instagram stories .

For this reason, when interacting with a survey it is only possible to select the options already loaded. Similarly, individual questions can only be answered with text. In this sense, it is not possible to add photos when answering questions in Facebook stories . As in the image below, where it is only possible to answer “Yes” or “No” in a survey.

What I can do?

Facebook offers several ways to interact with the content that your friends upload. In this way, when viewing any story, you can click and select between “send message” or send a reaction.

The first option allows you to write a message or text, as well as select and send a wide variety of stickers. Similarly, with the second option you can choose between “I love it”, “I like it”, “I am amused” and more. Both responses will go directly to the user’s Messenger .

On the other hand, if you are looking to answer Facebook stories with photos, there may be an alternative . First, reply to the story with a message or emoji, to get the user’s attention. Then go to the Messenger option and choose the chat you want to send the photo to. Finally, select the option to attach from gallery, choose the photo and voila! You will have made it.

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