Millennial generation is the great and unique generation that came before the generation Z . Approximately what year of the millennial generation was born? The millennial generation is a generation of individuals born around the 1980s to the 2000s. The millennial generation according to experts is the generation that is very agile in dealing with change and they are tech-savvy. Tech-savvy means reliable or smart in all matters relating to technology. So, this has become one of the advantages of the millennial generationwhich is really sought after by many companies in the digital age like now. Indonesia’s millennial generation has also begun to penetrate and dominate companies in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Manado, Medan, and so on.


Nowadays, there have been many studies conducted on the millennial generation, even the papers of the millennial generation have started to spread everywhere. Not only that, these data also explain how to interact with xyz and millennial generations. Because the millennial generation has increasingly dominated the world of work, we need to pay more attention to this matter. What’s more, the advantages they have as tech-savvy are really needed by many companies in this modern era.


Are Millennials Interested in New Job Opportunities? 

Yep! in fact, according to a study conducted by Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidates, they have surveyed 14,000 professionals worldwide. Their study shows that 91% of millennials feel very open to new job opportunities. In fact, 68% of millennials claim that they feel very honored and proud, when there are recruiters who reach out to them personally. For example, recruiters on LinkedIn send messages to invite them to work together. Wow, that’s really cool for them!


With all the talent that the millennial generation has, maybe we will wonder, “How effective can we be to get the millennials to work in our company?” Don’t worry, the results of this study also explain some of the best ways that companies can implement so that millennials are interested in working in our company. According to the Business LinkedIn dot com website, there are 5 effective ways we can do this, namely as follows:


1. Invite Millennials to Office Tours in Our Company and Invite Them to Our Office Events.

Still based on a survey conducted by Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidates, the data shows that 51% of millennials like to observe companies that exist today so they can get to know the corporate culture that prevails within the company.


Do we need to suddenly invite them randomly to do the office tour? Of course not. We can apply this after the interview process with the millennial candidates is over. After the interview is over, invite them to walk around the office rooms that are allowed to be visited. For example, show them how the condition and design of our meeting room. Usually, millennials will be attracted by designs that for them are “really millennial!” not rigid, but dynamic.


Show them where their room and work table will be if they are chosen to be employees in our company. Oops! To do this, make sure that we already feel “comfortable” and really want this candidate to work in our company. Through this tour office, we can try to make the millennial generation interested in working in our office.


In addition, we can also invite them to our office events. For example, every year we always hold conferences whose topics are relevant to the millennial generation. Well, we can invite them to our office events so they can get to know the culture of the company that we have.


2. Company Social Media Sites and Accounts Must Be Really Active.

We all know that the millennial generation has a very close relationship with technology and the internet, one of which is social media. These advantages can be an opportunity for us to attract them to work within our company, by making the company’s social media sites and accounts more active and interactive with followers.


The study said that 51% of millennials said that the company’s website was the first stop they would visit, when they were curious and curious about a company. In addition, 27% of millennials will try to learn the work culture of a company based on the words described on the website.


Not only does the company’s website have to be our concern, but we can also pay attention to blog sites and other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Millennials are the most followers of social media, so it would not hurt to promote our company through social media.


3. Tell the Millennials that your company likes to provide opportunities for career growth and development

Another way companies can take to attract the attention of millennials is to let them know that the company of their fellow readers really appreciates an opportunity and has no objection to providing opportunities for employee growth and career development . That way, they will feel very interested because the millennials are eager for rapid career growth with a clear process. That is why they also really need transparency from a company.


The study shows that 42% of millennials say that they are very interested in working in a company that can offer them new opportunities, especially opportunities to advance their careers. Meanwhile, only 32% of the Y generation and 13% of the Baby Boomers generation agree with this. So, don’t forget to offer golden opportunities to millennials, yes.


4. Give Them an Opportunity to Meet and Interact with Managers and Employees in Your Company.

After bringing the millennial candidates to the office tour or office tour, then we can use this opportunity to invite them to get acquainted and briefly interact with existing managers and employees. In this way, millennial candidates will get shadows or imaginations about how the work atmosphere they will have in our company.


From this method, they might conclude things like, “Wow, it turns out that the employees at this company are very friendly, it must be fun working here” or “Hmm, if I work in this company my development will definitely increase, because the manager is really great and deserves to be emulated “. So, don’t forget to introduce them to the office people after the tour office is over.


5. Tell the Millennial Candidates that your company highly values ​​a feedback culture.

Yep! Feedback is one of the things that millennials like very much. They really like constructive feedback, so they can learn from mistakes and develop themselves better. That is why they are looking for companies and leaders who can provide feedback to the development of themselves they continually.


In fact, survey results suggest that 47% of millennials say that feedback can make them feel more involved in the workplace. Meanwhile, only 35% of Gen Y and 26% of Baby Booms like constructive feedback.


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