What Are Modern Entrepreneurs?

To find out the meaning of modern entrepreneurs, we need to know what is meant by “entrepreneurship” first. Why? Because there are differences between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship or between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are people who are involved in the entrepreneurship that they have built. Entrepreneurship is any form of business formed by individuals or groups in which the founders already have a strong mentality in taking risks for the potential for high returns (profits). Modern entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who establish and expand all forms of their business.


If your Career Advice colleagues are business owners since 2018, your fellow readers can be categorized as a modern businessman or often referred to as “Modern entrepreneurs 2018”. This is evidenced by entrepreneurs who established their businesses from 2018 until 2019, now have tried to create their own personal brand or brand , they are trying to collect data and analyze it, build strong business models, set business goals, design business plans, etc. so. Entrepreneurs can be called modern entrepreneurs because they do all that through the power of technology.


Get to know “Modern Entrepreneurs” Deeper

The maximum use of technology is what distinguishes modern entrepreneurs from classical entrepreneurs or conventional entrepreneurs who use classic methods.


They do not use the power of technology or even override this technological resource. In several articles that have been written and discussed by foreign speakers, this has become a key point of the difference between traditional and modern entrepreneurship. That is, technology plays a very important role in differentiating modern entrepreneurs from conventional entrepreneurs. One of the concepts of entrepreneurship or the concept of entrepreneurship of modern entrepreneurs is an innovative concept, where modern entrepreneurs will struggle and strive to produce new innovations from their business.


According to research conducted by FreshBooks, me and all of my fellow readers are currently living in the glorious times of entrepreneurship filled with modern entrepreneurs. This research shows that the number of modern and professional entrepreneurs in 2018 will be 15 million and this will skyrocket in 2020 which is around 42 million entrepreneurs. Wow, it’s increased dramatically huh!


If the technological development in 2018 and 2019 alone is already extraordinary, it is certain that the technological development in 2020 will greatly help modern entrepreneurs to further improve their business and innovation.


If this will be very profitable, then how do we become modern entrepreneurs? According to the dot com entrepreneur website, there are 3 main ways we can do in trying to become a modern entrepreneur, namely as follows:


1. Modern Entrepreneurs need to Build Personality Well.

The development of technology in the digital era today has allowed many people to buy products directly from the person who made them. Do you still remember how fishermen have to hand over their catch fish and farmers who surrender their crops to be handed over to distributors so they can be traded to others? Yep! it is a portrait of entrepreneurship in the past.


Modern entrepreneurs can build their own brand or brand in their own environment, where these modern entrepreneurs will be the “heart” of the brand that they created so that they can stand out from the competitors’ products.


With all the developments and advancements available, the corporate world is becoming a world that is so big and can be easily reached by many people. Customers can easily buy the products or goods they want directly from the traders or their innovators directly. In this case, modern entrepreneurs need to “humanize” their own brand of products so that customers will feel that their lives will be more complete if they use our products. This effort also aims so that our products can be accepted into the market very well.


In addition, modern entrepreneurs can build their own personal image through social media. For example, well-known beauty vloggers will find it easier to market their lipstick brands. Through the help of social media, customers will be more confident to buy our products because they can review everything related to the product through existing social media accounts. The modern era has helped entrepreneurs to build their unique personalities so that customers or consumers are not only interested in their personalities, but also in the products they sell.


Through this first point, we can clearly see that modern entrepreneurs need to build their personalities well so that product sales can increase because customers are not only interested in their personalities, but also in the products they have.


2. Modern Entrepreneurs Sell the Products They Want.

Classical entrepreneurs or the entrepreneurs of the ancients, they only focused on what items they could sell, where those items were needed by consumers. However, modern entrepreneurs are people who create business opportunities by selling goods they like. Modern entrepreneurs don’t sell products based on what they can sell.


If we want to be modern entrepreneurs, then we need to have high motivation for what we sell. In other words, we must have such high confidence that the products we offer will be welcomed by our customers, if not now maybe later in the future.


What if we don’t have passion or are not sure of what we sell? We should step back and try to find other products that we like more. Modern entrepreneurs will not spend time, energy and money just to build a business that is not their will.


3. Modern Entrepreneurs Always Ensure That They Are Right for What They Do.

Having strong self-confidence that we are people who are suitable to become successful entrepreneurs is a very good belief and needs a thumbs up. However, we also need to be comfortable and brave in facing all the uncertainties. Rules in the business world can change very quickly. Successful and best-selling products sold on social media, it could be a week later it has become very stale and does not attract the attention of customers.


Many people dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs, selling and looking for high profits, without having to stagnate sitting in front of a laptop for 8-9 hours every day.


Unfortunately, not everyone dares to take big risks in becoming an entrepreneur. Therefore, if your fellow reader wants to be a modern entrepreneur, your fellow reader must really make sure that you are brave in taking risks, you are not afraid to create new innovations, and you are not afraid to rise from failure.


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