5 Must-Have Mobile Apps For English Literature Students

The majority of English Literature students these days have to spend hours at the local libraries or browsing the Internet for information, quotes, and reviews to complete their assignments. Still, as a way to speed things up a little bit, the use of technology also brings certain changes to learning habits. The presence of helpful mobile apps becomes apparent as students take notes, consult pocket dictionaries, scan the citation barcodes, or even check the readability of their writing. It helps to save time and avoid getting lost in the myriad of different sources of information that is being discovered. Take your time to discover what works for you and keep things inspiring! 

  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary App

The most frequent search engine request made by English Literature students relates to checking the accuracy of words used, finding their meaning, and getting things checked as they evaluate various expressions. When you want to have a great dictionary with a thesaurus at the tip of your fingers, this helpful app should be the primary weapon in your verbal arsenal. Things may get a bit more complex if you need to paraphrase or explain the style in a literary piece of writing. If you feel lost, use the best essay writing website for additional academic assistance. When you consult an expert and learn, it will help you to develop your unique style! 

  1. Quizlet Presentations App.

This amazing solution is not likely to appear in the lists of popular apps for English Literature, which is an unfortunate omission. You can find thousands of freely available presentations on books, authors, and certain topics in the literature, and lists of quotes that are already with relevant page numbers! Enter the keyword or name of the book, and you will instantly find numerous helpful solutions. 

  1. Readminder Quote Tracker and Note-Taking App

This app works like your unique personal memo as it helps you to track what you have read, and the time you have spent, and take notes as you copy the quotes and collect them for further application. This app will be a great assistance as you see your progress and control your time. 

  1. Swipespeare App

This app will help you to understand the linguistic peculiarities of the original English language and the dialects used by William Shakespeare. It will not only provide you with translation to modern English but will help you to learn the origin of unknown words and the way how verbal constructions work. If you plan to research colleges with literature degrees on offer, this app will be helpful as you will be able to find the answers to those cryptic words that don’t seem to make much sense at first! It will also boost your reading skills and will help you to impress your friends! 

  1. Project Gutenberg Library App

Access thousands of classic and rare free e-books online with this amazing solution. It provides you with reviews, critique writing tips, helpful notes on famous books, and citation rules. If you want to boost your skills and read first-edition books in their original unabridged form, this is the way to go! 

Quality Book Readers Are Essential 

While these do not belong to mobile apps for English Literature students per se, the use of mobile devices to read books should be taken with due care as the time that one spends reading is often significant. If you want to avoid eye strain problems, choosing something decent among the best tablets for reading like Amazon Kindle or Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tablet should be among your primary options. With a rough tablet cost between $100-250, it is one of those investments that you must start with as a literature student before you continue with the aforementioned mobile apps. Providing yourself with a positive and stress-free reading experience is a must-have aspect of learning! 


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