Hamlet as one of the most spectacular plays in English literature: why should we learn it

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest English poets and playwrights of the Renaissance – a period when in the depths of feudal society, new relations were emerging, cities proliferated, developed crafts and business ties, and traveled to distant lands. The philosophical constants of this era were anthropocentrism and humanism.

Shakespeare’s best play is the tragedy “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”. It’s a philosophical and moral work of the late Renaissance. The problems revealed in the play require a mature philosophical perception, remarkable and relevant not only for the distant XVI century. Today, they have not lost their relevance and even more – they are the subject of new heated debates, allowing to create a favorable environment for dialogue between students in every university, worldviews, and even different eras. So why is Hamlet so famous? And why is hamlet important? Let’s figure it out.

Prince Hamlet himself is a mysterious, profound, and diverse character.In the tragedy Hamlet, Shakespeare speaks of eternal categories that are important for both ancient times and today: death and immortality, good and evil, place and role of man in the world.

The protagonist of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet” is the image of a human thinker who reflects on eternal questions. He is the one who not only hears and sees but listens and peers. It is essential for him to understand himself and what is happening. And such people as Hamlet were and will be. Therefore, the image of Hamlet is close to the author’s contemporaries and is relevant today.

Hamlet has high demands on people. After all, what to do depends primarily on the moral choice of a person. And the young man does not understand how one can betray a friend without a doubt or become a puppet in the wrong hands. At the same time, Hamlet himself is tormented by choice. He blames himself for indecision, but it’s not about weakness. And in the fact that a humanist and a man of the Middle Ages are fighting in it. The first says that evil can’t be defeated with evil, and the second demands that the sword be raised.

When we face injustice, we subconsciously crave blood. And it depends on how developed a person’s moral culture is whether he can restrain his impulses or give free rein to primitive feelings. Such feelings sometimes struggle in every person.

That is why Hamlet has become a frequent theme in culture. Students raise issues in songs, movies, and even learning. Students often have to write a “To be or not to be?” essay. But not everyone has writing talent, but this is not a problem in our time. Many platforms provide free writing samples. You can look at Hamlet essays and find inspiration for your work. It will also help to improve your writing skills.

The protagonist became famous because he doubted the upcoming moral choice in a high philosophical form. His doubts are not the result of a lack of intelligence. On the contrary, his brilliant mind, improved by education, allowed him to see the problem broadly, so there could be no specific solution. He learned that his uncle had killed his father to gain the throne. A person not prone to reflection would have raised his sword at the villain at once. When he found out about his father’s death, he went armed to the king to demand an answer. But Claudius easily misleads the unsuspecting young man and makes him his puppet. So rash acts lead to tragedy. Hamlet differs from Laertes in his profundity. Although unfortunately, his fate will be tragic.

Why is the image of Hamlet so attractive that it remains relevant? He is an intelligent, noble person who believes in the limitless possibilities of man but also understands that the world is not perfect. People like Hamlet stand out from the gray crowd with their bright personalities, attracting attention. He is surprisingly savvy because he was able to bring the villain to clean water deftly.


Hamlet doubts for a long time but still understands that he was born to restore an age that has been shaken. For the modern reader, Hamlet is a superhero who alone opposes a self-serving environment. Hamlet is an idealist who wanted to do good but faced injustice and fought against it, sacrificing his ideals. He becomes an avenger because he has not found another way to cleanse the world of evil. The image of Hamlet remains relevant because his torment from choice is familiar to modern people.

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