3 must have mobile smartphone apps for air travelers

If you travel frequently by air, you can find out if your plane is arriving on time. You might also want to check out alternatives to the plane if yours is canceled for some reason.You do not need to constantly call airports to find out information about air travel. There are several mobile apps to help you travel by plane no matter where you are.

This article describes three such applications.


  1. SkyScanner
  2. FlightPredictor
  3. Flight status


The SkyScanner mobile app is available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android. This will help you find aircraft and seat availability across the full range of services. You need to enter keywords and budget range so you can see the totals. You can also use it to compare flight prices across different services. When you change airlines, the screen displays a different price so that you can make a better decision.

The only downside is the complex interface, which can confuse users a little, but once you’ve figured it out, the mobile app becomes an essential tool that you won’t remove from your phone.


Unlike SkyScanner, which looks for airfares for you, FlightPredictor provides you with information on possible delays. The mobile application takes into account various factors and gives you the time when your plane will arrive at a specific airport. The information used by FlightPredictor includes delays and departure times of flights from previous airports. The mobile app runs on Windows Phone, WebOS and Android.

Bonus with the application – airport maps. The mobile app comes preloaded with maps of different airports that show everything from gate locations to cafes.

Flight status

Flight Status is available for Windows Phone and provides you with flight status information. It shows the arrival and departure times of the aircraft, as well as the gate number on the display.

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